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NXT – Feb 7

NXT – Feb 7

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NXT Results

*LIVE from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

*Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams to the ring…JD McDonagh interrupts…words get heated & Melo says they should find out who’s better tonight in this ring…JD says, “Game on!”

*Fallon Henley is upset with Kiana James for cheating in their tag title match…Fallon still wants to know about the phone call she walked in on last week as well…but then they walk into the surprise celebration thrown by Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen.

*Grayson Waller bitched out Shawn Michaels after Vengeance Day & is therefore suspended & won’t be on NXT this week.

(1)  Zoey Stark def. Sol Ruca…Stark hits Z-360 for the win (03:47)…AFTER…Stark tosses Ruca around some more…Ruca hits the Sol Snatcher on Stark.

*Pretty Deadly arrive at the party for Fallon & Kiana looking disheveled…they haven’t slept since Vengeance Day…they have words with Andre Chase & they’ll fight about it later.

(2)  Dabba-Kato def. Dante Chen…Dabba-Kato with a sit out Chokebomb for the win (02:41)…AFTER…Dabba-Kato is asked why he came back when he did & why he attacked former friend Apollo Crews at Vengeance Day…he says Apollo knows what he did…and walks off.

*Isla Dawn walks into the Diamond Mine Dojo & accuses Tatum Paxley of attacking Nikkita Lyons…Paxley denies being involved.

*Roxanne Perez backstage with McKenzie…Katana Chance & Kayden Carter interrupt…they’re pissed that they were cheated & no one seems to care…they say Roxy has no friends, which is just rude

(3)  Isla Dawn def. Tatum Paxley…Dawn with the inverted DDT set up/clubbing blow to the chest for the win (03:08)…AFTER…Alba Fyre in…looks like bad news coming for Paxley until Ivy Nile down for the save & runs Dawn & Fyre off.

(4)  Carmelo Hayes def. JD McDonagh…at the 13 minute mark both men are down & exhausted when Ilja Dragunov makes his way to ringside, flattening Trick Williams along the way…McDonagh tries to use the distraction to hit the Devil Inside but Melo flips under & counters into a Roll Up for the win (13:19)…AFTER…Dragunov chases McDonagh through the crowd & out of the arena.

*Thea Hail asks Tiffany Stratton why she doesn’t like Chase U…Tiff explains her myriad reasons…Thea tells Tiff to “Suck it!”…then Thea is abducted by Ava Raine.

(5)  Lyra Valkyria def. Valentina Ferroz…again Elektra Lopez passes a set of brass knuckles to Ferroz, who considers using them this time over the loud objections from Wendy Choo at ringside…but Ferroz turns around into a Spinning Back Kick from Valkyria for the win (02:51).

*Wes Lee backstage with McKenzie…Tony D’Angelo & Stacks interrupt…they want to be compensated for “helping” him beat Dijak…Lee says they can answer his open challenge next week if they “have the cannolis”…I’m not sure Lee knows what that word means.

*Tyler Bate doesn’t like how Grayson Waller disrespected HBK…wants to fight about it next week when Waller’s suspension is over.

(6)  Stacks def. Odyssey Jones…Stacks catches Jones coming back in & hits a DDT…follows with a Running Knee Stomp for the win (05:17).

*Jinder Mahal & Indus Sher promo…now that they’ve beaten the Creeds, they expect the respect they deserve…now they move on towards the gold.

*Roxanne Perez approached on her way to the car…she says next week her partner will be Meiko Satomura when she faces Katana Chance & Kayden Carter.

(7)  Pretty Deadly def. Chase U.…when a hysterical Thea Hail comes running to ringside, the distraction allows Pretty Deadly to hit Spilt Milk on Chase, Prince covers for the win (09:54).

*Hank Walker & Drew Gulak are chatting backstage when Charlie Dempsey interrupts…Gulak says Walker is ready for a rematch…Dempsey says he hopes Walker doesn’t “take any shortcuts” like Gulak.

*Bayley welcomes Toxic Attraction to “Ding Dong, Hello”…Gigi & Jacy immediately start bickering…but they come back around & decided to take another run at the women’s tag titles…whether it be at NXT or go after Bayley’s girls & the WWE Women’s Tag Titles…they hug it out…then Jacy superkicks Gigi & throws her into the Barber Shop windo…um…I mean…the Dong Dong, Hello door.


NXT PREVIEW – Feb. 14, 2023

+ Tyler Bate vs. Grayson Waller

+ Wes Lee issues open challenge for North American Championship

+ Roxanne Perez & Meiko Satomura vs. Katana Chance & Kayden Carter


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