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MLW Azteca #1 – January 6th

MLW Azteca #1 – January 6th

MLW Azteca Results

The show takes place in Tijuana, Mexico.

Cesar Duran to the Ring to Welcome Everyone

Aramis, Destiny, Myzteziz Jr defeats Arez, Black Danger, Dinamico – 07:59

  • Aramis used an airplane spin into a powerbomb for the pinfall victory.

Looking Back at Tankman and Kane Issues

Alex Kane Promo: He’s not afraid of Calvin Tankman

Next Week: Aerostar v. Alex Kane – National Openweight Championship

Cesar Duran with King Muertes

  • The old god’s require blood. Hammerstone and Pagano await the King of death.

Psycho Clown defeats Richard Holliday – 10:43

  • Alicia Atout was at the commentary desk trying not to cheer for Holliday.
  • Late in the match, one of the masked Azteca henchman came out and removed Alica from commentary.
  • Alicia’s removal was a major distraction for Holliday.
  • Psycho Clown hit a Spanish fly for the pinfall victory.

Next Week:

  • 5150 defends the tag titles
  • Bestia 666 is returning soon

Von Erich’s Video

  • Kevin compliments them on some training.
  • 5150 won’t know what hit them . . .

Cesar Duran with Richard Holliday

  • Cesar says Alicia is ok in her locker room. He was saving her from Psycho Clown.
  • Holliday is then introduced to local police . . . apparently the police have some questions for Holliday.

Hammerstone and Pagano defeat Black Taurus and King Muertes – Apocalypto Match – 15:54

  • Hammerstone hit the Nightmare Pendulum on King Muertes to secure the pinfall victory.

Cesar Duran Appeared on the Stage After the Match

  • Duran brought his thumb across his throat and with that Pagano turned on Hammerstone.
  • Black Taurus, Pagano, and King Muertes triple teamed Hammerstone.
  • Duran’s henchman carried Hammerstone out of the arena.


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