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January 21, 2022 – Smackdown

January 21, 2022 – Smackdown

Smackdown Results

*Live from Nashville, TN.

*The Usos start the show in the ring…they acknowledge & introduce the longest reigning Universal Champion in history, Roman ReignsSeth Rollins interrupts, says the Usos protect Roman just like “me & Mox” did in the SHIELD…Rollins proposes he find a partner & face the Usos, if Seth wins the Usos are barred from ringside for the title match at the Rumble…Seth doesn’t have many friends on SmackDown but he brought Kevin Owens with him from Raw…Roman counters that if Seth loses, he loses his title opportunity at Rumble…Rollins accepts.

(1)  Kofi Kingston defeats Madcap Moss…Kofi sidesteps a charge by Moss & delivers Trouble in Paradise for the win (07:41)…AFTER…Happy Corbin considers attacking Kofi until he meets the gaze of Big E., who delivers a Big Ending to Moss for good measure.

*WWE “Legend” (seriously?) Summer Rae is shown in the front row.

(2)  Aliyah defeats Natalya by DQ…when Natty ignores the ref’s 5 count to let Aliyah out of the corner (02:10)…AFTER…Xia Li to the ring to protect Aliyah, runs Natty off with a few kicks.

(3)  Viking Raiders defeat Los Lotharios…Viking Experience on Humberto, Erik covers for the win (02:20).

(4)  Charlotte defeats Naomi…in a CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENDER’S MATCH…just before the bell Sonya Deville demands that Little Naitch hand over his referee shirt…Naomi avoids the Figure-4 by pushing Charlotte off & knocking her into referee Sonya, who falls to the floor…Naomi hits the Rear View but Sonya is not there to count…Charlotte locks in the Figure-4 & Sonya calls for the bell immediately, giving Charlotte the submission win (02:22).

*Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens backstage with Kayla…they’re best friends…Seth beats Roman every time…(I detect multiple untruths in that short interview).

*Sami Zayn to the ring for another episode of “In Zayn”…Johnny Knoxville interrupts, shows Sami how to properly turn on his cattle prod, shocks Sami, tosses him over the top rope, & says, “See you at the Rumble!”

*Eric Bischoff is in Pearce’s office…gets introduced to Sonya…then Pearce reprimands Sonya for her treatment of Naomi & suggests they have a 1-on-1 match next week.

(5)  Sheamus defeats Ricochet…Ricochet attempts a suicide dive on Sheamus, to the floor, but flies right into a knee lift & gets knocked silly…Sheamus rolls him back in & hits a Brogue Kick for the win (03:18)…AFTER…Sheamus celebrates with the returning Ridge Holland, who accompanied him to the ring.

*Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs run into Jeff Jarrett backstage & exchange pleasantries.

(6)  Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens defeat The Usos by DQ…Seth hits the Stomp on Jimmy as Roman Reigns slides in & delivers a Superman Punch to Rollins, causing the DQ (15:00)…AFTER…Roman heads back up the entryway & Seth is smiling in the ring as the show ends.


WWE SmackDown PREVIEW – January 28, 2021

+ Sonya vs. Naomi

+ Kofi & Big E. vs. Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss


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