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Pro Wrestling Quotes

Pro Wrestling Quotes

The Pro Wrestling Quotes featured on this page originated on the Minutes to Bell Time Instagram. This project started to provide inspiration during the COVID-19 pandemic when fans could not attend live shows.

June 1 – Matt Riddle

Today’s quote comes from Matt Riddle, and it reminds me of the idea that if you work hard enough at something. . . you can will it into existence. Good Luck to the King of Bros on Smackdown


I think this quote from Bayley really sums up human nature at it’s core. We don’t want to be bored and do the same thing day after day. We want to do different things, learn new things, and find enjoyment in our personal growth. I was pretty skeptical of Bayley’s heel turn at first, but I think she has done an outstanding job of entertaining me week after week

Deonna Purrazzo

Deonna Purrazzo recently departed WWE and debuted with a video package on Impact Wrestling this past Tuesday. I love this quote because it reminds me that even when people achieve their dreams, they have to remind themselves to bask in it. Remember to cherish the moments that you spend doing what you love. Whether that is with your career, friends, or family.

Xavier Woods

The New Day certainly has shown us what hard work and focus can do! When Woods said this in 2017, he probably didn’t have Kofi’s 2019 WWE Championship run on his radar. But when you “put all your efforts and resources” into a goal, dreams can come true. Inspired!

Piper Niven

The inspiring thing about this quote is that Piper helps us understand that sometimes putting yourself out there and showing your courage can empower somebody else. Share your wisdom and share your strength to give people “a wee bit more confidence to go about their day.”

Tessa Blanchard

What I really love about this quote from Tessa Blanchard is that it tells us if we can answer some basic questions about ourselves and what we want for ourselves, then we can start the work to achieve our goals. You can’t work toward a goal or a legacy until you decide what you want. Make a decision, make a goal, and work for it.

Aja Smith

Today’s Quote comes from WWE Referee Aja Smith who took to Twitter on February 8th to encourage others to keep fighting and don’t be afraid to bet on yourself. You might just end up on CNN one morning.

CM Punk

Punk said this in 2008, and it pretty much sums up life right? Figure out what you want to be when you grow up and then focus at being the best!

Mia Yim

A short and sweet quote from Mia Yim today. Mia Yim is an outspoken advocate for speaking out against domestic abuse. She says that victims are stronger than they think and as the quote says “Everyone is their own superhero.” Take control of your life and be your own superhero!

Triple H

This quote reminds me of the Kenny Omega quote from a couple of days ago. The basic idea is if you limit your goals and limit your ambitions, then you’ve created a ceiling for yourself that you can’t exceed. Be bold with your goals. Set them high!

May 18 – Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels commenting on what his 2014 self would say to the Shawn Michaels of the past when he was first starting out. It’s someting I hear a lot of wrestlers say: Just be yourself. Apparently, it’s something a lot of people need to hear. .

May 17 – Natalya

Becky Lynch’s announcement from last week caught us all off guard. Natalya reflected upon Becky’s announcement in her Calgary Sun column from May 15th. This quote from Nattie’s article reminds us that when you close a door, it doesn’t mean that something great isn’t right around the corner. I have always been and continue to be inspired by pro wrestling and the people that perform for us!

May 16 – Thunder Rosa

Today’s Pro Wreslting Quote comes from the NWA Women’s World Champion: Thunder Rosa. This came from a video that she uploaded to her You Tube channel. I encourage everyone to go watch it. Listen to the powerful words of Thunder Rosa as she explains what she has dealt with and continues to struggle with to be the Women’s World Champion. It’s an inspiring video. The quote reminds me to not judge people because we often don’t know their backstory. It’s also a reminder that people are judging me without knowing me. Without knowing about my life. I (we) can’t care too much about what other people think.

May 16 – Carmella

Carmella dishing some wisdom. Always good to remember. .

May 15 – Roman Reigns

Notice that he didn’t say “I do things for the haters.” That’s important. When you start changing what you do in order to please negative people, then you sacrifice yourself. Nobody would know that better than Roman Reigns.

May 14 – Iron Sheik

I typically look for a really inspirational quote to post, but there are times in our lives where a quote like this is all you really need. There are so many things going on that sometimes you just need be thankful for your health (if you can). “I happy” is also hysterical. .

May 13 – Kenny Omega

If you put a limit on yourself, that limit is all you will ever achieve. Don’t take it from me, take it from the Best Bout Machine!

May 12 – Daniel Bryan

Few things in this world come naturally. Don’t let other people tell you that you can’t achieve something you’re not naturally gifted at. Daniel Bryan cuts some of the best promos in wrestling today, so he has come a long way from where he started. You can too. Keep putting yourself out there and keep working!

