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NXT UK – May 5

NXT UK – May 5

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NXT UK Results

*Emanating from BT Sport Studios in Stratford, London.

*Lash Legend arrives to the building & dismissively hands her bags to Emilia McKenzie as if she was “the help.”

*Supernova Sessions welcome Lash LegendNoam Dar presents Lash with pathetic looking flowers…Sha Samuels follows with a vibrant bouquet…Dar rolls a clip package he put together for Lash, much better than the flowers…Samuels runs down the odds on the visiting NXT stars, no one seems to have heard of Damon Kemp…Lash spits her contrived nonsense…end of.

*Sid Scala announces there will be two tag matches in the coming weeks, with the winners eventually facing Mustache Mountain in a triple threat for the tag titles…Von Wagner interrupts because he feels he’s more important than any announcement…Sam Gradwell interrupts, says he’s the only one who gets to mistreat Scala…Wagner tells Gradwell that he’ll find it’s Von Wagner’s world…he’s just living in it (really leaning into this catchphrase/cliché while on this little vacation).

*Damon Kemp runs into Sha Samuels backstage & isn’t pleased with the odds Samuels is giving him…Kemp tells Samuels to pay attention to his match tonight.

(1)  Tiger Turan defeats Tate Mayfairs…Turan lands a Swanton Bomb for the win (04:04).

*Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter cross paths with the Gallus Boys…they trade sarcastic words…they’ll see each other again soon.

*Drew McIntyre narrates the vignette to announce WWE CLASH AT THE CASTLE…Saturday, September 3rd at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales!

*Ivy Nile vignette…she makes her NXT UK debut next week…Nina Samuels is not impressed…she plans to personally welcome Ivy.

(2)  Damon Kemp defeats Danny Jones…Kemp uses a Powerslam for the win (04:16)…AFTER…Sha Samuels attacks & drops Kemp.

*Die Familie vignette…Dempsey looking forward to beating A-Kid once again…Raja says it’s time for he & Teoman to get involved in the tag title chase…the Eye sees continued success for Die Familie.

*Ilja Dragunov/Jordan Devlin video hype package.

(3)  Meiko Satomura defeats Isla Dawn…in a WORLD OF DARKNESS MATCH…retains her NXT UK Women’s Championship…Dawn uses Dani Luna’s hair from her “trophy box” to stretch & attempt to blind the champ…Dawn ties Meiko to the ringpost & whips/chokes her with a thick length of rope…Meiko starts her comeback with a kendo stick…Meiko escapes the set up for a half-nelson suplex into a pair of steel chairs…Meiko drops Dawn with a  Death Valley Driver onto one chair & uses the other to elevate for Scorpio Rising for the win (12:50).


NXT  UK PREVIEW – May 12, 2022 – SPECIAL 200th Episode!

+ Ilja Dragunov (c) vs. Jordan Devlin – NXT UK Championship Losers Leaves NXT UK Match

+ Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter vs. Gallus – Winner Advances to Tag Title Triple Threat

+ Ivy Nile vs. Nina Samuels


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