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KiLynn King v. Marina Tucker – Cage Match

Recap sent by Andy Seeley

May 17, 2022 – CCW Alive Wrestling Episode 87

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One of the most-anticipated matchups in the history of Coastal Championship Wrestling history is the focus of this week’s episode of CCW Alive! The feud between CCW Women’s Champion and two-time titleholder Marina Tucker boiled for months throughout the winter and spring and it all came to a head at Bash At The Brew 15 last month in Hialeah. The feud had become so nasty, so personal that the only way for the CCW Executive Committee to settle it was in a steel cage.

KiLynn King def. Marina Tucker – CCW Women’s Championship – Steel Cage Match
If our viewers weren’t already aware of how personal this matchup was, it was obvious from the moment the bell rang. An intense staredown in the center of the ring quickly devolved into a slugfest that ended with a vicious, powerful, disrespectful overhand slap from Tucker to the champion.

After a bit of brawling, Tucker went to the corner, climbing the ropes and hoping for a quick victory by exiting the cage. But King would have none of it. She followed her up. The two women traversed the ropes at one point, while beating on one another, setting up the first of many high-impact maneuvers that took place in this brutal bout. King scored with a bulldog off the top rope to gain the early advantage.

But Tucker had plenty left in the tank. She dropped King with a blockbuster and nearly scored the pinfall. With referee Bruce Owens distracted and checking on King, Tucker looked to take a shortcut and exposed the steel under the turnbuckle pad in the corner. Moments later, that bit of subterfuge nearly paid off for the challenger.

Tucker hoisted King onto her back and drove her face first into the unforgiving steel, busting the champion’s head wide open with blood streaming down King’s face.

The ever-aggressive Tucker continued the onslaught, slamming King’s face into the steel cage, ramming her fist into the open wound on King’s head and even choking the champion with her own hair.

But the champion wasn’t going down that easily. As Tucker stalked her seemingly-fallen prey, King sprang back to her feet and turned Tucker inside out with a clothesline. But the momentum swung back-and-forth wildly in this one. King looked to finish Tucker off with a frog splash, but found nobody home. Tucker then landed a moonsault that led to a near fall. King followed up with a superplex. But once again, neither woman could prevail.

Finally, it looked like the match was over when King hit her signature Excalibuster finishing maneuver. But somehow, someway Tucker kicked out at the last possible second. Tucker scored with a  jawbreaker and a stiff forearm to the face of King. Tucker thought it was enough to escape the cage, but climbing up the ropes proved to be her undoing.

The two women both ended up on the top rope, where King was able to finally gain control. The champion secured a right hand around Tucker’s throat and choke slammed The Detroit Barbie off the top rope. Finally, someone had done enough to win this absolute war and the Mother Effin’ King retained the title!


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