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January 20, 2022 – Impact

January 20, 2022 – Impact

Impact Results

*Emanating from Dallas, TX.

(BTI) Jordynne Grace defeats Lady Frost…to retain her Digital Media Championship…Grace Driver for the win (08:28)…AFTER…Matt Cardona to the ring, points to Jordynne’s title.

(1)  Tasha Steelz defeats Chelsea Green…Crucifix Bomb for the win (04:23)…AFTER…Tasha grabs a mic to warn Mickie James at the commentary desk that she’ll be returning home to her son as a failure after their title match…Mickie into the ring & the fists start flying…Savannah Evans helps Tasha gang up on Mickie…Chelsea recovers to make the save for Mickie.

*Matt Cardona backstage with Gia…says he’s after world championships, so why not the World Wide Web Championship since he “created that division”…tells Jordynne to consider that a challenge.

*Rebellion is coming to PPV on Saturday, April 23rd.

(2)  The Influence defeat Havok…in a HANDICAP MATCH…the Influence attack before the bell of the scheduled tag match & injure Rosemary, so Havok demands to face them alone…the Influence hit a tandem Stroke and Tenille covers for the win (03:35)…AFTER…The IInspiration send a video message to remind the Influence that Cassie & Jessie are the “most decorated team in the history of the industry”…& they’ll see them next week.

*The Quintessential Diva is coming.

*Ace Austin & Madman Fulton find “Speedball” Mike Bailey backstage to tell him that they are the kind of guys he wants to make friends with around here.

(3)  W. Morrissey defeats Zicky Dice & VSK…in a HANDICAP MATCH…Chokeslam for Zicky & the BQE powerbomb for VSK before Morrissey covers them simultaneously for the win (01:10)…AFTER…Morrissey grabs the mic to tell Moose that if he won’t show his face, Morrissey will find him &  get the world title match he wants…when Morrissey makes it’s backstage, he’s met at the curtain by Scott D’Amore who tells him Moose is not in the building tonight but Morrissey will get his title shot at No Surrender…a stagehand tells Scott there is an “issue” & Scott hurries off.

*Scott heads to the front of the building to meet the ROH 5, who have tickets for the show…Scott upgrades them to a sky box to keep them away from the ring.

*Ian Riccaboni joins Tom Hannifan on commentary for the ROH title match.

(4)  Jonathan Gresham defeats Steve Maclin…in a PURE RULES MATCH to retain his ROH World Championship…Maclin does not adhere to the Code of Honor, refusing to shake Gresham’s hand multiple times…Maclin gets a closed fist warning early on…Gresham uses his 3rd rope break before the 5 minute mark…Maclin burns his 3rd by the 8 minute mark…Gresham applies the Figure-4 & Maclin makes his way to the ropes but is out of rope breaks…Gresham uses the ropes to improve his leverage on the hold & the pain distracts Maclin to the point that he fails to get his shoulders off the mat to avoid 3-count (10:18)…AFTER…Maclin ignores a final opportunity to shake Gresham’s hand & limps out of the ring.

*The ROH 5 are seen peacefully leaving the building after the title match.

(5)  Doc Gallows & Joe Doering defeat Heath & RhinoDeaner hits Heath with the VBD flagpole…Doering & Gallows deliver a double chokeslam on Heath, Gallows covers for the win (09:22).

*Chris Sabin joins Tom Hannifan on commentary for the main event.

(6)  Josh Alexander defeats Charlie Haas…Josh sinks in the Ankle Lock for the submission win (12:42)…AFTER…Josh & Charlie share a handshake before the ROH 5 slide in & attack…Sabin joins the fight from commentary…Rich Swann, Willie Mack, & Eddie Edwards race from the back to eventually run off the men from ROH…

*Maria Kanellis & the rest of the ROH 5 reappear in the balcony…Maria has a mic & declares that they used to believe in honor, but things have changed now & this is “Honor No More.”


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