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NWA Alwayz Ready – June 11

NWA Alwayz Ready – June 11

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NWA Alwayz Ready Results

*Live from Knoxville, TN.

Joe Galli and Tim Storm calling the pre-show events. NWA 74th Anniversary is going to be August 27th and 28th. They’ll be returning to the Chase in St. Louis.

May Valentine with BLK Jeez.

  • He’ll be managing Tyrus while Austin Idol is with Cyon.

Rodney Mack defeats Magic Jake Dumas with CJ (Christi Jaynes) –

  • Magic Jake tried to get CJ to give him a chair, but she decided to strike a pose instead. Rodney Mack snuck up from behind and put Jake in the Euthanizer for the submission victory.

May Valentine with Chelsea Green (Medical Update)

  • Chelsea says “we show up and we show out.” Chelsea doesn’t know what Billy wants from them. She isn’t sure if Matt will have to fight or give up the title.Β 
  • Valentine asks about Green’s ambitions surrounding the Women’s title. Green says that her time is coming. No triple threats. No four ways. She’ll take the women’s title to a whole new height.

Kyle Davis Introduces Samuel Shaw

  • Kyle Davis welcomes Shaw back, but Shaw doesn’t speak. He’s apparently going to hold onto the Lumis character.
  • Rush Freeman comes out. He’s excited to meet Sam Shaw.
  • Sal Rinauro tries to attack Shaw, but Shaw is not phased. Freeman tries to team with Shaw.
  • Freeman and Shaw shake hands, but Shaw doesn’t release. Shaw pulls Freeman in and slams him to the mat.
  • Sal again attacks Shaw, but suffers the same fate as Freeman.
  • Gaagz the Gimp pulls Sal out of the ring.

May Valentine with Wrecking Ball

  • Wrecking Ball says Jay has a groin injury, so the Fixers won’t be wrestling tonight.

Austin Idol Joins Commentary

  • Joe Galli is excited to say that Velvet Sky will join the commentary team during the PPV (instead of Idol).

Ricky and Kerry Morton defeatΒ Country Gentleman and The Ill Begotten – 07:00

  • The Mortons used a double dropkick to get the pinfall victory.

Pre Show just finished. Have to love the fact that they end the pre show more than five minutes before the main card. Gives people time to make sure they have their FITE credentials in order. 🀣🀣🀣

Velvet Sky joins the commentary team for the main show.

Trevor Murdoch defeats Aron Stevens – 04:38

  • Stevens has said this will be his swan song, but I doubt that’s true.
  • Part way through the match, Stevens got his boot laces caught on the turnbuckle. Murdoch took advantage and the finish came pretty quick afterward.
  • Trevor Murdoch gets the win using his diving bulldog.
  • Stevens responded to the “Thank You Stevens” chant with “You’re Welcome.”

The Pretty Empowered defeatsΒ The Hex – NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championships – 08:36

  • Ella Envy used a “low blow” to secure the pinfall victory. It’s a little weird because the low blow (while effective) hasn’t traditionally been a move that women sell. Either way . . . new tag team champions.

Homicide defeats PJ Hawx – NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship – 10:48

  • Homicide used the Cop Killer for the pinfall victory.
  • After the match, The Fixers ran in and attacked both Homicide and PJ. Jay Bradley was supposedly at home an injured. Luke Hawx came out to make the save, but he failed.
  • The Mortons came to the ring and succeeded in clearing the ring.

Colby Corino Came to the Ring to Cash in His Title Shot

Homicide defeats Colby Corino – NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship – 09:05

  • To hear Joe Galli scream about wrestlers getting near the announce table, you would think the announce table was a family heirloom.
  • Colby Corino kicked out of the Cop Killer and Homicide can’t believe it.
  • Homicide stacked up Corino and got the victory moments later.

May Valentine with Jennacide

  • Jennacide is ticked off that she doesn’t have a match with Natalia Markova.

Natalia Markova defeatsΒ Taya Valkyrie with Taryn Terrell – 08:40

  • Taya hit the Road to Valhalla, but Terrell had the referee distracted.
  • Markova picked up the win a few moments later.

Jax Dane defeats Chris Adonis – NWA National Heavyweight Championship – 10:17

  • Chris Adonis injured his hand in the match and could not hold the Master Lock. Dane hit his clothesline for the pinfall victory.

May Valentine with Aron Stevens

  • Aron Stevens says nobody could know what he’s going through right now.
  • Stevens says when you chase something long enough and it doesn’t chase you back, you have to choose yourself.
  • May thanks the amazing fans for supporting us in our journey.

Thom Latimer defeats Cyon with Austin Idol – 12:37

  • Cyon took a lot of the match, but Latimer pulled Cyon into a powerbomb and got the pinfall victory.

Tyrus v. Big Strong Mims – NWA World Television Championship –

  • Mims was sent into the post causing a shoulder injury that Tyrus worked over.
  • The referee asked Mims if he wanted to stop the match. Mims wanted to continue, but he stood up and walked right into a heart punch.
  • Tyrus gets the win and retains.

Commonwealth Connection defeatsΒ La Rebellion – NWA World Tag Team Championship – 13:55

  • Harry Smith came off the top rope with a diving headbutt to get the pinfall victory.
  • Doug Williams nose was busted open during the match.

May Valentine with KiLynn King

  • KiLynn King says she has an inch on Kamille, and she is 100% focused as opposed to Kamille who just went on her honeymoon.

Kamille defeats KiLynn King – NWA World Women’s Championship – 16:06

  • Bully Ray on commentary.
  • Kamille used a spear to get the pinfall victory. Easily best match of the night so far.
  • Bully Ray helped KiLynn up and raised Kamille’s hand in victory.

Max the Impaler Came to the Ring Afterward. It took a whole bunch of NWA officials to keep Kamille and Max from each other.

NWA Special Guest:

  • Kyle Davis introduces Dr. Tom Prichard.
  • Prichard congratulates the new women’s tag team champions.

Matt Cardona v. Nick Aldis – NWA World Championship –

  • Cardona comes to the ring in street clothes flanked by VSK, Mike Knox, and Chelsea Green.
  • Matt says that despite being World Champion, he is unable to compete.
  • After Cardona went on for a long time, Billy finally came out. Hopefully he clarifies things.
  • Billy has a private conversation with Matt, and it looks like Billy asked for the championship. Matt didn’t immediately relinquish the title, and Nick Aldis came to the ring.
  • Aldis says the belt is a symbol of history and it doesn’t belong to Matt Cardona.
  • Nick says he’s going to close the show, and he wants someone to come out for a fight. Trevor Murdoch answers the call, and he apparently has a rematch clause that he wants to cash in.
  • Thom Latimer also comes out – he wants in.
  • Sam Shaw comes out next.
  • Cardona finally hands the belt over to Billy.

Trevor Murdoch defeats Nick Aldis, Sam Shaw, Thom Latimer – NWA World Championship – 18:15

  • Trevor Murdoch came off the top rope with his bulldog on Nick Aldis to get the pinfall victory.
  • Murdoch is the new NWA World Champion.

Murdoch Promo

  • Murdoch said he did exactly what he said he was going to do.

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