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January 20, 2022 – MLW Azteca #3

January 20, 2022 – MLW Azteca #3

MLW Azteca Results

*Emanating from Tijuana, Mexico

Hammerstone with Cesar Duran

  • Duran explains that if Hammerstone touches either the owner or the matchmaker, then he will be stripped of the MLW Heavyweight Championship.
  • Duran announces that Hammerstone defends his title next week no matter what and Holliday will face Pagano tonight in a fall count anywhere match.

5150 defeats Aerostar and Drago – MLW World Tag Team Championships – 07:27

  • 5150 hit the Double Stomp Death Valley Driver for the pinfall victory.

Alex Kane Promo

  • He’s still going after Calvin Tankman

Richard Holliday Promo

  • He’s worried about his match, and he wants a weapon.

Proximo defeats Toto – 06:12

  • Proximo used a top rope Spanish fly for the pinfall victory.

Match Announcement for Charlotte – Davey Richards v. Alexander Hammerstone

Jacob Fatu Promo

  • Talks about going over to his Uncle Rikishi’s house . . . watching the Uso’s from jail is what prompted him to begin wrestling.

Pagano defeats Richard Holliday – Backlot Brawl

  • The referee began choking Holliday out right in front of Duran.
  • Pagano put Holliday down with a fast count from the referee. No bells to signify start and finish.

Next Week:

  • El Higo del Viking v. Aramis – Mega Championship
  • Hammerstone v. Octagon Jr. – MLW World Heavyweight Championship

Mads Krugger defeats Bestia 666 – 10:16

  • If Krugger is victorious, then he’ll get a match with Jacob Fatu.
  • Krugger used a full nelson face buster to get the pinfall victory.

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