May 11 – AJ Lee

You’ll never achieve a dream if you don’t wish it and then work it into existence. Dreams don’t come true without the work and without having the courage to try.

May 10 – Paige

? Be Yourself. Don’t be something you’re not. There isn’t a better model of that behavior. ?

May 9 – Becky Lynch

Believe it or not, this article was referencing Becky Lynch becoming the first ever Smackdown Women’s champion in 2016. Well before her current run as the Man. Sometimes the hardship really slow you down, but you have to keep moving forward.

May 8 – PCO

I have heard PCO’s story a few times now. I Was There in Baltimore when he won the ROH World Championship and realized his boyhood dream. To me, that was one of the most inspirational stores coming out of pro wrestling in 2019. PCO shows us that if you have a goal, you just need to keep working for it. Work through the setbacks, mistakes, and failures. Keep moving forward! Of course, I remember watching him 25 years ago in WWF, but to think the French Frankenstein is the same man as Pierre from the Quebecers is mind blowing.

May 7 – Matt Cardona (FKA Zack Ryder)

Today’s quote comes from Matt Cardona as spoken on an interview with Chris Van Vliet. It’s a little something that Matt does everyday to keep himself in a good place. If you’re having a hard time staying positive from day to day (especially during the pandemic), try taking this as a first step.

May 6 – Hangman Page

Going back to Hangman Page for the second time this week to get today’s inspirational pro wrestling quotes. To me this is inspirational mainly because it tells the story of people challenging the status quo and doing some “Cowboy $hit.” Be that person!

May 5 – Nyla Rose

This quote comes from The AEW Women’s Wold Champion from about a year ago on the “Road To” Series. Through her personal example, Nyla Rose encourages you to be yourself. After all, who else could you be

May 4 – Hangman Page

As Adam Page says here, it is only the people bold enough to make change that actually succeed in doing so. Don’t limit that to just big worldly changes though. If you want to make a change in your life, it starts with having the courage within yourself to take the first step. Do some cowboy sh$$.

May 3 – Cody

When I hear this quote, I think of how important it is to not think too much of yourself. Never let your head get so big that you think you’re better than anyone else. A lot of people fall victim to this.

May 2 – Ernie Ladd

The Big Cat was a lover of dominoes and had this to say to Jim Ross when Ross was making excuses for losing at dominoes.

May 1 – Jon Moxley

Moxley said this on Dynamite last week. There is a lot of wisdom in this hysterical quote, so don’t just laugh it off. Just because we can’t see everyone we watn to see, don’t forge to call them.

April 30 – Shawn Spears

Shawn Spears said this prior to introducing Tully Blanchard as his manager. These are weird times, so use your head, be smart, stay safe, and stay healthy.

April 29 – Bret Hart

The second quote from Bret Hart. He gave these Hart Foundation rules to live by during their Hall of Fame Speech last April.

April 28 – The Undertaker

Sounds very Undertaker if you ask me.

April 27 – Jake ‘the Snake” Roberts

This is an inspirational quote to me because it shows the influence and power that one person can have on the life of another. Never underestimate what you can do for someone else by letting them know that you care.

April 26 – Downstait

This quote comes from Downstait’s Kingdom – Cody’s theme music. I focus in on “Hard Times Make Better Men” and “Can’t Take My Freedom.” I put this song on when I need a kick in the pants.

April 25 – Harley Race

While not necessarily an inspirational quote, I do love this. Harley’s cadence and the inflections of his voice are iconic, and you can’t read this quote without hearing it land on certain words. Also – I don’t work in the wrestling business, but I agree with Harley’s quote. There is no better spot on Earth than under those bright lights. When this pandemic is over, I can’t wait to sit under those bright lights as a fan to watch pro wrestling. RIP Harley (April 11, 1943 – August 1, 2019).

April 24 – John Morrison

Quotes like this one from John Morrison fuel my inspiration and remind me to constantly analyze whether what I’m doing is making me happy. If you can find a way to love what you do, go for it.

April 23, 2020 – Ron Simmons

Ron Simmons won the WCW World Championship in Baltimore. The victory made him the first African American WCW World Champion. He discussed the signifcance of the moment with JBL on the WWE Network’s show “Legends of JBL.”

April 22, 2020 – Dustin Rhodes

Tonight Dustin Rhodes puts his career on the line when he faces Kip Sabian in a TNT Championship Tournament Quarter Final match. When you read the quote and think about what he did with Goldust in 1995, it really was way before its time. In 2019, he went out and had the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Match of the Year at 50 years young. No matter how tonight goes, what an incredible inspiration!

