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Most Wins in Impact

Most Wins in Impact

Most Wins in Impact

Who has the Most Wins in Impact Wrestling? With the upcoming Slammiversary PPV, this week’s Top 10 focuses on the wrestlers with the most singles victories in Impact. Take a look at the big list and let me know what you think by following along and commenting on Instagram.

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Moose, Ace Austin, Tessa Blanchard.

Moose walks around the locker room claiming to be the TNA World Champion. In the absence of Tessa Blanchard, he does have a point. With a 10-2 win-loss record, he has more singles victories than anyone else on the roster.

Other wrestlers in Impact have better win-loss percentages, but Moose only lost to Taurus and Ace Austin.Β We can throw out Taurus because Impact certainly isn’t “pushing” him. But Ace Austin . . .

Ace Austin

Ace Austin comes in at Number 3 on the list with 7 victories to his name in 2020. On the flip side, he has three losses. But two of them were used to transition Ace out of the X-Division and establish Willie Mack (Number 2). The other loss was to the current Impact World Champion Tessa Blanchard.

So who does the Impact back office favor more: Moose or Ace Austin? One is a huge guy and the other is a fast guy. Β They’re both top heels, so the odds of an extended feud seem pretty bad.

Moose as Pertains To Tessa Blanchard

The Impact World Champion Tessa Blanchard comes in at Number 4 with just six wins this year. Unlike Moose and Ace Austin though, Tessa hasn’t lost.

With Tessa Blanchard not around though, Moose has really become the defacto champion.

I’m curious to see where this storyline goes as the next big Pay Per View has a five-person match for Tessa’s Impact World Championship.

If Tessa wins, I really don’t see a Moose vs. Tessa match. I just don’t see it working (I would still watch it with an open mind).

If Tessa loses, Moose is going to be all over the winner. So that’s the really big question about the second half of Moose’s 2020. Who will be the Impact Champion because that person will almost certainly have a Moose problem.

What do you think of the Rest of the List?

  • Willie Mack has had a great run in 2020. He hasn’t lost in a single match all year, but he also isn’t wrestling the top guys.
  • Michael Elgin finally escaped his Eddie Edwards problem, but really hasn’t received the title shot that he actually has coming to him.
  • Ace Austin won the Number 1 Contender’s match only to have his world title match essentially taken away. Actually he gets to keep it, but Scott D’Amore added a bunch of other people (losers in the tournament) to the match.
  • Kylie Rae has quickly racked up the victories, but the whole Knockouts division is swaying right now. Deonna Purrazzo, Tasha Steelz, Nevaeh, and Kimber Lee all just arrived. Taya Valkyrie surely wants back in the hunt too. It’s a crazy and competitive landscape.
  • Is Joey Ryan gone for good?

The list really brings up a ton of questions. Join me on Instagram to sort it all out.

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