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NXT 2.0 – Nov 15

NXT 2.0 – Nov 15

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NXT 2.0 Results

*Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

(1)  Bron Breakker def. Von Wagner…retains his NXT Championship…the referee starts the match with Mr. Stone still in the ring, so Wagner uses him as a projectile & tosses Stone at Breakker…Wagner has the upper hand for a good portion of the match…he works on Breakker’s back by slamming on the ring steps, etc…Breakker attempts a Spear & gets scooped up into Wagner’s Death Valley Suplex for a 2 count…Breakker goes for his Gorilla Press but can’t get Wagner up with his weakened back…Wagner goes for another fireman’s carry & Breakker escapes out the back, hits the ropes, & counters with a Spear for the win (13:46).

*Bron Breaker is taking a moment backstage after his match when JD McDonagh approaches…he congratulates Breakker & adds, “you know you’re never going to be done with me, right?”

*Zoey Stark explains how she carried Nikkita Lyons & she sure is happy to have that dead weight off her back.

*Duke Hudson explains himself to Andre Chase…Duke knows Andre has no quit in him, but Duke couldn’t stand to see him suffer any more, he cares too much about Chase U & knows that they’re nothing without their leader…Thea Hail says Duke is, “kinda growing on me.”

*Apollo Crews approaches Bron Breaker in the locker room…tells him the he came back to NXT for one reason…the NXT title…when one challenge ends, another begins.

(2)  Indus Sher def. George Cannon & Ariel Dominguez…Sanga holds Dominguez in a Sidewalk Slam position as Mahaan deliver a 2nd buckle Elbow Drop & covers for the win (03:28)…AFTER…Mahaan says they respect the Creed Brothers, but here in America he & Sanga get no respect…so they must destroy the Creeds to get that respect.

*Creed Brothers were watching from the Diamond Mine Dojo…they’re not worried about facing Indus Sher on their way back to the Pretty Deadly & the tag titles.

*Wendy Choo backstage with McKenzie…says Cora Jade is a petulant child & should take a look in the mirror…but not till next week after Choo gives her 2 black eyes.

(3)  Apollo Crews def. JD McDonagh…McDonagh misses a Moonsault & Crews counters with a 1-Arm Spinebuster for the win (13:38)…AFTER…Bron Breakker out in front of the ‘tron to lock eyes with Apollo…they’re on a collision course.

*Mandy Rose backstage with McKenzie…she’s heard all the reasons she would never last this long as champ…yet here she stands…and tonight she’ll be the last woman standing.

*Javier Bernal backstage with McKenzie…he’s not going to wait around to see who he’s booked against…he’s calling out Axiom…McKenzie informs Javy that Axiom is injured…next he challenged Ilja Dragunov…he’s back in Germany rehabbing…next he wants someone from Gallus…McKenzie reminds him they’re suspended…Javy says McKenzie is part of the problem.

*Booker T. introduces Carmelo Hayes (with Trick) & Wes Lee for their North American Championship match contract signing…Melo says he’s obsessed with being the A-champion…Wes says he needs to come to grips with being the EX-champion…they both sign without incident…Trick Williams runs his mouth & things get testy…Booker calms them down…nothing is getting physical on his watch…until next week.

*Dijack vignette…hard justice is on its’ way.

*Odyssey Jones backstage with Edris Enofe & Malik Blade…we find out Blade wears the sweater vests as a tribute to his father, who has passed away.

(4)  The Dyad def. Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen…Briggs is distracted when Kiana James comes to ringside & takes a swing at Fallon Henley but winds up falling into the arms of Jensen…Briggs turns around into a doubleteam Code Breaker & Reid covers for the win (04:08).

*Shawn Michaels announces a revolutionary new match to debut at the Deadl1ne Premium Live Event…the Iron Survivor Challenge…it’s a 25 minute match with 5 superstars…2 Superstars start…every 5 minutes another Superstar joins…the winner of the most falls (pinfall/submission/DQ) after 25 minutes is the #1 Contender…but if you take a fall, you spend 90 seconds in a penalty box…Superstars for the Men’s & Women’s matches to be announced in the coming weeks.

(5)  Indi Hartwell def. Tatum Paxley…Indi rips off Paxley’s protective mask & tosses it to Ivy Nile at ringside…Indi delivers a Forearm Shiver to the back of Paxley’s skull for the win (03:59).

*SCRYPTS vignette…he got past security with no problem…next week, who will be first to play his little game?

*Roxanne Perez congratulates Indi Hartwell backstage after her victory, but wonders if taking off Paxley’s mask was going too far…Indi says she will do anything to get into that Iron Survivor Challenge at Deadline.

(6)  Mandy Rose def. Alba Fyre…in a LAST WOMAN STANDING MATCH to retain her NXT Women’s Championship…Fyre has the upper hand as they beat each other around ringside…Fyre lays Mandy on the announce desk & climbs a ladder to deliver a final blow…but Isla Dawn climbs up the other side of the ladder & when Fyre turns around she gets a face full of the witch’s mist…Fyre falls off the ladder & crashes through the announce desk that Mandy managed to crawl off…Fyre cannot answer the referee’s 10 count, giving Mandy the win (12:01).


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