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NXT Halloween Havoc – Oct 22

NXT Halloween Havoc – Oct 22

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NXT Halloween Havoc Results

*Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

*Shotzi spins the wheel for Grayson Waller & Apollo Crews on the Kickoff Show & it comes up as a Casket Match.

(1)  Wes Lee def. Carmelo Hayes, Oro Mensah, Von Wagner, & Nathan Frazer…in a LADDER MATCH to become the NEW NXT North American Champion…Mensah climbs all alone with the other 4 competitors on the floor…Trick Williams topples the ladder, sending Mensah to wipe out everyone at ringside…this leaves Trick in the ring with Mr. Stone, so they both climb…Stone uses his shoe to send Trick down to the canvas, so Trick tips the ladder again, crotching Stone on his way to the floor…Frazer splashes Wagner through a ladder bridged from the apron to the barricade…Wagner recovers to Gorilla Press Lee & tosses him from the ring & sending him bouncing across the announce desk…Lee delivers a Meteora off the ladder in center ring to Melo onto a ladder bridged to the middle rope…Lee is then all alone to retrieve the title for the win (19:18).

*Mandy Rose accepts Alba Fyre’s invitation to meet her at an undisclosed location…Mandy brings Toxic Attraction along for back up…they enter a rundown mansion, because of course they do…they split up because why wouldn’t they…Alba picks off Jacy first…then Gigi…Mandy puts up a fight but eventually Alba lugs Mandy’s carcass to the car & drives off with her…leaving Toxic Attraction behind.

(2)  Apollo Crews def. Grayson Waller…in a CASKET MATCH…Waller is seated on the top buckle & Crews is fighting from the apron’s edge…Waller shoves Crews off the apron & Crews crashes through the lid of the casket…Waller argues with the ref, assuming he’s won…LIGHTS OUT…when the lights come back up Crews is no longer in the casket…Crews leads a group of Druids down the aisle with a second (much larger) casket…they fight along the apron’s edge again…Crews uses a 1-arm Spinebuster to slam Waller into the casket & closes the lid for the win (12:58).

*Andre Chase is leading a class on the history of Halloween Havoc…transfer student Duke Hudson sits in on the class…Bodhi hates transfer students…stay tuned for this to probably lead to Duke vs. Bodhi on Tues.

*Pretty Deadly backstage with McKenzie…they’re the best tag team in NXT…Katana Chance & Kayden Carter interrupt, they beg to differ…both teams defend their titles on Tuesday.

(3)  Roxanne Perez def. Cora Jade…in a WEAPONS WILD MATCH…Cora heads through the crowd & Roxy chases her to the riser platform…Cora removes a section of the railing & the two eventually fall from the riser & through a table…they fight back to the ring…Cora tries for a DDT into a pile of chairs but Roxy reverses into a backdrop of Cora onto the chairs…Roxy follows with Pop Rox into the chairs for the win (12:36)

*DEADL1NE Premium Live Event is announced for December 10th.

*Shotzi to the ring…Quincy Elliott joins her…Lash Legend interrupts, says she should have been the host…Shotzi drops Lash with a DDT.

*Schism have tried to bring peace…now they will deliver their message by force…on Tuesday their 4th member will be revealed…what happens next is our fault.

(4)  Julius Creed def. Damon Kemp…in an AMBULANCE MATCH…both men find themselves in the ambulance at some point, but fight out before the 2nd door is closed…Julius find himself in the ambulance a 2nd time & saves the match by allowing Kemp to slam the door on his fingers 3 times…Julius goes into beast mode & wears Kemp out at ringside with the same chair Kemp used to beat Brutus down weeks ago…Julius slings Kemp over his shoulder & marches him back to the ambulance once again, this time tossing him well into the ambulance & closes both doors for the win (14:10)…AFTER…Brutus Creed & Ivy Nile celebrate in the ring with Julius.

*Alba Fyre arrives back to the Performance Center in Mandy’s SUV just as the ambulance pulls out…Fyre & Mandy Rose fight to the ring & we’re not wasting time with introductions…

(5)  Mandy Rose def. Alba Fyre…retains her NXT Women’s Championship…Fyre hits a Swanton & it looks to be over but Toxic Attraction pull the ref out & drop him…Fyre with the Gory Bomb but there’s no one to count…Fyre rolls out to get the ref & gets attacked by Toxic Attraction…they roll Fyre back in…Mandy connects with Kissed By the Rose for the win (07:07).

*Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark backstage with McKenzie…they both get their shot at a 1st title on Tuesday…Edris Enofe & Malik Blade interrupt…their ready for tag gold, too.

(6)  Bron Breakker def. JD McDonagh & Ilja Dragunov…in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH to retain his NXT Championship…Dragunov cuts off a Breakker Spear with a running knee…Dragunov with a top buckle senton on Breakker…Dragunov delivers Torpedo Moscow to Breakker…1…2…McDonagh slides in to catch the ref’s hand before 3…Dragunov & McDonagh battle on the floor with Dragunov getting the better of it…back inside Dragunov gets the upper hand on Breakker & sets up for Torpedo Moscow again…Breakker cuts him off with a Spear for the win (23:48).


NXT PREVIEW – Oct. 25, 2022

+ Pretty Deadly (c) vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade – NXT Tag Team Championship

+ Katana Chance & Kayden Carter (c) vs. Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark – for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

+ Schism unveil their newest member

+ Shotzi vs. Lash Legend




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