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NXT 2.0 – Nov 1

NXT 2.0 – Nov 1

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NXT 2.0 Results

*Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

*Bron Breakker to the ring…Pretty Deadly interrupt, make fun of Bron, they should be getting all the attention…Wes Lee out, can’t listen to them any more…Wes & Bron issue a challenge for their tag titles…R-Truth out as we go to break.

(1)  Grayson Waller vs. R-Truth ends in DOCTOR STOPPAGE…Truth hits a tope con giro as we go to break…Truth has injured his leg during the dive & is helped backstage after the stoppage (07:13)…AFTER…Waller says he’s the most dominant Superstar in the company.

*The Schism sit down with Vic Joseph…Ava Raine chose to join Schism because they showed that they cared when no one else did…Cameron Grimes said on social media that it’s a shame Ava was brainwashed…Ava disagrees…Grimes will pay next week when he faces Gacy “for the last time”…Gacy says they are strong because they are 4 roots…(everyone joins)…“one tree.”

*Javier Bernal meets Edris Enofe & Malik Blade outside HBK’s office & tells them not to waste HBK’s time, just watch his match later & they’ll learn plenty…Odyssey Jones exits HBK’s office…he’s Javy’s opponent tonight.

*Kiana James gives her assistant Giovanna an envelope to deliver as Kiana heads to the ring.

*Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark enter the locker room…Zoey throws down her bag in anger…Indi Hartwell asks what her problem is, says Zoey’s lucky she’s getting a rematch…words get heated & the rest of the ladies have to get between them.

*Andre Chase is getting Thea Hail pumped up for her rematch…but who’s going to carry the flag (now that Bodhi is gone)…Duke Hudson bursts onto screen, ready to do the job!

(2)  Kiana James def. Thea Hail…James hits a Slingblade Flatliner (Reversal of Fortune?) on Thea but Duke Hudson puts Thea’s foot on the rope to break the count…Andre Chase tells Hudson “we don’t do that” & sends him backstage…James hits it again & uses a high stack cover for the win (04:21)…AFTER…as Chase checks on Hail, Charlie Dempsey attacks from behind…Hudson returns from backstage & Dempsey rolls out.

*Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, & Fallon Henley backstage with McKenzie…they’re rooting for Bron & Wes tonight…Giovanna delivers Kiana James’ envelope to Henley.

*Bron Breakker & Wes Lee are chatting in the locker room…Mr. Stone interrupts, says Von Wagner is the one man in NXT bigger & stronger than Bron…and will take his title.

(3)  Odyssey Jones def. Javier Bernal…Jones with a big splash in the corner & follows with a Boss Man Slam for the win (03:22).

*Toxic Attraction to the ring for Mandy Rose’s One Year Championship Anniversary…she’s the greatest, blah, blah…put some respect on her name…the ring fills with smoke…Alba Fyre attacks…puts Gigi through a table with a Gory Bomb…Fyre says she’ll take out Jacy next week & in 2 weeks she’s taking that title.

*Apollo Crews backstage with McKenzie…says he never thought he would have to chase Bron Breakker this hard for a title shot…Von Wagner interrupts, tells Apollo not to waste his time because Wagner is the future.

*SCRYPTS with a new message, “You can screen my calls but you cannot screen my fury.  One by one you all shall fall, so just let it happen as it’s written on the walls.  Coming to NXT almost feels like home.  Because inside the ropes the canvas will be the place how I express how I feel in my bones.  I will leave my mark, and I warn you all on my imminent start”…as we watch a hooded figure spraypaint SCRYPTS on the outside of the building.

(4)  Indi Hartwell def. Zoey Stark…Zoey takes Indi to the floor & sets up for a powerbomb onto the announce desk…Nikkita Lyons calms Zoey down & tells her she can beat Indi in the ring…back inside, Indi delivers a Big Boot to the face & Forearm Smash to the back of the head for the win (10:10).

*Dijack vignette, “My eyes are no longer shielded, my business is unfinished…a new order of high justice is upon NXT…it’s not about anger or frustration, it’s about authority…MY AUTHORITY!”

*Valentina Feroz asks Sanga to be in her corner again…as Veer Mahaan arrives, Sanga says he’s sorry but he can’t…Veer says in NXT they take Sanga’s kindness for weakness & he’s here to correct that.

*Zoey Stark is furious over her loss…Nikkita Lyons calms her down…Katana Chance & Kayden Carter interrupt & bust their chops…tag title rematch coming next week.

(5)  Cora Jade def. Valentina Feroz…Cora with a DDT for the win (03:38)…AFTER…Cora threatens Valentina with the kendo stick…Wendy Choo down for the save…Wendy takes a shot to gut but eventually knocks the kendo stick out of Cora’s hand & chases her from the ring with it.

*Tony D’Angelo tells Stacks he got a match with Hank Walker next week…Stacks says that’s easy money…Elektra Lopez interrupts, says it’s good to be her own boss.

(6)  Pretty Deadly def. Bron Breakker & Wes Lee…retain their NXT Tag Team Championship…Bron & Lee are rolling…Lee climbs to the top buckle…Carmelo Hayes appears out of nowhere & shoves Lee off the buckle…Wilson scrambles into a Crucufix for the Roll Up win (11:57)…AFTER…Lee takes out Melo ringside with a tope & beats him up the aisle & backstage…back in the ring Von Wagner sneaks in & drops Breakker with a Big Boot.

*Apollo Crews is watching the main event from a backstage monitor when JD McDonagh approaches & tells Apollo that the vision he has of being the man around here is going to be pretty tough with a detached retina.


NXT PREVIEW – Nov. 8, 2022

+ Katana Chance & Kayden Carter (c) vs. Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark – for NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

+ Brutus Creed vs. Damon Kemp – in a 5-minute Challenge

+ Cameron Grimes vs. Joe Gacy – for the Last Time

+ Andre Chase vs. Charlie Dempsey

+ Stacks vs. Hank Walker


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