Minutes to Bell Time

NXT UK – January 6th

NXT UK – January 6th

NXT UK Results

Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter defeat Primate and Tyson T-Bone – 09:36

  • Smith and Carter used a doomsday cutter for the pinfall victory.

Pretty Deadly Interview

  • Sam Gradwell tells them that they don’t get what they want from being whining babies.

Ilja Dragunov Video Package

  • Builds for the match with Jordan Devlin.

Recap of A-Kid v. Nathan Frazer Match from 3 Weeks Ago

The Family Says They’re Going for Tag Team Gold

Xia Brookside defeats Myla Grace – 03:51

  • Brookside used Broken Wings for the pinfall victory.

A-Kid Video Package

Jack Starz and Dave Mastiff Promo

People React to Amale’s Video Package

  • Jinny says she’s pathetic and Stevie Turner says she has a point.
  • Amale freaks out on Turner.

Next Week

  • Walter’s Last Stand on NXT UK: Walter v. Nathan Frazer

Walter Promo

  • He says when the Ring General steps into the ring, he will come out victorious.

Meiko Satomura defeats Blair Davenport – 12:56

  • Meiko Satomura used a roll up to get the pinfall victory.
  • Blair attacked Meiko after the match to close the show. Blair says “I’ll see you very soon.”



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