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NXT UK – April 14

NXT UK – April 14

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NXT UK Results

*Emanating from BT Sport Studios in Stratford, London.

(1)  Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz defeat Mark & Joe Coffey…miscommunication when Joe tags himself in blind leads to Starz hitting a Powerbomb for the win (08:32)…AFTER…pushing & shoving between the brothers brings Wolfgang out to calm things down, but the Gallus Boys bicker all the way backstage.

*Dragunov/Strong video package…cut to footage of Dragunov backstage right after the match, crossing paths with Strong…Strong tells Dragunov he’s special, but they will meet again…Jordan Devlin interrupts to continue to play mind games with Dragunov.

*Sam Gradwell/Kenny Williams video hype package for their upcoming “Back Alley Brawl” match.

*Meiko Satomura in the ring…she calls out Isla, demanding Dawn return her title…Isla Dawn out…Dawn agrees to “temporarily” return the title if she gets a rematch under her “chaotic” rules…Meiko accepts & Dawn spits black mist in the champ’s face.

*Amale interview backstage…she’ll be watching Eliza Alexander’s debut & promises to show both Alexander & Xia Brookside just how angry they’ve made her.

*Mark Andrews & Wild Boar backstage promo…they’ve been friends for 15 years & Andrews (with his SubCulture branded steel chair) intends to help Boar level the playing field against Eddie Dennis.

(2)  Eliza Alexander defeats Angel Hayze…Alexander drops Hayze with a big lariat & follows with a Drive By Knee to the face for the win (04:12)…AFTER…Alexander celebrates with Xia Brookside.

*Emilia McKenze backstage interview…her hard work training under Meiko is paying off…Stevie Turner interrupts to tell McKenzie that Meiko chose to train her because she doesn’t see McKenzie as a threat.

*Mustache Moutain/Carter & Smith video package…2 out of 3 falls match coming next week.

(3)  Teoman defeats A-Kid…distraction on the floor from Raja & Dempsey allows Teoman to backdrop A-Kid on the apron’s edge…Teoman rolls A-Kid back in & delivers the Evil Eye for the win (11:25).


NXT UK PREVIEW – April 21, 2022

+ Sam Gradwell vs Kenny Williams – in a Back Alley Brawl

+ Mustache Mountain (c) vs. Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter – in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship


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