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January 14, 2022 – Smackdown

January 14, 2022 – Smackdown

Smackdown Results

*Live from Omaha, NE.

*The Usos to ring…they respect the New Day, but they let everyone know who runs the show…they announce a fatal 4-way to find their next #1 contenders:

(1)  Viking Raiders defeat Los Lotharios, Cesaro & Mansoor, and Jinder Mahal & Shanky…in a FATAL 4-WAY #1 CONTENDERS MATCH…Viking Experience on Humberto, Ivar covers for the win (>09:32…match started during commercial)…AFTER…the Usos warn from the announce desk that the Viking Raiders will be one & done.

*Sonya gets a visit from Naomi in her office…Sonya reminds her that as long as she has her jacket on, she can’t be touched or else Naomi cold be fined, removed from the Rumble, or even fired.

*Sami Zayn out in front of the ‘tron for his new show “In Zayn”…Sami’s way of proving he can do anything Johnny Knoxville can do…as Sami enters the ring to make sure his 1st stunt is safe, Rick Boogs comes to ringside as a distraction to allow Sinsuke Nakamura to deliver a Kinshasa & Boogs to Gorilla Press Sami & toss him to the crash pads on the floor.

*Aliyah backstage with Sarah…she’s ready for her in-ring singles debut…Natalya interrupts, tells us about her 3 Guinness World Records…she intends to set another by beating Aliyah in under 3.8 seconds…after the commercial break, Natalya attacks Aliyah before the bell to the point that the ref doesn’t think she can compete…Aliyah insists that she can…

(2)  Aliyah defeats Natalya…Aliyah immediately tackles Natty into a Roll Up for the win (00:03.17)…and a new world record!

*Lita to the ring for an interview with Michael Cole…she never got to compete in a Royal Rumble & she thinks she’s got “one more run” in her…so she’s going to win the Rumble & headline WrestleMania…Charlotte to the ring…some unpleasant words are exchanged…Lita hits a Twist of Fate on Charlotte.

*Sheamus backstage with Sarah…holds Ricochet responsible for injuring Ridge Holland & plans to deliver a receipt.

(3)  Sheamus defeats Ricochet…Ricochet goes for a handspring maneuver but winds up launching himself into a Brogue Kick for the win (09:36).

*Sonya removes her jacket (the broken thermostat has her sweating) & Naomi returns, seeing an opportunity…Pearce gets between them…grants Naomi a rematch with Charlotte next week to deescalate the situation.

*Kofi to the ring to deliver the bad news that King Woods will miss the Rumble with a calf injury…but Kofi will represent the Royal Family…Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss interrupt…Corbin will be in the Rumble…more awful jokes from Moss…

(4)  Madcap Moss defeats Sir Kofi Kingston…Moss hits the Punchline for the win (05:46).

*Seth Rollins to the ring…Roman Reigns follows, gets Omaha to acknowledge him…Seth offers a SHIELD fist bump…Roman feels that’s beneath him now…Seth says he created Roman & he can destroy him…Roman says Seth’s not even the biggest star in his own house…the Usos attack but Seth rolls out unscathed.


WWE SmackDown PREVIEW – January 21, 2021

+ Charlotte (c) vs. Naomi – for the SmackDown Women’s Championship


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