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March 31st NXT

March 31st NXT

NXT Results

Check back for March 31st NXT. The show begins at 8:00 PM.

Cameron Grimes Continues to Pitch a Purchase of The Undisputed Era

Cameron Grimes defeats Roderick Strong – 11:51

  • Blake Christian was an extra during this match. He stood in the crowd with a red Undisputed Era shirt.
  • Grimes pulled an Undisputed Era arm band out of his trunks. When Roddy saw the arm band, he got all distracted.
  • Grimes hi the Cave In for the Pinfall victory.

Karrion Kross Promo

  • Kross plans to go back to his basics.

Tommaso Ciampa and Walter Video Package

Santos Escobar Issues an Open Challenge

  • He wants to show Jordan Devlin what Devlin is in for at TakeOver.
  • Tyler Breeze accepts the Open Challenge

Santos Escobar defeats Tyler Breeze – 10:30

  • Escobar uses the Phantom Driver to get the pinfall victory.

Legado del Fantasma Attacks Tyler

  • MSK made the save.
  • GYV came on the screen to say they’ll be the next tag team champions.

The Way Interview

  • Johnny says that the gauntlet is still the dumbest idea ever.
  • Austin Theory suggests that he win and they do the Finger Poke of Doom.
  • Indi Hartwell picks Dexter Lumis

A Little Dog Finds the PC

Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell defeat Gigi Dolin and Zaida Ramirez – 03:06

  • LeRae hit the wicked step sister and Indi Hartwell hits springboard elbow drop

Candice and Indi Challenge Ember and Shotzi to a Match at Stand and Deliver

  • Ember and Shotzi accept.

Io Shirai and Raquel Gonzalez Brawl Backstage

The Dog Finds his Way Into the PC

Roderick Strong Leaves the Building

Raquel Gonzalez defeats Zoey Stark – 04:52

  • Gonzalez used the one arm chokeslam for the pinfall victory.

Io Shirai Runs Down to the Ring

  • Gonzalez tosses her by the head into the barricade.

The Dog Vignette Again

Kushida and Pete Dunne

  • Pete says he’s the best technical wrestler in the world no matter what Kushida says.

Xia Li defeats Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro – 03:06

  • Kayden Carter approached Mei Ying on the stage. Mei Ying grabbed Kayden by the throat and choked her out.
  • Xia Li hit a spinning roundhouse kick to get the pinfall victory.

Raquel Gonzalez Backstage Interview

  • Io attacked Raquel from behind. Raquel won that exchange by throwing Io through a wall.

The Dog Runs Up to a Set of Red High Heels

  • The screen says “See you April 13 – Franky”

Ciampa Promo

  • He’s changed, but he is going to chop Walter’s head off.
  • Ciampa would rather fight for something than a man with nothing to lose.

Match Announcement

  • Indi and Candice v. Shotzi and Ember on Night 2

Balor Pre-Recorded Promo

  • He’s expected Kross for a long time.

LA Knight wins Battle Royal – 12:56

  • Leon Ruff attacked Swerve before Swerve could get in the ring.
  • With some help from Malcom Bivens, Swerve eliminates Jake Atlas
  • Swerve eliminates Tyler Rust
  • Bronson Reed eliminated Austin Theory. He landed on his back, so he wasn’t eliminated until he did a kip up.
  • Dunne and Kushida eliminate themselves
  • FINAL SIX: LA Knight, Swerve Scott, Bronson Reed, Cameron Grimes, Dexter Lumis, Leon Ruff
  • Bronson Reed Eliminates Leon Ruff – Ruff Enters Gauntlet Eliminator at #1
  • Bronson Reed Eliminates Swerve Scott – Scott Enters Gauntlet Eliminator at #2
  • Grimes, Lumis, and Knight eliminate Broson Reed – Reed Enters Gauntlet Eliminator at #3
  • Dexter Lumis eliminates Cameron Grimes – Grimes Enters Gauntlet Eliminator at #4
  • LA Knight eliminates Dexter Lumis – Lumis Enters Gauntlet Eliminator at #5
  • LA Knight eEnters Gauntlet Eliminator last

Match Announcement

  • Kushida v. Pete Dunne

Io Shirai Comes to the Ring

  • Gonzalez and Shirai brawl as the locker room comes out to separate them.

NXT Preview

WWE has 3 advertised matches for tonight’s show.

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Quick Preview

  • 12 Man Battle Royal to determine Gauntlet Eliminator
  • Kacy and Kayden v. Tian Sha
  • Cameron Grimes v. Roddy Strong

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