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AEW Dynamite – Jan 18

AEW Dynamite – Jan 18

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Dynamite Results

*Live from Fresno, CA.

(1)  Orange Cassidy def. Jay Lethal…retains his All-Atlantic Championship…although banned from ringside under threat of Dutt being fired for interfering…Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh, & Sonjay Dutt make their way to seats in the front row of the audience…moments later, Best Friends make their way to seats right behind Dutt & company…as the fight spills to the floor, Jarrett tries to pass his guitar to Lethal but Danhausen intercepts & runs off with it…Lethal chases him around & into the ring…Cassidy with the Orange Punch to Lethal for the win (09:07)…AFTER…Singh into the ring…goozles both the Best Friends but Dutt backs him down to save his job…Jarrett looks to blast Cassidy with the guitar, but Dutt grabs it & again saves his own ass.

(2)  Top Flight def. Young Bucks…Bucks miss a BTE-Trigger on Darius & slam their knees together…Nick rolls out in pain, but Darius grabs Matt’s legs & uses a modified Roll Up for the win (12:11).

*The Gunns to the ring…the Acclaimed interrupt & brawl is on…Billy Gunn pulls them apart, says next week they need to work things out with two words…family therapy.

*Hangman Adam Page backstage with Renee…Mox both despises & cherishes Hangman according to Renee…

Hangman says he needs to “mend some fences” as he moves on.

(3)  Ricky Starks def. Jake Hager…Starks dispatches Angelo Parker & Matt Menard from the apron & delivers a Spear to Hager for the win (06:22)…AFTER…Starks heads out through the crowd to avoid the rest of the Jericho Appreciation Society.

*Adam Cole says the LA fans made his surprise return very special.

*Jericho Apprecation Society backstage with Schiavone…Chris Jericho is pissed that Starks keeps beating the JAS so next week that ends when Starks & Andretti face Le Sex Gods in tag action…Daniel Garcia says he wants in…Sammy Guevara says if Garcia beats Andretti 1-on-1 on Rampage, he can take his spot in the tag match.

(4)  Bryan Danielson def. Bandido…Danielson kicks out of a second 21-Plex…Danielson connects with the Busaiku Knee (finally got that right) for the win (17:54).

*MJF interrupts Bryan Danielson’s post-match celebration via the ‘tron…he feels underappreciated by the fans…Danielson has only dealt with “masked MJF” but as Revolution grows closer the mask slips…and not even the Dragon can deal with the monster behind the mask.

*Saraya is pissed at Hikaru Shida for the “stupid move” to throw her kendo stick into the ring last week…Toni Störm says it’s not Shida’s fault…the issue is “these homegrown AEW women” who have existed in a bubble & don’t know anything else…Toni plans to show Willow tonight why they (outsiders) are the best…Saraya orders Shida to stay backstage.

*Brian Cage & Prince Nana backstage with Renee…Cage faces Danielson next week…MJF interrupts, offers an envelope full of money for Cage to break Danielson’s arm…Cage thinks about choking MJF until his head pops off, but in the end takes the money.

(5)  Toni Störm def. Willow Nightingale…within 2 minutes, Hikaru Shida makes her way to ringside with her kendo stick…Saraya jumps up on the apron & the distraction of Willow allows Toni to use a Schoolgirl Roll Up & handful of tights for the win (07:27)…AFTER…Saraya & Toni attack Willow…Ruby Soho races down & chases Toni & Saraya out of the ring.

*Konosuke Takeshita backstage with Renee…he loved wrestling Bryan Danielson, his hero…but he doesn’t trust MJF…calls him an asshole.

(6)  Darby Allin def. Kushida…retains his TNT Championship…Kushida works the shoulder of Darby all match long before sinking in the Hoverboard Lock…Darby escapes & transitions into the Last Supper for the Roll Up win (13:44)…AFTER…a show of respect between Darby & Kushida as the show ends.



+ Ethan Page vs. Jungle Jack Perry

+ Daniel Garcia vs. Action Andretti

+ Brian Cage vs. Willie Mack

+ Jade Cargill & Leila Grey in tag action

+ We’ll hear from Eddie Kingston



+ Bryan Danielson vs. Brian Cage

+ Chris Jericho & Daniel Garcia vs. Ricky Starks & Action Andretti

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