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NXT – Dec 20

NXT – Dec 20

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NXT Results

*Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

(1)  Carmelo Hayes def. Axiom…as Melo recovers from a top rope ‘rana that sent him ¾ of the way across the ring, Trick Williams grabs Axiom by the mask & slams the back of his head to the canvas…Melo leaps into a Code Breaker & follows with the Sicilian Slice for the win (12:35)…AFTER…Axiom repays Trick by taking him out with a top rope moonsault to the floor.

*Grayson Waller backstage with McKenzie…says if Roxy didn’t have to wait for New Year’s Evil to cash in, he shouldn’t have to either…he wants his title shot tonight…McKenzie explains that Bron Breakker is in the Carolinas on a media tour…Waller doesn’t care, says if Bron doesn’t show up he’s just conforming what Waller believes, that Bron is gutless.

*Tony D’Angelo tells Stacks that he has a North American title shot against Wes Lee next week…Tony sends Stacks to inform Dijack to stay out of the way for this title match & Tony will give the 1st shot once he’s the new champ.

(2)  Zoey Stark def. Nikkita Lyons…Zoey attacks Nikkita during her entrance again, but Nikkita was mostly ready for it…they brawl to the ring & the bell sounds…Nikkita attempts an O’Connor Roll but Zoey escapes & transitions into a back-leaning Roll Up of her own, grabbing the bottom rope for leverage & the win (05:21).

*Cora Jade backstage with McKenzie…Wendy Choo attacks…referees quickly get between them.

*Fallon Henley is discussing her family’s financial troubles with Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen when Kiana James enters with her assistant Giovanna…Kiana is making moves to try to leverage a buyout of the bar…Henley cuts to the chase & says they’ll fight next week for it.

(3)  Katana Chance & Kayden Carter def. Toxic Attraction and Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley…retain their NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship…Ivy locks her modified Dragon Sleeper on Carter, but Carter manages to push off the ropes & flip over, trapping Ivy’s arms under her own body weight for the Roll Up win (10:32).

*Oro Mensah vignette…he’s here for a good time.

*Roxanne Perez sits down with Booker T…she says Booker is the one who taught her bet on herself…absolutely nothing comes out of this interview unless you somehow still didn’t know Booker trained her.

*Apollo Crews to the ring…congrats to Roxy…he thought he would be the new champ as well…that’s what he came back for…after Bron & Waller fight at New Year’s Evil, he wants a shot at Vengeance Day…Carmelo Hayes interrupts, says he’s next in line but has no problem putting Apollo’s “jersey in the rafters” along the way…Apollo says to name the time & place.

*New Day are sending Pretty Deadly on ridiculous errands to earn a tag title rematch.

*Alba Fyre tries to sneak up on Isla Dawn, but Isla blinds her by blowing pink dust in her face.

*Odyssey Jones, Edris Enofe, & Malik Blade run into Ava Raine as they leave the building…the rest of Schism quickly join the conversation, but no physicality takes place.

(4)  Elektra Lopez def. Indi Hartwell…Indi pulls Lopez off the 2nd buckle & is looking for a back suplex but Lopez lands a loaded right hand that collapses Indi…Lopez falls into a cover for the win (03:36)…and Lopez tucks brass knuckles into her shirt after the 3 count.

*Wes Lee backstage with McKenzie…he wants to bring the fight to the challengers & he’ll start with the one with the biggest mouth, Tony D’Angelo…then he knows Dijack is lurking close behind.

(5)  Alba Fyre vs. Sol Ruca…NEVER GETS STARTED because Isla Dawn attacks Alba, traps her arm behind the ring steps, & slams the steps with Alba’s bat.

*Chase U. holiday party…Duke Hudson steals a gift from another student to give to Andre Chase…so much important psychology in this scene!

*Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen backstage with McKenzie…Kiana James interrupts…Fallon Henley says this isn’t the time to talk about the bar…Kiana says she’s only here to wish Jensen Good luck.

*Drew Gulak is training recruits when Hank Walker approaches, looking for pointers…Gulak invites Walker to observe his seminar next week.

(6)  New Day def. Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen…retain their NXT Tag Team Championship…Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Briggs…Woods follows with the Limit Break for the win (11:29).

*Stacks enters Dijack’s dressing room to deliver Tony’s message.

*Grayson Waller continues to “look” everywhere backstage for Bron Breakker, who he’s already been told isn’t in the same state.

*Countdown to New Year vignette…possible teasing the return of Tiffany Stratton…or the debut of another blonde superstar (no face seen).

*Indus Sher approach the Diamond Mine in the parking lot to ask if Julius is cleared…he says he is & they can see for themselves when he takes on JD McDonagh next week.

*Grayson Waller to the ring…calls out Breakker…calls him a coward when he doesn’t appear…Bron Breakker pulls up to the building & jumps out of his car…Bron races to the ring & Spears Waller, but collapses on top of him…Waller struggles to his feet & removes his jacket to reveal the ballistic vest he was hiding…Waller says he outsmarted Breakker & at New Year’s Evil he will become the new NXT Champion…Waller raises the belt as the show ends.


NXT PREVIEW – Dec. 27, 2022

+ Wes Lee (c) vs. Tony D’Angelo – for the North American Championship

+ Fallon Henley vs. Kiana James – for the Henley Family Bar

+ Julius Creed vs. JD McDonagh

+ Wendy Choo vs. Cora Jade

+ Odyssey Jones, Edris Enofe, & Malik Blade vs. Schism – in a 6-Man Tag


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