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Monday Night Raw – April 11

Monday Night Raw – April 11

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Raw Results

*Live from Detroit, MI.

*Miz TV…tonight’s guest: Cody Rhodes…Miz gets heated…Cody calms things down & tells Miz he respects him & may the best man win in their match tonight…Miz tries to attack from behind, Cody sidesteps & tosses Miz over the top rope, to the floor.

(1)  Veer Mahaan defeats Dominik Mysterio…Mahaan locks in the Cervical Clutch for the submission win (01:58)…AFTER…Mahaan refuses to release until separated by force when multiple refs & agents flood the ring…Dom is removed by medical personnel with a neck brace & backboard…after break we see him loaded into an ambulance…poppa Rey is nowhere to be found.

*Veer Mahaan backstage with Kevin Patrick…when asked why he attacked Dom after the match was over, he says it was to strike fear in the heart of every man.

*AJ Styles backstage with Sarah earlier in the day…he’s afraid of what Edge & Priest will make him do…AJ spots Damian Priest walking by & attacks him…refs & agents pull them apart.

(2)  AJ Styles vs. Damian Priest ends in a NO CONTEST…Priest knocks AJ to the floor with a kick to counter the Phenomenal Forearm set up…Priest then kneels mid ring & the house lights go down & Priest is bathed in purple light as we go to break (~09:45).

*AJ Styles is with Sarah again backstage after the commercial break (the match apparently ended)…says he wasn’t done with Priest and nothing Priest or Edge do is going to keep AJ from getting to them.

*Seth Rollins makes his way to ringside just after the opening bell to watch…

(3)  Cody Rhodes defeats Miz…Rhodes hits a springboard Cody Cutter, follows with Cross Rhodes for the win (11:51)…AFTER…Seth Rollins enters the ring with a mic during Cody’s celebration…Seth proposes the rematch but warns that this time Cody doesn’t have the advantage of surprise…Cody accepts.

*Tommaso Ciampa backstage with Kevin Patrick…Ezekiel interrupts to introduce himself…Kevin Owens interrupts to call Ezekiel/Elias out for lying…Ciampa plays along with Ezekiel’s ruse, frustrating Owens.

(4)  Naomi defeats Liv Morgan…the ladies trade roll up pins & reversals back & forth until Naomi folds Liv in half with a counter for the Roll Up win (02:20).

*Bobby Lashley to the ring, preempting the VIP Lounge…he calls out MVP to explain his actions…Omos & MVP out in front of the ‘tron…MVP says he resurrected Bobby’s career, so he was pissed that Bobby didn’t feel he needed him & therefore didn’t share his WrestleMania spotlight with him…so MVP has identified Omos as someone who needs & appreciates him…Bobby says he’s coming for MVP & destroys the VIP Lounge set.

*R-Truth, Reggie, Tozawa, & friends leaving the “club” after their double bachelor’s party…R-Truth is off to crash the double bachelorette party to “protect” the 24/7 title.

*Austin Theory backstage with Pearce & Sonya…he now wants to simply be called “Theory”…Mr. McMahon has told him he’s in line for a United States title shot…Pearce says he’ll get his match next week…Kevin Owens interrupts, still intent on proving who Ezekiel is…next week he’ll put him through a lie detector test…they humor Owens, just to get him to shut up…also…Sonya is excited, she has booked Bianca’s first Raw Women’s Championship opponent.

(5)  Bianca Belair defeats Queen Zelina…NON-TITLE…Bianca hits the KOD for the win (02:12)…AFTER…Sonya Deville to the ring as we got to break.

*Sonya Deville presents Bianca with an open contract…Bianca Belair signs…Sonya draws Bianca’s attention to the ‘tron to find out her next challenger…so she can chopblock her & announce herself as the opponent.

*Dana & Tamina’s bachelorette party is going well until Nikki ASH tries to roll Dana up…R-Truth, Tozawa, & Reggie arrive to break up the brawl…Truth has been ordained & has declared a moratorium on Dana’s title until after the double wedding that he will preside over…next week.

*Sonya Deville admonished backstage by Adam Pearce…calls her actions an abuse of power…Sonya tells Adam not to be jealous that she’s still in her prime.

(6)  RK-Bro defeat Alpha Academy…NON-TITLE…Randy hits the RKO on Gable for the win (08:10)…AFTER…the Usos are seen arriving on the ‘tron as we go to break.

*Usos to the ring…they propose the unification match for the tag titles…Street Profits interrupt, they believe they’re next in line for a tag title shot…Randy Orton proposes the Usos & Street Profits fight right now.

(7)  Usos defeat Street Profits…NON-TITLE…Usos hit 1-D on Ford, Jimmy covers for the win (15:13)…AFTER…RK-Bro into the ring for a staredown with the Usos…after the Usos back off & leave the ring, Dawkins attacks Riddle & they tumble to the floor…so Randy delivers an RKO to the still wobbly Montez Ford…Uso sneak back in & deliver stereo superkicks to Orton & raise all 4 tag titles over their heads.


WWE RAW PREVIEW – April 18, 2022

+ Finn Balor (c) vs. Theory – for the United States Championship

+ Kevin Owens will administer a Lie Detector Test to Ezekiel

+ Dana/Reggie & Tamina/Tozawa Double Wedding, officiated by R-Truth

+ Sasha Banks & Naomi (c) vs. Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan – for the Women’s Tag Team Championship


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