Minutes to Bell Time

October 15th and 22nd 205 Live

October 15th and 22nd 205 Live

205 Live Results

October 15th

Boa defeats Jeet Rama – 04:30

  • Boa used a roundhouse kick for the pinfall victory.

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen defeat Keagan Scott and Taylor Garland – 01:46

  • Briggs and Jensen used an assisted powerbomb for the pinfall victory.

Roderick Strong defeats Odyssey Jones – 08:57

  • Roderick Strong hit a leaping knee for the pinfall victory.

October 22nd

Amari Miller and Valentina Feroz defeat Yulisha Leon and Katrina Cortez – 03:46

  • Amari Miller used the Kansas City Knockout for the pinfall victory.

Duke Hudson defeats Malik Blade – 05:30

  • Hudson slammed Blade’s face in the mat and got the pinfall.

Xyon Quinn defeats Jeet Rama – 05:16

  • Quinn used the flying forearm for the pinfall victory.


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