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Raw – May 23

Raw – May 23

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Raw Results

*Live from Evansville, IN.

*Riddle to the ring…Randy’s back is injured…hats off to the Usos for their win, but Roman is a piece of trash for how it went down…Riddle will have his vengeance!

(1)  Riddle & Street Profits defeat Usos & Sami Zayn…the Usos walk off…Riddle hits an RKO on Sami for the win (12:36).

*Bobby Lashley to the ring…MVP & Omos out in front of the ‘tron…Lashley & Omos will meet at Hell in a Cell…Lashley proposes he fight MVP tonight & the winner picks the stipulation for Hell in a Cell…MVP reluctantly agrees.

*Crown Jewel is announced for Saturday, November 5th.

*Dana Broke backstage with Adam Pearce, she wants Carmella once she’s cleared to compete…Becky Lynch interrupts, says Asuka cheated & therefore Becky should be awarded the title shot at HiaC…Pearce offers a rematch against Asuka…if Becky wins, she’s added to the HiaC title match.

*Judgment Day to the ring…Priest says Edge saw the talent of he & Rhea…Rhea says Liv & others should save themselves & join…this segment is already 5 minutes too long…Edge offers membership again to AJ Styles.

(2)  Damian Priest & Rhea Ripley defeat AJ Styles & Liv Morgan…Morgan attempts obLIVion on Ripley…Edge grabs Rhea’s belt to keep her from falling into the finisher…Morgan lands on the back of her head & Ripley covers for the win (11:35)…AFTER…Edge & Priest wipe out AJ…Rhea delivers Riptide to Morgan.

*Miz backstage with Kevin Patrick…Miz never trusts a man with a neck tattoo…he intends to bring Cody down a peg or two.

*King’s Court…Jerry Lawler welcomes Veer Mahaan…Veer has no answers to King’s questions, so Lawler starts making dumb jokes…Veer threatens Lawler with physicality…Rey & Dom Mysterio down…Veer dominates early but once they reach a stalemate Veer backs up the aisle.

(3)  Alexa Bliss defeats Nikki ASH…Alexa hits Twisted Bliss for the win (03:00).

*Seth Rollins backstage with Kevin Patrick…can’t stand hearing the Universe chant for Cody…Seth laughs maniacally…so…he’s totally going to interfere in the Cody/Mix match.

*Asuka backstage with Sarah/Megan…she’ll turn Big Time Becky into Big Time Baby when she beats her again tonight.

(4)  Cody Rhodes defeats Miz by DQ…Cody climbs to the top buckle…Seth Rollins appears out of nowhere to shove Cody to the floor, causing the DQ (08:58)…AFTER…Seth continues to attack Cody, focusing on the knee…Seth grabs Cody’s weight belt from the fan Cody gifted it to earlier & whips Cody across the back before walking off…Cody limps up the aisle & returns the weight belt to the young fan.

(5)  Ezekiel defeats Chad GableKevin Owens is seated near the announce desk…Otis gets ejected from ringside…Owens does as well…Ezekiel catches Chad distracted & pulls him into a Roll Up for the win (04:24)…AFTER…KO is apoplectic, grabs the mic to challenge Ezekiel/Elias/Giuseppe to a match at Hell in a Cell.

*Cody Rhodes backstage with Kevin Patrick…his knee is banged up, but if Seth wants to finish the job, he’ll get his chance inside Hell in a Cell.

(6)  MVP defeats Bobby Lashley by COUNTOUT…Lashley is busy with Omos at ringside & fails to return by the ref’s 10 count (03:07)…as a result, MVP picks the stipulation for Hell in a Cell…AFTER…Lashley sinks in the Hurt Lock & leaves MVP barely conscious.

*Bianca Belair to the ring to watch her Hell in a Cell opponent(s?) go at it.

(7)  Becky Lynch defeats Asuka…again the match spills out in front of Bianca at ringside (who saw that coming?)…Becky ducks a big headkick from Asuka, which lands on Bianca & knocks her out of her chair…Becky beats on Asuka for a couple seconds & rolls back in to beat the count…Asuka is a couple seconds behind & just barely beats the count herself…Becky flips the exhausted Asuka over & into a Roll Up for the win (11:27)…as a result, Becky gets added to the Raw Women’s Championship match at Hell in a Cell.


WWE RAW PREVIEW – May 30, 2022

+ Lacey Evans returns to in-ring action


WWE HELL IN A CELL P.L.E. PREVIEW – June 5, 2022 – Chicago, IL.

+ Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins – inside Hell in a Cell

+ Bianca Belair (c) vs. Asuka vs. Becky Lynch – Triple Threat Match for the Raw Women’s Championship

+ Omos vs. Bobby Lashley – MVP Picks the Stipulation

+ Kevin Owens vs. Ezekiel (challenge issued by KO, not official yet)


WWE  CROWN JEWEL P.L.E. PREVIEW – Saturday November 5, 2022 – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


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