Minutes to Bell Time

January 13, 2022 – MLW Azteca

January 13, 2022 – MLW Azteca

MLW Azteca

*Emanating from the Underground Fight Club in Tijuana Mexico

Show Opens with Cesar Duran

  • Let Hammerstone be a lesson to everyone in the locker room.

5150 defeat Skalibur and Destiny – MLW Tag Team Title Match – 07:46

  • 5150 hit a double stomp Assisted Death Valley Driver for the pinfall victory.

Aerostar and Drago Attack 5150 After the Match

Enzo Recorded Interview

  • He taught KC Navarro a lesson. Never turn your back on anyone.

Davey Richards Signs Multi-Year Deal

Alex Kane defeats Aerostar – 06:01

  • 5150 came to the ring and took out Aerostar while the referee’s back was turned.
  • Alex Kane put on a headlock choke for the referee stop.

Cesar Duran Asked About the World Heavyweight Champion

  • Cesar is just mad because he can’t find any good help.
  • EJ Nduka comes by to ask about Hammerstone.

Bestia 666 Rising Soon

Mads Krugger Wants Fatu

  • Krugger is told he needs to face Bestia 666.

Pagano defeats Savio Vega – 08:23

  • Pagano hit a moonsault onto a chair to get the pinfall victory.

Richard Holliday Frees Hammerstone.

Next Week: January 20th

  • Aerostar and Drago v. 5150 – MLW Tag Team Titles
  • Mads Krugger v. Bestia 666
  • Jacob Fatu breaks his silence.

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