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Raw – Dec 19

Raw – Dec 19

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Raw Results

*Live from Des Moines, IA

*Paul Heyman welcomes us to Raw before turning things over to Roman Reigns, who is here to retaliate on Kevin Owens for showing up on SmackDown…and he intends to make the whole Raw roster pay…meanwhile, the rest of the Bloodline is kicking ass all over the backstage area…their first victims are Mustafa Ali & ???.

(1)  Street Profits def. Judgment Day…while Dominik Mysterio & Rhea Ripley cause trouble for Akira Tozawa on the outside, Ford hits a Schoolboy on Balor for the Roll Up win (09:02)…AFTER…Rhea slaps Tozawa & challenges him to a fight as we go to commercial.

*The Bloodline is seen during the Profits/Judgment Day tag match attacking Andre Chase & Elias backstage…taking Elias out with his own guitar.

(2)  Rhea Ripley def. Akira Tozawa…Tozawa misses the top buckle senton…Rhea delivers the Riptide for the win (04:56).

*Adam Pearce backstage with Cathy Kelley…Pearce says he met with Bobby Lashley at WWE HQ…Bobby will be returning to Raw…MVP approaches & wants to talk business with Pearce, but a backstage crew member needs to lead Pearce away to deal with an emergent matter.

*Adam Pearce arrives on the scene after a commercial break to find that Dolph Ziggler & Cedric Alexander are the next victims of the Bloodline’s rampage…as he did just prior to speaking to Cathy Kelley moments ago, Pearce again calls Paul Heyman in hopes of ending the attacks.

(3)  The OC def. Alpha Academy…Gable misses a moonsault on Gallows & eats a superkick…Magic Killer on Gable, Anderson covers for the win (09:04)…AFTER…The Bloodline arrive…the OC is next on the list…Gallows suffers 1-D as we go to commercial.

*Adam Pearce is at ringside as we return from break…Sami Zayn & the Usos tell Pearce that the Bloodline runs the show…but they’re done with business, so they head up the ramp…AJ Styles attacks as they get close to the ‘tron, but Security swarms & quickly separates everyone…AJ is still pissed off backstage & demands a match…Pearce gives him Sami later tonight.

*Bianca Belair & Alexa Bliss sit down with Byron Saxton…Alexa can’t explain what happened last week, she’s still working through her Bray Wyatt issues…Bianca doesn’t trust Alexa…Alexa reminds Bianca that she was winning championships before Bianca even worked here…Alexa then smashes a vase over Bianca’s head & walks off.

(4)  Miz def. Dexter Lumis…in a LADDER MATCH…around the 13 minute mark Miz has Lumis trapped under a pile of debris & decides to take some frustration out on Johnny Gargano at ringside…Lumis misses a legdrop off a 10 foot ladder & puts himself through the announce desk…back in the ring, Miz makes the climb but Lumis recovers in time to meet him at the top…Lumis tosses Miz to the canvas & is left all alone to retrieve the bags of money until Bronson Reed makes a surprise return…Reed pulls Lumis off the ladder & delivers a Tsunami…then helps Miz back to his feet & up the ladder to retrieve the bags for the win (18:25).

(5)  Sami Zayn def. AJ Styles…around the 8 minute mark Solo Sikoa makes his way to ringside through the crowd…Sikoa delivers the Samoan Spike & rolls AJ in to Sami, who delivers the Blue Thunder Bomb for the win (13:18).

*Seth Rollins to the ring…says the Bloodline have been attacking everyone but him…he sends a message to Roman Reigns that Mondays belong to Seth Rollins…Austin Theory interrupts, says Rollins was the one who said the United States Championship was the title on Raw, which makes Theory the man…Theory says Rollins will pass the torch if he has to pry it from his legendary hands…Rollins says Theory is not on his level…Theory takes the cheap shot that Rollins is the 3rd most successful member of the SHIELD…that pisses Rollins off & he doesn’t want to wait 2 weeks for that title match, he wants Theory right now…the Usos make their way through the crowd…Theory bails…Rollins is outnumbered until Kevin Owens races down for the save & clears the ring…Rollins & KO want a piece of the Usos…Adam Pearce books it for later tonight.

*Becky Lynch backstage promo…she & Bayley have been playing a cat & mouse game since Becky’s return…but Bayley has been doing it with help…Becky wants to face Bayley 1-on-1.

(6)  Bayley def. Becky Lynch…around the 13 minute mark Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky close in on Becky as the fight spills out in front of the announce desk…the referee tosses Kai & Sky from ringside, but as he watches them head up the aisle Bayley hits Becky with a monitor from the announce desk behind the ref’s back…as the ref returns his attentions to the match, Bayley delivers the Roseplant for the win (14:27).

*Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens chat backstage…Seth wonders why they ever stopped working together as a team…KO reminds Seth that he tried to steal KO’s WrestleMania spot against Stone Cold…Seth doesn’t seem to remember, but it’s all in the past anyway…tonight is about kicking the Usos’ asses.

(7)  Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens def. The Usos…NON-TITLE…Seth & KO attack before the bell…around the 8 minute mark Solo Sikoa makes his way to ringside but he’s followed close behind & neutralized by The OC…after Rollins delivers a Stomp to Jey on the floor, he’s blindsided by Austin Theory & the United States title upside the head…back inside, KO hits a Pop-Up Powerbomb on Jimmy for the win (10:52)…AFTER…Sami Zayn sneaks into the ring behind KO but gets spotted before he can attack…KO stares Sami down…Sami bails without any physicality.


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