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Raw – June 6

Raw – June 6

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Raw Results

*Live…FROM GREEEEN BAAAY WISCONSIIIIIIIIIN (you heard his voice in your head, right).

*Cody Rhodes to the ring…Universe gives him a “Thank You, Cody” chant…Seth Rollins to the ring, he still doesn’t like Cody but knows Dusty is very proud of his boy…offers a handshake of respect & leaves…Cody is scheduled for surgery Wed…he’s already thinking about Money in the Bank…Cody heads up the aisle & is attacked by Seth Rollins with a sledgehammer, grinding it into the injured pectoral area after ripping Cody’s shirt off…officials eventually get in between.

(1)  Becky Lynch vs. Dana Brooks ends in a NO CONTEST…when Tozawa & the 24/7 Division spill to ringside…Tozawa into the ring to escape, gets Rolled Up by Dana Brooke to become the NEW 24/7 Champion…Becky Lynch grabs a mic & shares her disgust…then demands that her match with Dana be restarted, now for the 24/7 title…and she warns the rest of the 24/7 division not to dare interfere.

(2)  Dana Brooke defeats Becky Lynch…retains her 24/7 Championship…after about a minute, Asuka’s music plays & as Becky stares daggers through Asuka on her way to the ring, Dana rolls her up…but Becky kicks at 2…Becky tries for the Manhandle Slam but Dana grabs a single leg takedown & flips into a jackknife cover…Asuka holds Becky’s leg down from outside to help Dana get the 3 count & the win (02:15).

*Miz & Maryse to the ring for MizTV…Riddle interrupts, he’s done with Roman’s minions & wants a shot at Roman Reigns & the Undisputed Universal Championship…somehow they wind up talking about the size of Miz’s balls…Maryse’s mouth writes a check for Miz to cash, in the form of a match with Riddle…Ciampa attacks Riddle from behind as we go to break…

(3)  Riddle defeats Miz…Miz tries to hit Riddle with the loaded purse while Maryse distracts the ref…Riddle ducks the purse & hits the RKO for the win (>02:22…match started during commercial).

(4)  Street Profits defeat Usos by COUNTOUT…in a CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENDERS’ MATCH…Jey & Ford fight to the outside…Ford dumps Jey over the barricade into the timekeeper’s area, then Ford just beats the 10 count for the win when Jey does not (16:29).

*Bobby Lashley to the ring…he’s done with MVP & moving on…Theory interrupts, unimpressed that Lashley needed help to win his match, unlike Theory who did it all by himself…Theory tells Lashley to get out of his ring…Lashley suggests they fight about it, perhaps for the United States Championship…Theory says Lashley doesn’t deserve a shot at his title…Lashley boots Theory through the ropes & tells him to “take a walk, kid.”

(5)  Veer Mahaan defeats Dominik Mysterio by DQ…Mahaan sets up for the Cervical Clutch when Rey Mysterio attacks to save Dom from the submission hold, causing the DQ (09:17).

*The Judgment Day to the ring…Edge explains how proud he is of Damian Priest & Rhea Ripley…introduces the newest member: Finn Balor…Priest says that with Edge’s help they’ve seen that they can remove all limitations…including Edge…all 3 turn on Edge…Priest puts Edge through the announce desk with a Razor’s Edge…Balor uses the steel bar from a folding chair to stretch Edge with a crossface…Priest delivers a con-CHAIR-to…Edge leaves on a stretcher.

(6)  Omos defeats Cedric Alexander…Omos delivers a Chokebomb for the win (00:13).

*Dirty Dawgs join Kevin Patrick on the Okerlund Stage…MVP interrupts because he feels the Dirty Dawgs stole attention from Omos’ post match celebration…Ziggler superkicks MVP off the stage, where he’s caught by Omos…Ziggler & Roode quickly scurry backstage.

(7)  Ezekiel defeats Otis…Ezekiel delivers a jumping knee, hits the ropes, ducks under a clothesline & counters with a Crucifix for the win (02:21).

*Ezekiel grabs a microphone & says he learned from his brother Elias that everyone deserves a second chance…so he wants a rematch with KO next week…Kevin Owens out, he’s feeling generous so he accepts…under one condition…Ezekiel must admit that he’s Elias…Ezekiel  admits to being Elias…Owens celebrates his moral victory…then Ezekiel says he took a page from the Kevin Owens playbook…he lied…Ezekiel hits a jumping knee & bails.

*Bianca Belair takes a seat near the remnants of the announce desk to watch…

(8)  Rhea Ripley defeats Liv Morgan, Alexa Blis, & Doudrop…in a FATAL 4-WAY #1 CONTENDER’S MATCH…Doudrop hits a Michinoku Driver on Liv but Rhea dropkicks Doudrop to break the count…Ripley hits the Riptide on Doudrop for the win (14:36)…AFTER…Damian Priest & Finn Balor join Ripley in the ring as she stares down Bianca Belair at ringside…they’ll meet at Money in the Bank for the Raw Women’s Championship.


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