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Raw – Oct 31

Raw – Oct 31

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Raw Results

*Live from Dallas, TX.

(1)  Bianca Belair def. Nikki Cross…NON-TITLE…while Bianca & Nikki fight in front of the announce desk…Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky to the ring & distract the ref for Bayley to run Bianca into the ringpost…back inside, Bianca hits the KOD on Nikki for the win (09:58)…AFTER…Damage CTRL attack Bianca 3-on-1…Asuka & Alexa Bliss to the ring…Asuka, Alexa, & Bianca clear the ring.

*Bianca Belair, Asuka, & Alexa Bliss approached backstage by Cathy Kelley…Bianca’s not walking into Crown Jewel alone…Alexa doesn’t want to wait & challenges Dakota & Iyo for a tag title match tonight.

*Bobby Lashley is ready for a split screen interview with Brock Lesnar but Brock isn’t there…Bobby says Brock has been ducking him for 20 years.

*Brock Lesnar heads to the ring…Brock didn’t come for a sit down, he’s here to fight…calls out Lashley…Bobby Lashley makes his way out…Brock meets him in the aisle & the brawl is on…refs, agents, & half the locker room out to get between them…Triple H says if they touch each other again tonight, the Crown Jewel match is off.

(2)  Seth Rollins def. Austin Theory…NON-TITLE…after a really good back & forth match, Theory gets the upper hand & gets cocky…he sets Seth up for a Pedigree but Seth powers out with what looks like a backdrop but instead he sends Theory straight up & down on his face…Theory gets to his hands & knees in time for Rollins to deliver a Stomp for the win (15:08).

*Bray Wyatt will be at Crown Jewel, as announced by Kevin Patrick from the commentary desk.

*Roman Reigns (& Paul Heyman) to the ring…Roman assures us Sami Zayn & Jey Uso are out there somewhere working on getting back to being “Ucey”…meanwhile, he just can’t hype a match with a guy with 2 matches under his belt like Logan Paul…but his Wise Man will…Paul Heyman reiterates the “metal screws in his knockout fist” line of crap…The Miz interrupts…he acknowledges the Tribal Chief…he tells Roman that the “knockout power” is real…and he would have more time to help Roman with info on Logan if Roman would help him with Dexter Lumis…Roman is tired of the Logan KO talk…& shows Miz his KO power with a Superman Punch.

*Miz is approached in the Trainer’s Room by Cathy Kelley…she says Johnny Gargano has a tell-all, sit down interview with Byron Saxton which will air later tonight…Miz says if WWE airs this interview without verification, Miz will file a defamation lawsuit…Mustafa Ali interrupts…he irritates Miz enough to get him to not cancel their match tonight, even with his swollen jaw.

(3)  Karl Anderson def. Damian Priest…Anderson escapes the Reckoning & counters into a Backslide for the Roll Up win (07:35)…AFTER…the rest of Judgment Day immediately in to attack Anderson…AJ Styles & Luke Gallows in for the save…Rhea hits Gallows with a low blow…it’s 4-on-2 now…Razor’s Edge on AJ…Coup de Grace on Anderson.

*MVP & Omos backstage…MVP says Braun Strowman can flip all the ambulances he wants, he will never measure up to Omos…MVP is headed to SmackDown & has a surprise for Braun.

*JBL to the ring…he puts over the state of Texas & their legends…then says Gen Z & the Millennial Snowflakes have ruined it…he introduces the modern day wrestling God, Baron Corbin…Corbin starts insulting the fans with the same crap…he says “we all know what the truth is”…which, of course, brings out R-Truth…Truth gets under their skin & fists fly…Corbin hits End of Days.

*Alpha Academy out…Gable & Otis dressed as Chip (Swayze) & Dale (Farley) from the classic SNL sketch (thank you Attitude Era stars who are now backstage producers)…Riddle to the ring with Elias…Riddle is dressed as Ezekiel.

(4)  Matt Riddle def. Otis…in a TRICK OR STREET FIGHT…Chad Gable tries to interfere…Elias shoves him off the apron & through a table…Elias puts a Jack-O-Lantern on Otis’ head…a blinded Otis walks into an RKO by Riddle for the win (07:57).

*Damage CTRL backstage…they don’t think Asuka & Alexa deserve this title shot, but they’re determined to do some damage ahead of Crown Jewel anyway.

(5)  Mustafa Ali def. Miz…around the 9 minute mark Dexter Lumis hops the barricade trying to get at Miz who is near the announce desk…Miz scampers back to the ring as Lumis flees Security by jumping back into the audience…Miz is distracted watching it unfold & turns around into a Superkick to his injured jaw…Ali follows with the 450 Splash for the win (10:19).

*Johnny Gargano talks to Byron Saxton about the Miz/Dexter situation…says Miz hired Dexter Lumis to fake the early attacks on him for attention…Johnny thinks Miz stopped paying & now Dexter is trying to get what he is owed.

(6)  Asuka & Alexa Bliss def. Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky…to become the NEW Women’s Tag Team Champions…Iyo is tapping to the Asuka Lock but Bayley is on the apron to distract the ref…Bianca Belair bodyblocks Bayley into the timekeeper’s area…they fight onto a piece of equipment that’s 4 feet tall & Bayley hits a Bayley-to-Belly sending both women through a table…back inside, Iyo misses the Over the Moonsault & Asuka counters with a Roundhouse Kick to the head…Alexa follows with Twisted Bliss on Iyo for the win (16:51).


WWE  CROWN JEWEL PREVIEW – Sat., Nov. 5, 2022 – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

+ Roman Reigns (c) vs. Logan Paul – for the Undisputed Universal Championship

+ Bianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley – Last Woman Standing Match for the Raw Women’s Championship

+ Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley

+ The OC vs. The Judgment Day – in a 6-Man Tag Match

+ Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross – in a Steel Cage Match

+ Omos vs. Braun Strowman

+ Bray Wyatt will have something to say


WWE RAW PREVIEW – Nov. 7, 2022 

+ no matches announced yet

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