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January 6, 2022 – Impact Wrestling

January 6, 2022 – Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling Results

*The Impact Zone returns to Skyway Studios in Nashville, TN.

(BTI) Juice Robinson defeats Raj Singh…Juice hits Pulp Friction for the win (08:47).

(1)  Chelsea Green, Lady Frost, & Tasha Steelz defeat Jordynne Grace, Rachael Ellering, & Rosemary…Chelsea hits the Unprettier on Rachael for the win (07:46).

*Moose/W. Morrissey/Matt Cardona video package hyping the Hard to Kill World Championship match…followed by a promo by Moose…he says any other champion would consider the deck to be stacked against him…he sees it as an opportunity to prove he is a wrestling god.

(2)  Jonah defeats Jake Something…Jonah hits the Tsunami for the win (09:31)…AFTER…Josh Alexander to the ring & the brawl is on…security floods the ring…Jonah takes out most of the security force & begins hitting jumping sentons on Josh…Jonah finishes by putting Josh through a table with the Tsunami.

(3)  Masha Slamovich defeats Sandra Moon…Northern Lights Bomb for the win (00:48).

*Steve Maclin promo…he’s still never been pinned or submitted…Gail Kim interrupts to inform Maclin that if he doesn’t win at Hard to Kill, he never gets another shot while Trey is champion.

*Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green sit down with Mean Gia…Chelsea says she’s fine from the chair shot as she heads in to Ultimate X…but she’s worried that it hangs over Matt’s head going into his huge match…Chelsea says she KNOWS Matt is the next World Champion.

*Mickie James joins commentary for…

(4)  Deonna Purrazzo defeats Mercedes Martinez…Deonna attacks Mercedes before the bell, but inexplicably the ref calls for the opening bell while Mercedes is down & Deonna is stomping a mudhole in her…Venus de Milo for the win (15:18)…AFTER…Mickie James checks on Mercedes before getting face to face with Deonna…but cooler heads prevail as both women respect the “No Contact” stipulation.

*The IInspiration welcome us to the debut of “All About the I-I” with their co-host Jai (with an “I”) Vidal…the Influence interrupt & are not amused at the blatant ripoff of “All About Me”…the ladies get into a screaming match that could crack a champagne glass…The IInspiration storm off.

(5)  Ace Austin & Madman Fulton defeat Johnny Swinger & Hernandez…Fulton hits End of Days, then gets on all fours to allow Ace to follow with a running splash off his back onto Hernendez…Fulton covers Hernandez for the win (03:23)…AFTER…Ace & Fulton “Pillmanize” Hernandez’s arm with a chair as a horrified but cowardly Swinger backs up the ramp.

*W. Morrissey backstage with Gia…he hit rock bottom alone, he came to Impact alone…he should have never made an alliance with Moose…as soon as it ended, he finds himself with a world title opportunity…after Hard to Kill he’ll be World Champion…alone, just the way he likes it.

(6)  Karl Anderson defeats Heath…in the HARDCORE WAR ADVANTAGE MATCH…the other 8 men are tossed from ringside after a brawl breaks out in the first minute of the match…Anderson avoids Heath’s corner charge & hits the Gun Stun for the win (11:58)…AFTER…Doc Gallows returns to the ring to celebrate with Anderson…before long all ten men are brawling as the show ends.



(Countdown to H2K) Trey Miguel (c) vs. Steve Maclin – for the X-Division Championship

(1) Moose (c) vs. Matt Cardona vs. W. Morrissey – iMPACT! World Championship

(2) Mickie James (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo – Texas Death Match for Knockouts Championship

(3) 6-Way Knockouts Ultimate-X #1 Contender’s Match: Lady Frost vs. Tasha Steelz vs. Rachael Ellering vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Chelsea Green vs. Rosemary

(4) The IInspiration (c) vs. the Influence – for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship

(5) Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Chris Sabin – for the Ring of Honor World Championship

(6) Josh Alexander vs. Jonah

(7) Violent By Design & the Good Brothers vs. Heath, Rhino, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, & Eddie Edwards – 5 on 5 HARDCORE WAR



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