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NXT UK – April 7

NXT UK – April 7

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NXT UK Results

*Emanating from BT Sport Studios in Stratford, London.

(1)  Primate defeats Wild Boar…as T-Bone distracts the ref, Eddie Dennis nails Wild Boar with a steel chain…Primate crawls into the cover for the win (03:37)…AFTER…Symbiosis put a collar on Wild Boar & beat on him until Mark Andrews chases them off with a steel chair to make the save.

*Sam Gradwell is being interviewed in the PC when he finds maggots in his bag, presumably the work of Kenny Williams…Gradwell is off to find Kenny.

*Die Familie discuss their upcoming matches…Charlie Dempsey isn’t concerned with Wolfgang, as he’s already made him to tap out in the past…Teoman thinks A-Kid’s focus is elsewhere…Rohan Raja proposes a toast to the continued success of Die Familie.

*Jack Starz & Dave Mastiff briefly have words with the Coffey brothers in the weight room…no physicality comes of it.

(2)  Charlie Dempsey defeats Wolfgang…Wolfgang is distracted by the Eye of Teoman appearing on the ‘tron, then has to knock Rohan Raja off the apron…allowing Dempsey to grab Wolfgang & hit a Butterfly Suplex & bridge up for the pinfall win (07:19).

*Meiko Satomura invites Isla Dawn to the ring next week for a face-to-face conversation after Dawn stole the NXT UK Women’s Championship belt.

*Kenny Williams finds a note on his locker that reads “Keep guessing Cockroach, watch your back!!”

*Xia Brookside is very pleased with her victory over Amale, with some help from Daddy & her friend Eliza Alexander…next week Eliza makes her debut.

*Sid Scala has booked a 2-out-of-3 falls match between Mustache Mountain and Oliver Carter/Ashton Smith for the Tag Team Championship in 2 weeks…all competitors shake on the deal but the bickering is non-stop.

*Wolfgang finds Mark & Joe Coffey backstage…wonders where they were during his match?

(3)  Ilja Dragunov defeats Roderick Strong…retains his NXT UK Championship…Strong hits a jumping knee but misses his follow up, allowing Dragunov to hit Torpedo Moscow for the win (14:42).


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+ Teoman vs. A-Kid

+ Mark & Joe Coffey vs. Jack Starz & Dave Mastiff

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NXT UK PREVIEW – April 21, 2022

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