April 21, 2020 – Darby Allin

This quote comes from the Road to Fyter Fest documentary where AEW was introducing Darby Allin to the world. I love the idea of not letting other people define who you are or who you grow to become. Be who you want to be.

April 20, 2020 – The Rock

When the Rock used these words for his Project Rock Under Armor line of clothing, the quote was being applied toward achieving results in the gym. Without question, it applies to everything we do. We won’t achieve anything without doing the work.

April 19, 2020 – Diamond Dallas Page

DDP says variations of this quote all the time. I read “Positively Unstoppable” last year and he gave me an enormous kick in the pants. As I pursue my own goals, I do find that positive reinforcement from my family and friends really propels me forward. Make sure you have people in your life that believe in you. When you believe in someone else, let them know. There is no greater gift in the world than the knowledge that someone believes in you.

April 18, 2020 – Kekoa “The Hawaiian Warrior”

Today’s quote comes from Kekoa “The Hawaiian Warrior.” You can watch the video at MCW Pro Wrestling’s You Tube Channel. I found Kekoa’s journey to be both courageous and inspiring. Give it a listen if you have time. The quote is something that we can all certainly relate to in these crazy times. P.S. – I took this photo at the MCW Anniversary Show. A great show from a great promotion.

April 17, 2020 – Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan made this statement the night after he won the World Championship at WrestleMania XXX. Think about this the next time you find yourself chanting “Yes!”

April 16, 2020 – Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy is posting short two minute videos every day on his you tube channel encouraging people to stay tough during the pandemic. This quote came from his video yesterday. While he wasn’t speaking exclusively about the WWE employment changes, he did reference them as an example of what has been going on in the world.

April 15, 2020 – Jim Ross

As the world continues to battle COVID-19, I look at this quote and draw inspiration from the fact that the pro wrestling community carries people through difficult times. That’s cool whether you consider pro wrestling essential or not. A lot of people say Jim Ross should stop. I’ll admit that I occassionally hear something that comes off as dated, but I believe the great far outweighs the bad. When I reach Jim’s age, I can only hope to be as productive a member of society.

April 14, 2020 – Macho Man Randy Savage

Some words to live by: “Take the standing 8 count, get back up, and fight again.”

April 13, 2020 – Chris Jericho

This quote changed my life. It sounds corny, but I literally called my wife right away and told her I needed to quit my job. She agreed, we made a plan, and I left. I am flying much higher now.

April 12, 2020 – Mark Henry

No matter your background, at some point in your life you probably felt out of place at a time when you should have been accepted. We don’t need that in 2020. Hear Mark’s words, let judgement slip away, and let’s all live as one.

April 11, 2020 – Nick Aldis

Last Summer, my friends came to visit. Their ten year old daugher presented me with a piece of art she created. It simply says, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out.” I remember thinking this girl has no idea the magnitude of wisdom in her words. This Nick Aldis quote is the result of someone living that motto. I can only hope that my 10 year old friend can have this confidence when she reaches adulthood.

April 10, 2020 – Shawn Bennett

Most people were probably focused on Drew McIntyre in this moment, but this was an amazing moment for Referee Shawn Bennett too. When the world goes back to normal (and even now), take a moment to notice the people in your sphere that are striving to achieve their career goals and aspirations. If you’re a manager or influencer of any kind, help anyone you can. It will most likely come back around. As for your own dream, as Shawn says, “Never stop until you reach them.”

April 9, 2020 – Terry Funk

While the comment is funny, I think the inspiration is in the fact that Mick made the best of a bad situation and gave the 300 people in attendance what I can only presume turned out to be a great show.

April 8, 2020 – Bret “Hitman” Hart

One of my earliest memories of Pro Wrestling was Bad News Brown turning on Bret Hart at the end of the WrestleMania IV battle royal. Bad News and the Hitman were the last two men in the ring, and they made some sort of agreement to share in the victory . . . until Bret turned his back. The next thing I knew Gorilla Monsoon was shouting “Boy did he do a Pearl Harbor Job on the Hitman.” Watching that clip today, it was an obvious setup, but as a small child . . . Bad News was pure evil. Bret Hart became one of the most beloved and successful wrestlers of my childhood years, and he left us with this wisdom as he joined the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2006.

April 7, 2020 – The New Day

There is the family you inherit and the family you choose. As we struggle through the pandemic, take care of and look for comfort in both. I’ve listened to a million New Day interviews over the years, and I do believe their relationship is genuine. Perhaps that’s why they’ve stayed together as a tag team in WWE for so long.

