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NWA Powerrr Season 8 Episode 2 – March 29

NWA Powerrr Season 8 Episode 2 – March 29

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NWA Powerrr Season 8 Episode 2 Results

Kyle Davis with Matt Cardona

  • Cardona reminds us that Tim Storm can’t challenge for the NWA World Championship. Cardona says if Tim Storm can beat him, then Cardona will go ask Billy to allow Matt to defend the title against Tim Storm.

Kamille defeats Madi Wrenkowski – 05:51

  • Kamille used the spear to get a pinfall victory.

May Valentine with Pope

  • Pope let Cardona that he’ll soon lift the crown off Matt Cardona.
  • Pope understands where Trevor is coming from, but he tells Murdoch to not forget where he came from and who stands with him.

Magic Jake Dumas defeatsΒ Rodney Mack – 04:07

  • Dumas blew tobacco in the face of Rodney Mack and rolled Mack up for the win (hooking the tights).

VSK and Mike Knox defeat Rush Freeman and Jeremiah Plunkett – 04:16

  • VSK hit a big frog splash for the pinfall victory.

Kyle Davis with Chris Adonis –

  • He’s better as a solo act.

May Valentine with Cyon

  • Cyon accepts Tyrus’ challenge. Cyon says he will slam Tyrus and have his rematch.
  • Taryn Terrell interrupts the interview. She didn’t really have anything to say.

Nick Aldis defeats Deonte Marshall – 01:12

  • Aldis used the cloverleaf for the submission victory.

Kyle Davis with Nick Aldis

  • Nick says that he and Matt Cardona have unfinished business. That business will not conclude until Cardona is in a hospital bed.

Mark and Jay Briscoe Join Commentary

La Rebellion defeat The End – NWA World Tag Team Title – 07:15

  • The End attacked La Rebellion before the match started. The ref called for the bell so that The End could go for a pinfall attempt (SMH).
  • Mecha Wolf hit a 450 splash for the pinfall victory.
  • The Briscoes and La Rebellion Exchange Words After the Match.

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