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Raw – Nov 14

Raw – Nov 14

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Raw Results

*Live from Louisville, KY.

*Seth Rollins to the ring…he talks about how he has elevated the United States Championship to thee title on Monday night…Bobby Lashley interrupts, says he won’t stop until he gets his US title back…Mustafa Ali interrupts…Lashley tells Ali to get lost before he hurts him…Seth removes himself once again this week…this time so Lashley & Ali can work out their issues.

(1)  Bobby Lashley def. Mustafa Ali…Lashley hits a spear & sinks in the Hurt Lock…Ali refuses to give up but the ref calls for the bell when Ali goes out, giving Lashley the submission win (04:28).

*Mia Yim & The OC backstage with Cathy Kelley…AJ Styles challenges Finn Balor to face him one-on-one at Survivor Series.

(2)  Mia Yim def. Tamina…Yim delivers Eat Defeat for the win (01:58)…AFTER…Rhea Ripley teases an attack, then backs off & heads up the aisle with Dominik Mysterio.

*Matt Riddle backstage with Cathy Kelley…Chad Gable interrupts, says he’ll do the same to Riddle that Otis did to Elias last week.

*Damage CTRL approach Mia Yim backstage & try to recruit her to join them at War Games…Mia turns them down because she has no issue with Alexa, Asuka, or Bianca.

(3)  Chad Gable def. Matt Riddle…Gable uses a Backslide with his feet on the ropes & help from Otis holding his legs from the outside to get the Roll Up win (09:47).

*JBL & Baron Corbin are playing cards in the locker room…Akira Tozawa sits down & wants to play…

*Miz to the ring, dressed very un-Miz-like, for a MizTV sit down with Byron Saxton…Miz has prepared a statement to apologize for paying Dexter to attack him so Miz could get more attention…Johnny Gargano interrupts, calls Miz out on more lies…says Miz will face Dexter in 2 weeks & if Dexter wins, he gets a WWE contract…Dexter Lumis is disguised as a cameraman & almost gets his hands on Miz…but Miz runs right out his cardigan & takes off for backstage.

*Shelton Benjamin backstage with Cathy Kelley…Dominik Mysterio interrupts, insults Shelton, but Damian Priest stops Shelton from getting at Dom…Shelton & Dom will fight tonight.

(4)  Dominik Mysterio def. Shelton Benjamin…Shelton has Dom in an Ankle Lock…Rhea Ripley distracts the ref so Damian Priest can drag Dom to the ropes for a break when the ref turns around…as Shelton barks at Priest, Dom runs Shelton into the ringpost & follows with a DDT…Dom finishes with a Frogsplash for the win (05:10).

*Austin Theory backstage with Cathy Kelley…no one understands the pressure he’s under due to his high expectations…Dolph Ziggler interrupts, he tried to impart some knowledge…Theory is tired of being spoken down to…he’ll show Dolph in the ring.

(5)  Iyo Sky def. Dana Brooke…Iyo with  German Suplex, Meteora to a seated Brooke in the corner…follows with the Over the Moonsault for the win (03:20)…AFTER…Mia Yim out in front of the ‘tron…she did some thinking & does want to be part of War Games…Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, & Asuka join Mia…Team Bianca is up to 4 members now.

*Akira Tozawa is cleaning Baron Corbin out…Corbin tries to cheat, so Tozawa demands they fight over it.

(6)  Dolph Ziggler def. Austin Theory by DISQUALIFICATION…Theory kicks out of the Fame-Ass-er…Theory kicks out of the Zig Zag…Theory lands a stiff forearm to the jaw & follows with A-Town Down…Theory’s anger gets the best of him & he hits another A-Town Down, jumps into full mount & starts raining down blows…the ref shoves Theory off Ziggler…Theory rolls Ziggler to the floor, runs him into the steps & bounces him off the announce desk…the ref calls for the bell & the DQ (15:00)…AFTER…Theory continues to punish Ziggler around ringside until multiple refs & agents pull him off.

*Rhea Ripley approaches Damage CTRL backstage…if Mia is on Team Bianca, Rhea wants to be part of Team Damage CTRL.

(7)  Baron Corbin def. Akira Tozawa…Tozawa is getting the best of Cotbin until he gets caught (literally) coming off the top buckle & Corbin counters into the End of Days for the win (03:34).

*Team Bianca backstage with Cathy Kelley…no hints as to who will be in next weeks 1-on-1 War Games Advantage Match or who will be their 5th member…Alpha Academy approach Cathy after the ladies leave…Gable still gloating over their victories over Elias & Riddle…Seth Rollins walks past, singing his own theme.

*Finn Balor backstage with Byron Saxton…of course he accepts AJ Styles’ Survivor Series challenge…but tonight is about becoming the new United States Champion.

(8)  Seth Rollins def. Finn Balor…retains his United States Championship…around the 19 minute mark The Judgment Day races to ringside to distract…about a minute later The OC & Mia Yim down to neutralize Judgment Day…as the camera follows the fight into the crowd we miss the set up but back in the ring Rollins hits the Stomp for the win (21:52)…AFTER…

*Austin Theory appears out of nowhere & immediately attacks Seth Rollins…Theory delivers A-Town Down…takes Rollins to the floor & continues to punish him…back inside, another A-Town Down & then blasts Rollins with the United States title…Theory stands over Rollins & holds the belt high as the show ends.


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