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Raw – May 16

Raw – May 16

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Raw Results

*Live from Norfolk, VA.

*Cedric Alexander attacks Bobby Lashley during his entrance…MVP & Omos leave the cage to join the mayhem in the aisle before the bell…back from break…Bobby & Omos are in the cage & ready to properly start the match.

(1)  Bobby Lashley defeats Omos…in a STEEL CAGE MATCH…Cedric Alexander climbs the cage to stop Lashley from going over the top…later, Omos tosses Lashley into the cage multiple times…on the last toss a section of the cage gives way & Lashley simply has to stand up & walk off the fencing, putting both feet on the floor for the win (07:37).

*Miz is once again the special guest referee for Mustafa Ali’s match with Theory…only it’s not with Theory…he’s facing Veer Mahaan.

(2)  Veer Mahaan defeats Mustafa Ali…Mahaan applies the Cervical Clutch for the submission win (02:48)…AFTER…Theory convinces Mahaan to reapply the hold for the purpose of a selfie…Rey & Dominik Mysterio down to make the save.

*Becky Lynch approaches Adam Pearce backstage…she wants to be named #1 contender to Bianca’s title…instead, Pearce books Becky to face Asuka in the main event tonight to earn it.

(3)  Riddle defeats Jimmy Uso…the referee misses Jey Uso knocking Riddle off the top buckle, but doesn’t miss Jey using his feet on his brother’s back for added leverage during the ensuing pin attempt…the ref tosses Jey from ringside…while Jimmy argues, Riddle grabs an inside cradle for the Roll Up win (10:56).

*Liv Morgan backstage with Kevin Patrick…she won’t allow Rhea to get away with what she’s done…Los Lotharios interrupt, offering to create a group to fight the Judgment Day…AJ Styles & Finn Balor run off Los Lotharios & invite Liv to join them at ringside tonight…Liv will think about it.

*Judgment Day promo…cross them & face Punishment or Eradication…Edge offers AJ Styles (or any Superstar) to join the movement.

*Liv Morgan has decided to accompany AJ Styles & Finn Balor at ringside for their tag match.

(4)  AJ Styles & Finn Balor defeat Los Lotharios…Balor lands the Coup de Grace on Humberto for the win (09:20)…AFTER…Liv Morgan joins Finn & AJ for a Too Sweet.

*Kevin Owens can’t wait to get the DNA results about Ezekiel/Elias from Chad Gable…but the test was contaminated by BBQ sauce…KO blames Otis.

(5)  Alexa Bliss defeats Sonya Deville…Sonya unties a turnbuckle pad…while the ref re-ties the pad Sonya delivers a Spinebuster & has Alexa covered for 5+ seconds before the ref realizes & slides into a count, allowing Alexa to kick out at 2…Alexa hits a kickback DDT for the win (04:00)…AFTER…a frustrated Sonya slaps the referee.

*Cody Rhodes to the ring…he’s not sure why Seth is so mad over 2 losses that he stomped Cody on the announce desk…but if Seth won’t let Cody move on, they need to settle it inside HELL IN A CELL…Seth Rollins interrupts via the ‘tron to accept.

(6)  Ezekiel defeats Chad Gable…Chad tries to roll up Ezekiel after interference from Otis, but Ezekiel escapes…Chad tries a cradle roll up, Ezekiel kicks out & reverses into a leg hook cover of his own for the Roll Up win (11:01)…AFTER…Otis & Kevin Owens rush into the ring, but Ezekiel rolls out.

*R-Truth & Tamina are still trying to serve Tozawa his divorce papers…they find him hiding in a trash can…Dana Brooke approaches Truth to thank him for helping her divorce proceedings…Truth looks longingly at Dana’s 24/7 belt…Dana shoves Truth & runs away…she runs into Carmella…they exchange some unpleasant words before Dana takes off again…Truth runs into Carmella next & they hatch the beginnings of a plan to take Dana down when Carmella decides the time is right.

*Lacey Evans to the ring…she shouts out her fellow members of the Armed Forces…she’s no better than anyone in the locker room…and they’re no better than her.

*Riddle backstage promo…he & Randy are headed to SmackDown to smoke the Usos…Usos reply…they’re the best tag team…they’re the Bloodline…they’re the ones.

*Bianca Belair to the ring…she’ll watch the #1 contender match from next to the announce desk.

(7)  Asuka defeats Becky Lynch…in a #1 CONTENDER MATCH…while on the outside, Becky tosses Asuka into Bianca Belair who is seated next to the announce desk…this brings Bianca up onto the apron once the competitors make it back inside…while the ref admonishes Bianca, Becky grabs Asuka’s umbrella from ringside…Asuka counters with green mist to Becky face…Asuka follows with a Roundhouse Head Kick for the win (09:56).


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