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Raw – Oct 24

Raw – Oct 24

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Raw Results

*Live from Charlotte, NC

*The Judgment Day to the ring…everyone’s shares praise for Dominik after his win over AJ…Dom gets the mic…The OC interrupt, because someone has to shut Dom up.

(1)  Finn Balor def. Karl Anderson…after a superplex by Anderson, Dominik Mysterio is up on the apron to distract the ref…AJ Styles pulls Dom down…Damian Priest runs AJ into the ring steps…Luke Gallows drops Priest with a Big Boot…Rhea Ripley runs Gallows into the ringpost, then scoops slams him to the floor…Dom distracts the ref again, this time allowing Rhea to slide in & deliver a low blow uppercut to Anderson…Balor simply hooks a leg for the win (18:30).

*Miz approaches Johnny Gargano backstage…Miz wants to know what Johnny thinks he knows…Miz insists he’s done no wrong & heads to the ring to explain…Miz claims Dexter Lumis is torturing him because Miz chose to “mentor” Ciampa instead of Lumis…Gargano interrupts, calls Miz on his BS…R-Truth interrupts, Miz said he wanted to “tell the truth”…so here he is…Miz takes a swipe at Carolina comfort food & dems fightin’ words for Truth…

(2)  R-Truth def. Miz…Miz is distracted by a hooded figure in the audience that he fears is Dexter Lumis, allowing Truth to hit a Schoolboy for the Roll Up win (02:47)…AFTER…the hooded figure is revealed to be Johnny Gargano.

*Candice LeRae sits down with Cathy Kelley…Bayley, Dakota Kai, & Iyo Sky interrupt…Bayley knocks over the camera & Damage CTRL attack Candice.

*Elias runs into Matt Riddle backstage…Elias is willing to let Riddle’s interruption last week slide, but never again…Alpha Academy interrupt…Elias doesn’t like being interrupted, challenges Chad to meet him in the ring.

*Seth Rollins makes his way to ringside in an outfit he clearly swiped from Becky’s closet & joins the announce desk just before the opening bell for…

(3)  Austin Theory def. Mustafa Ali…Ali climbs for the 450, but gets distracted by Seth Rollins leaving commentary to jump on the apron…Theory grabs Ali off the buckle into a fireman’s carry & hits A-Town Down for the win (12:34)…AFTER…Rollins into the ring…tosses Ali out of the ring…then into the timekeeper’s area…Ali catches up to Rollins in front of the ‘tron & bounces him off the LED boards before referees separate the two.

*Johnny Gargano approached by Miz backstage…Johnny doesn’t have time for Miz after watching Candice get attacked…then runs into JBL & Baron Corbin…big surprise, JBL is a dick…words are exchanged…Johnny & Corbin will fight about it later.

(4)  Omos def. (In Action) x4…Omos destroys everyone, stacks 2 victims & steps on the chest of one of them to get the 3 count & the win (01:41).

(5)  Elias def. Chad Gable…Chad tosses Elias to the floor…Elias avoids a charge by Otis, sending Otis into the ringpost…Elias back in, hits a Big Boot & follows with Draft Away for the win (10:13)…AFTER…Otis attack Elias…it’s a 2-on-1 until Matt Riddle races down for the save.

*The OC in the trainer’s room…Anderson is icing his nuts…AJ says Rhea is the problem…Gallows says he’s great with women & heads out to talk to Rhea Ripley…after the commercial, Gallows limps back in…he borrows the ice bag from Anderson because now he needs to ice his nuts as well.

*JBL to the ring…cheap heel heat for Charlotte…introduces his protégé Baron Corbin.

(6)  Baron Corbin def. Johnny Gargano…while fighting on the floor Gargano steals JBL’s cowboy hat from the announce table…moments later JBL sweeps Gargano’s feet out from under him on the apron’s edge…Corbin delivers End of Days for the win (15:56).

*Bianca Belair backstage with Cathy Kelley…beating Bayley tonight puts an end to this feud…Bianca won’t stop until Bayley is left with “absolutely nothing.”

*Miz approaches Johnny Gargano backstage with a Get Well card for Candice…Miz wants to put their issues behind them…Johnny says if Miz doesn’t come clean by next week, he will tell all.

*Brock Lesnar & Bobby Lashley video package.

(7)  Bayley def. Bianca Belair…NON-TITLE…around the 23 minute mark, Bianca & Bayley are fighting on the floor…Bayley is rolled back in & turns the ref to distract as Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky attack Bianca & roll her back in…the ref turns at the last second & sees them rolling Bianca in, so he hops to the floor to admonish Kai & Sky…Nikki Cross hits a high cross body from the top buckle to the floor & wipes out Kai & Sky and the ref…back inside, Bianca hits the KOD but there’s no ref…Nikki slides in & hits Bianca with a Spinning Fisherman’s Neckbreaker…Bayley crawls into a cover as a 2nd ref races down to make the 3 count for the Bayley win (24:26)…AFTER…Nikki attacks Bayley, too, as the show…welcome back, Crazy Nikki!


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