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NXT – Jan 3

NXT – Jan 3

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NXT Results

*Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

(1)  Carmelo Hayes def. Apollo Crews…a distraction by Trick Williams allows Melo to injure & then start targeting Apollo’s knee…later Apollo fights off more interference by Trick & takes control…German Suplex, Gorilla Press/Drop…Apollo attempts a standing Moonsault but Melo rolls out of the way & Apollo lands on his injured knee…Melo with a Code Breaker…follows with the Sicilian Slice for the win (15:38)…AFTER…as Trick & Melo celebrate, Axiom takes them both out with a top buckle high cross body…Trick & Melo roll to the floor but not out of harm’s way as Axiom follows with a springboard Moonsault Plancha to the floor & wipes them out again as we go to break…

(2)  Axiom def. Trick Williams…Trick with an enziguri from his back & follows with a swinging neckbreaker that gets a 2 count…Trick attempts a spinning strike but meets a stiff right hand from Axiom that drops him…as he struggles to his feet Axiom delivers the Golden Ratio for the win (>03:19…match started during commercial break)…AFTER…Carmelo Hayes in to gang up on Axiom 2-on-1 until Apollo Crews races down for the save…Trick & Melo scatter.

*New Day are still hazing Pretty Deadly backstage when Schism approaches…words & jokes are exchanged & it leads to Kofi challenging Gacy to face him tonight.

*Dijack is torturing Stacks for disrespectfully walking into his locker room 2 weeks ago…Stacks challenges Dijack to uncuff him & face him in the ring…Dijack leaves the key & walks off.

*Andre Chase is not pleased to find his students working out with Drew Gulak…even though Charlie Dempsey is injured & won’t be around to put them through the paces as he warned last week…Gulak calls the Chase U. students “soft”…Duke Hudson takes offense & gets in Gulak’s face…Hank Walker gets between them…Andre orders his students out of the ring.

(3)  Dijack def. Stacks…Dijak gets Stacks up in the rack, delivers the Go To Hell for the win (03:44)…AFTER…Dijack gets Stacks up again…Tony D’Angelo pulls Stacks down & clotheslines Dijack out of the ring…Tony challenges Dijack to face him at New Year’s Evil…Dijack is all too happy to accept.

*Oro Mensah backstage with McKenzie…Javier Bernal interrupts to plug his Christmas album…Mensah promises Javy won’t have much of a singing voice when he’s done with him in the ring tonight.

*Toxic Attraction to the ring…they have only one target & it’s Roxy…Indi Hartwell interrupts, she wants to be the new blood at the top of the women’s division…Cora Jade comes through the bleachers…Nikkita LyonsZoey StarksWendy Choo…before long the whole women’s division is brawling…Roxanne Perez appears on the riser to announce that New Year’s Evil will feature a 20-woman Battle Royal & the winner gets to be Roxy’s 1st title defense…at Vengeance Day.

*Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn paired off during the melee & fight to the back…their very physical & extreme brawl continues for more than 10 minutes before they fight their way back to the ring & the bell sounds to start their match…

(4)  Alba Fyre def. Isla Dawn…in an EXTREME RESOLUTION MATCH…Dawn is laid out on a table at ringside…Fyre with a (glancing) Swan-ton from the top buckle to the floor, but the table doesn’t break…Fyre gets Dawn up for a Gory Bomb & puts her through the table…Fyre rolls Dawn back in & hooks a leg for the win (09:54).

*Grayson Waller backstage with McKenzie…he’s confident to be in the ring with Bron Breakker tonight because his mind games have worked perfectly & after tonight’s Grayson Waller Effect, New Year’s Evil will be a “cake-walk.”

*Indus Sher & Creed Brothers video package…beating the Creeds will earn Indus Sher the respect they feel they deserve.

(5)  Oro Mensah def. Javier Bernal…Javy attacks Oro during his entrance…Oro delivers the running, Spinning Heel Kick in the corner for the win (03:49).

*Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, & Fallon Henley are celebrating Henley’s win last week & making big plans for 2023 when Kiana James approaches…she’s not here to fight & genuinely congratulates Henley on her win…then tells Jensen to text her later.

*@NXT_Anonymous (twitter account, female voice) airs video she took through the blinds of the trainer’s room of Katana Chance & Kayden Carter talking to a member of the medical staff…she says, “everyone has secrets, what’s yours?”

(6)  Drew Gulak def. Andre Chase…with Charlie Dempsey watching from a backstage monitor with one arm in a sling…Gulak sinks in the Gu-Lock for the submission win (04:28)…and doesn’t release very quickly after the tap.

*Wes Lee backstage with McKenzie…he knows Tony D’Angelo & Dijack want a shot as his title, but he’s looking forward to watching them beat the hell out of each other next week.

(7)  Kofi Kingston def. Joe Gacy…Kofi takes out the Dyad with a tope con giro to the floor…back inside, Kofi delivers Trouble in Paradise to Gacy for the win (05:24).

*Hank Walker points out backstage that Drew Gulak might have held that submission a little longer than he should have…Charlie Dempsey interrupts, says that injured or not, “it’s on” for next week…Gulak says Walker rip that injured arm out of the socket next week.

*Pretty Deadly are tired of the hazing & the lists…next week they will earn a title shot by running a 3 team gauntlet to become #1 contenders…New Day agree.

*Countdown to the New Year vignette…she’s a little late, but we’ll find out who this blonde is next week.

*Grayson Waller to the ring for the Grayson Waller Effect…Bron Breakker joins him…Grayson tries to piss Breakker off…but it doesn’t work until he accuses him of ripping off his father’s gimmick…Breakker drops Waller with a right hand…delivers the Gorilla Press Powerslam…Waller rolls out to the floor…Breakker with a tope con giro to wipe out Waller as the show ends.


NXT NEW YEAR’S EVIL PREVIEW – Tue. Jan. 10, 2023

+ Bron Breakker (c) vs. Grayson Waller – for the NXT Championship

+ 20-Woman Battle Royal for the #1 Contender to the NXT Women’s Championship

+ Creed Brothers vs. Indus Sher

+ Tony D’Angelo vs. Dijack

+ Charlie Dempsey vs. Hank Walker

+ Pretty Deadly run the gauntlet to try to become #1 contenders to the tag titles

+ Countdown to the New Year


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