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NXT – Dec 27

NXT – Dec 27

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NXT Results

*Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

(1)  Julius Creed def. JD McDonagh…McDonagh misses a moonsault…Julius hits the cartwheel slam & follows with the Basement Clothesline for the win (10:28)…AFTER…Indus Sher out to the apron…they are now ready to face the Creeds at New Year’s Evil & earn the respect they deserve.

*Tony D’Angelo backstage with McKenzie…tonight he wins his first NXT gold…McKenzie asks if he’s worried about Dijack looming…nope, Stacks took care of that last week.

(2)  Wendy Choo def. Cora Jade…Choo with a Full Nelson Slam & follows with the Sleepy Time Splash for the win (06:11).

*Ikemen Jiro backstage promo…his jacket is what makes him special…without it he is just Jiro…tonight he beats SCRYPTS & takes back what makes him…him…so…I guess SCRYPTS stole his jacket?

*Fallon Henley warming up backstage with Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen…Jensen is distracted by his new shirt from Kiana James…but he’s still in Fallon’s corner.

(3)  SCRYPTS def. Ikemen Jiro…SCRYPTS connects with his top buckle Big Top Pop for the win (04:15)…AFTER…he drapes Jiro’s jacket (which SCRYPTS wore to the ring & wrestled in) over his fallen opponent.

*Oro Mensah vignette…the nightlife maximizes all his senses…he’s bringing that vibe to NXT.

*Alba Fyre promo…Isla Dawn may have broken her hand, but she’s awoken a barbaric fire inside Alba’s soul…next week it will be anything goes.

(4)  Lyra Valkyria def. Lash Legend…Valkyria with a spinning back kick to drop Legend…follows with a Top Buckle Splash for the win (03:30).

*Toxic Attraction promo…they will rebuild & return to glory.

*Bron Breakker backstage with McKenzie…he intends to call out Grayson Waller tonight…McKenzie informs Bron that Waller isn’t here, but left a video message…he’s gone home to Australia to prepare himself to take Bron’s title…but he’ll be back next week to sign the contract on a very special episode of the Grayson Waller Effect.

(5)  Schism def. Odyssey Jones, Edris Enofe, & Malik Blade…in a 6-MAN TAG MATCH…Enofe & Blade find themselves in the electric chair & Reid delivers a double Doomsday Device…Gacy follows with the Upside Down on Enofe for the win (11:45).

*Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams backstage with McKenzie…next week Melo takes on Apollo Crews on his way towards that title…because in 2023, Melo becomes NXT Champion.

(6)  Fallon Henley def. Kiana James…Henley with a dropdown & Kiana trips over her & injures her ankle…Henley connects with a Shining Wizard for the win (05:14)…AFTER…Josh Briggs is irritated with Brooks Jensen, who seems worried about the possible injury to Kiana.

*Roxanne Perez backstage with McKenzie…she’s looking forward to living up to the legacy of the prestigious title she now holds.

*Isla Dawn promo…says Alba Fyre’s extreme resolution to their problem won’t work out how Alba is hoping it will.

*Drew Gulak has Hank Walker observe his Drew Gulak Invitational…Drew shows off some submissions on a few students…Charlie Dempsey interrupts & offers to show Drew how he measures up to a real wrestler…Dempsey plans to make an example of Drew’s students next week.

(7)  Wes Lee def. Tony D’Angelo…retains his North American Championship…Tony is distracted when Dijack appears & drags Stacks from ringside…Lee lands his back-handspring Pelé Kick for the win (15:21).


NXT PREVIEW – Jan. 3, 2023

+ Grayson Waller Effect – NXT Championship Contract Signing with Bron Breakker

+ Alba Fyre vs. Isla Dawn – Extreme Resolution Match

+ Carmelo Hayes vs. Apollo Crews

+ Trick Williams vs. Axiom

+ Charlie Dempsey “Makes an Example” of Drew Gulak’s students


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