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NXT – Jan 17

NXT – Jan 17

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NXT Results

*LIVE from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

(1)  Axiom & Apollo Crews def. Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams…Axiom takes out Trick at ringside…Melo comes off the top buckle but Apollo avoids the big shot…Melo tries to roll under but Apollo holds both legs & sits back into a Roll Up for the win (10:39).

*Tony D’Angelo takes Stacks for a walk along the bridge…Stacks thinks he might be getting whacked…but instead Tony promotes him from soldier to Underboss.

*Tiffany Stratton backstage with McKenzie…the locker room doesn’t like that Tiff puts herself above everyone else…most notably Indi Hartwell, who locked Tiff out of her private dressing room…Stratton still believes she’s the only superstar in the women’s division.

*Toxic Attraction to the ring to gloat about winning the Battle Royal…Lyra Valkyria interrupts, says if it wasn’t for Cora Jade’s cheating, she (Lyra) would have won…Toxic Attraction attacks…Roxanne Perez down for the save & Toxic Attraction bails.

*Julius & Brutus Creed argue over who gets the next shot at Jinder…Ivy Nile has to play mommy again, set them straight, & get them back to training.

*Stevie Turner gives her reaction to last week’s Battle Royal…of course if she was there, she would have won…because she’s always 2 levels above & 2 steps ahead.

(2)  Sol Ruca def. Alba Fyre…Fyre is in control when Isla Dawn shows up on the riser & distracts her…that opens the door for Ruca to hit the Sol Snatcher for the win (03:16).

*Dijak promo…Tony D. & Stacks learned Hard Justice…Wes Lee & the North American title are next on his list at Vengeance Day.

*Grayson Waller sits down with Vic Joseph…the only reason he’s not champion is the one thing that was out of his control…so he bought himself a championship belt to hang onto until he gets to Charlotte & takes the real one.

*Alba Fyre is bullying a ref backstage when Katana Chance & Kayden Carter approach & try to talk some sense into her…Alba decides maybe she should go after the tag titles all by herself.

(3)  Gallus def. Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen…Gallus takes the fight to the floor & peels up a section of the protective mat…it backfires when Brooks counters Mark’s attempt to suplex him onto the exposed concrete with a suplex of his own…later, though, Jensen (who has been selling a back injury all match long) get backdropped onto the concrete & taken out of the match…Fallon Henley & ringside doctors attend to him…Kiana James rushes out to check on him as well…back inside, Briggs is left alone & takes the head kick/powerslam combo…Wolfgang covers for the win (12:14).

*Duke Hudson is watching Thea Hail warm up for her match when Andre Chase interrupts with hidden cam footage of Duke talking trash behind Andre’s back…Thea begs them to drop it so she can concentrate on her match.

*Fallon Henley storms into the trainer’s room to ask what the heck Kiana James was doing at ringside…Brooks Jensen says she likes him, he likes her, & Fallon is going to have to live with it…Henley says Kiana is using him & she won’t be there to help him when Kiana breaks his heart.

(4)  Thea Hail def. Valentina FerrozElektra Lopez makes her way to ringside & passes Valentina a set of brass knuckles…Valentina wants nothing to do with this & hands them to the ref…Hail grabs a cravat & deliver Blunt Force Trauma for the win (03:26).

*Apollo Crews approaches Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams as they leave the building, to bust their chops about losing the tag match tonight.

*Vic Joseph announces the death of Jay Briscoe & extends condolences to his friends & family.

*Elektra Lopez approaches Valentina Ferroz to ask why she didn’t except her help…Ferroz says she doesn’t cheat…Lopez tells her to stop sulking over Sanga…to get what you want you have to stand on your own & do whatever it takes.

*New Day to the ring…they’re done with Pretty Deadly…they’ll face Gallus at Vengeance Day…Pretty Deadly interrupt, say they’re the rightful #1 contenders…Gallus out, tell Pretty Deadly they don’t deserve a shot at those titles…Pretty Deadly throw hands & it’s a brawl…refs & agents out to separate everyone as we cut to backstage.

*Roxanne Perez & Lyra Valkyria backstage with McKenzie…Javier Bernal interrupts to plug his Christmas album again, but no one wants to hear him sing “Feliz Javy-dad.”

*Bron Breakker sits down w/ Vic Joseph…he wasn’t happy with the way the match ended…but all doubts will be answered at Vengeance Day inside the steel cage.

*Javier Bernal to the ring with his guitar…thankfully, Tyler Bate makes his return at the perfect moment.

(5)  Tyler Bate def. Javier Bernal…Bate hits the springboard discus lariat & follows with an attempted Tyler Driver…Bernal blocks the 1st attempt but can’t block the 2nd as Bate connects on a “bowling shoe ugly” Tyler Driver for the win (03:51).

*Fallon Henley approaches Brooks Jensen backstage to apologize, she just wants what’s best for him…she knows Kiana is important to Jensen so she asked for a match with Kiana as her tag partner to begin to make things right.

(6)  Roxanne Perez & Lyra Valkyria def. Toxic Attraction…around the 5 minute mark, Cora Jade shoves Valkyria off the top buckle…Valkyria chases Cora backstage…Roxy is set up for the hi/lo by Toxic but moves out of the way & Jacy boots Gigi right in the face…Roxy takes Jacy out with a side Russian Leg Sweep & hits Pop Rox on Gigi for the win (06:48)…AFTER…the show ends with the Toxic ladies arguing as Roxy heads up the aisle with her title.


NXT PREVIEW – Jan. 24, 2023

+ Katana Chance & Kayden Carter (c) vs. Alba Fyre – for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

+ Tiffany Stratton vs. Indi Hartwell

+ Elektra Lopez vs. Wendy Choo

+ Fallon Henley & Kiana James in tag team action

+ Thea Hail Award Ceremony

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