April 6, 2020 – Vince McMahon

Like him or hate him, nobody in the wrestling business knows the meaning of success and failure quite like Vince McMahon. After recieving an honorary doctorate from Sacred Heart University, Mr. McMahon included this quote in his remarks. Whether WrestleMania is considered a success or a failure, I’m happy to have Pro Wrestling in any form available during this pandemic.

April 5, 2020 – Drew McIntyre

I would imagine that many people find this relateable. All our lives have been interrupted by COVID-19. Major milestones like graduations, weddings, retirements, and career goals have been put on hold for people across the globe. Take this time to gain perspective on your place in the world. If you can give someone else a brief moment of joy in the darkness, it will be worth it to do so. Happy Sunday and Happy WrestleMania!

April 4, 2020 – Bryan Alvarez

Bryan Alvarez runs F4WOnline and is the author of two books: “Death of WCW” and “100 Things WWE Fans Should Know and Do.” His work and this line from 100 Things has inspired me to push Minutes to Bell Time as far as I can.

Since we can’t attend live Pro Wrestling during the biggest Pro Wrestling week of the year, I’m posting awesome and inspiring quotes from the Pro Wrestling world!

April 3, 2020 – Aubrey Edwards

Aubrey Edwards doesn’t have a speaking role on AEW Television, but she did an interview with Cody on the second episode of AEW Dark talking about how she went from Undesirable to Undeniable. She tells us to define our own success and not let anyone else do that. If you listen to the AEW Unrestricted podcast or follow her on social media, it’s clear she is having the time of her life. That’s a position everyone aspires to achieve.
WrestleMania week is here, and us wrestling fans can’t go to any live shows. I’m posting some inspiration from pro wrestling every day this week.

April 2, 2020 – John Cena

John Cena, the perennial good guy of WWE television for close to 20 years. I remember a conversation my wife and I had at a restaurant a few years ago. One of us (probably me) asked a random question: “If you could meet anyone, who would it be?” I’m sorry to say I can’t remember my wife’s answer, but I know I answered John Cena. He had just broken the record for most wishes granted for Make-A-Wish foundation, and I just felt like he had the best attitude. This quote comes from the December 14, 2009 edition of Monday Night Raw. The global pandemic will end someday, but right now our back is “against the wall.” History will judge us by how we act in this moment, so Never Give Up!

April 1, 2020 – Santana and Ortiz

This quote comes from the video package leading up to Santana and Ortiz’s match with the Young Bucks at Full Gear in Baltimore, NY. I think the message is on point. Being Proud Makes You Powerful!

March 31, 2020 – Ultimate Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior’s interview segments were difficult to understand. He would weave a story that most couldn’t even attempt to follow, but he always clearly conveyed his intensity. We might not know what he was talking about, but the energy left no doubt in our mind what he was feeling. This quote spoken just one day before his heart “beat its final breath” follows the same Ultimate Warrior pattern. We get the idea though. Since we can’t attend live Pro Wrestling during the biggest Pro Wrestling week of the year, I’m posting awesome and inspiring quotes from the Pro Wrestling world!

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March 30, 2020 – Diamond Dallas Page

Quote comes from DDP’s book Positively Unstoppable.

It is WrestleMania week, and we can’t go to any live shows. That’s a bummer, but I’m posting some postive quotes from Pro Wrestling every day this week to keep our spirits high! Through DDPY, Diamond Dallas Page has changed a lot of lives. If you haven’t experienced DDPY, it might be something to do during the downtime. I started doing DDPY last winter during the lengthy government shut down. On top of the enormous health benefit, I found that stretching out before a proper weight lifting session came a lot easier. I went from having a lot of tightness during lifts (especially on leg days) to being completely loose all the time. That’s just my simple story, but DDP has guided people through the journey of losing hundreds of pounds. What a great person to have as part of the Pro Wrestling Community. Feel the Bang!

Pro Wrestling Quotes from DDP

March 29, 2020 – Cody Rhodes

Quote from AEW Dynamite March 18th. The first AEW show to take place in an empty arena due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We can often look to the Rhodes family to eloquently tell us about “Hard Times.” As we come into the biggest Pro Wrestling week of the year, it is sad to know that 2020 is a mess. Obviously not just for pro wrestling, but for humanity as a whole. If you’re having a hard time this week, turn on some pro wrestling. The WWE Network has a ton of free content right now and so does You Tube. If you’re a subscriber of WWE Network, Honor Club, New Japan World, Impact Plus, or some other streaming service, then you have endless amounts of content right at your finger tips. Go back and watch your favorite match or find something new. I’ll post a pro wresting quote on Instagram every day this week

Pro Wrestling Quotes from Cody

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