Minutes to Bell Time

March 31st MLW Fusion

March 31st MLW Fusion

MLW Fusion Results

Check back for March 31st MLW Fusion. The show begins at 7:00 PM.

Tonight’s Show is Branded “Never Say Never”

Fatu and Tankman Cut Promos to Open the Show

Jordan Oliver defeats Simon Gotch – 09:14

  • Oliver hit the cutter for the pinfall victory.

Josef Samael Promo

Dragongate is Coming Soon

  • The clip that played last February was replayed.

Myron Reed defeats Daivari – 08:05

  • Myron Reed hit the 450 splash for the pinfall victory.

Two Weeks

  • Hammerstone (c) v. Mil Muertes – National Openweight Championship
  • Bu Ku Dao Medical Update

Alicia Atout with Richard Holliday and Gino Medina

  • April 14 – Richard Holliday v. Gino Medina – Caribbean Championship.

Jacob Fatu defeats Calvin Tankman – MLW World Championship – 10:44

  • Jacob Fatu hit the moonsault for the pinfall victory

MLW Fusion Preview

MLW has 3 advertised matches for tonight’s show.

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Quick Preview

  • Jacob Fatu v. Calvin Tankman – MLW World Championship
  • Jordan Oliver v. Simon Gotch
  • Myron Reed v. Daivari
  • Ray Flores joins commentary
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