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Raw – Jan 2

Raw – Jan 2

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Raw Results

*Live from Nashville, TN

*The Bloodline (minus Roman) open the show by tearing apart the ringside area…Kevin Owens out…Sami Zayn tells KO that this hostile takeover is all his fault…Adam Pearce out, says “we’re not doing this” in the new year & asks Security to remove the Bloodline from the building…Owens makes his way to the ring & quickly finds himself 1-on-4…Pearce calls for back up from the locker room & gets it…the Bloodline escapes through the crowd…Pearce says they’re not getting off that easily…each of them will be in a match tonight.

*Bianca Belair backstage with Byron Saxton…she’s no victim of Alexa Bliss & she’ll prove it tonight.

(1)  Bianca Belair def. Alexa Bliss by DISQUALIFICATION…retains her Raw Women’s Championship…around the 16 minute mark the fight goes to the floor & Alexa is distracted by someone in the front row in an Uncle Howdy mask…she shakes it off & takes Bianca back inside & sees another Uncle Howdy in the front row on the other side of the ring…Alexa loses her shit & attacks the referee, causing the DQ…though no one ever calls for the bell (17:25)…AFTER…Alexa attacks Bianca, running her into the ring steps & causing the top half to separate, then delivering a DDT onto the bottom half…Alexa appears to be done & heads for the aisle, but doubles back to deliver another DT onto the steps & leaves Bianca with a bloody mouth.

*Austin Theory backstage with Cathy Kelley…2022 was his year & 2023 will be, too…he’s no longer the future, he’s “the now” & his “forever reign” is just beginning.

(2)  Solo Sikoa def. Elias…in a MUSIC CITY STREET FIGHT…after plenty of musically-themed plunder is ruined in the effort, Hardy (apparently a musician & not one of the brothers) hops the barricade to blasts Sikoa across the back with a guitar…it has no effect but to piss Sikoa off further, so Hardy takes his chubby upper torso & embarrassing skinny-jeans-wearing ass out of the ring as fast as he can & escapes with his life…Elias tries to come off the top buckle with a remnant of the broken guitar but runs into a Somoan Spike…Sikoa takes him to the apron’s edge & hits the Spinning Solo onto a baby grand piano, collapsing it to the floor & pinning Elias on top for the win (15:42).

(3)  Sami Zayn & Usos def. Kevin Owens & Street Profits…Ford rolls Sami back in after taking out everyone at ringside with a tope con giro to the floor…Jimmy distracts Ford for a couple seconds, opening the door for Sami to deliver the Helluva Kick for the win (13:20)…AFTER…the Bloodline, including Solo Sikoa, gang up on Owens until Sheamus & Drew McIntyre come through the crowd to clear the ring & make the save.

*AJ Styles medical update…he will be away from the ring for a while, healing a broken ankle.

(4)  Dexter Lumis def. Chad Gable…after avoiding a charge by Otis on the outside, Lumis rolls back in, but falls victim to a perfect La Magistral Cradle by Gable…Lumis hooks Gable’s head & kicks his weight over to reverse the Roll Up for the win (04:10).

*Cody Rhodes video package…he came back for a 2nd chance to live the 1st dream he ever had…to become a world champion.

*Bayley & Damage CTRL to the ring…cheap local heat…“Trashville”…Bayley brags about beating Becky all by herself…Becky Lynch out, calls Bayley a coward & a fraud…their beef started in Nashville at SummerSlam, so Becky says they should end it here tonight…Bayley balks but says Becky can find a friend & face the tag champs…Becky is fine with facing them 2-on-1.

(5)  Damage CTRL def. Becky Lynch (& Mia Yim)…in a 2-on-1 HANDICAP MATCH (to start)…around the 5 minute mark Mia Yim to the ring & joins Becky’s corner…she’s quickly tagged in…Yim spikes Dakota coming back between the ropes with a leg-scissor DDT & goes for the cover but Bayley puts Dakota’s foot on the rope to break the count…Becky attacks Bayley on the floor…Yim misses a blind tag by Sky & delivers Eat Defeat to Dakota, but leaves herself in perfect position for Shy to hit the Over the Moonsault for the win (14:03).

*Seth Rollins backstage with Cathy Kelley…the Bloodline may be trying to take over his show & Theory might be trying to take his spot…but Monday Nights belong to Seth Freakin’ Rollins.

*Alexa Bliss backstage with Byron Saxton…says that now Bianca knows the only threat she has to worry about is her.

*Dominik Mysterio digital exclusive…says he served hard time & survived…prison changes a man…sweet Jesus, I think he has a tiny tear-drop tattoo drawn on his cheek…this is utterly ridiculous…but hilarious.

(6)  Austin Theory def. Seth Rollins…retains his United States Championship…Rollins starts selling a knee injury early…around the 22 minute mark Theory tries to grab his title & leave through the crowd but Rollins chases him down “on one good leg” & drags him back to the ring…the ref takes a bump…Rollins hits the Pedigree & a 2nd ref races down to make the count but Theory is out at 2…Rollins attempts a Stomp but Theory is out of the way & pushes Rollins almost into the ref…as the ref cowers in the corner from coming a life-threatening 2 feet from contact, Theory delivers a low blow uppercut & follows with A-Town Down for the win (24:42).


WWE RAW PREVIEW – Jan. 9, 2023 – Birmingham, AL

+ no matches announced


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