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Raw – May 9

Raw – May 9

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Raw Results

*Live from Hartford, CT.

*RK-Bro to the ring…they’re not done with the Bloodline, so they’re headed to SmackDown to demand the tag title unification match again…Street Profits interrupt to remind RK-Bro that they’ve “got next.”

(1)  RK-Bro defeats Street Profits…retain their Raw Tag Team Championship…Ford attempts a second From the Heavens splash but Riddle recovers quickly enough to turn it into a Super RKO for the win (10:13).

*Theory out to the golden era, side-of-the-‘tron mini stage for an interview with Kevin Patrick…Theory doesn’t feel he has to prepare for Cody Rhodes tonight…Theory is the future.

*Judgment Day to the ring…they were dangerous before, but now they’ve added a measure of brutality in Rhea Ripley.

(2)  Rhea Ripley defeats Liv Morgan…Rhea applies a standing Cloverleaf for the submission win (05:39)…AFTER…with a nod from Edge, Rhea reapplies the Cloverleaf & Liv screams in pain…Finn Balor out…AJ Styles follows to watch Finn’s back during…

(3)  Finn Balor defeats Damian Priest by DQRhea puts herself in front of Damian on the floor to stop Finn from hitting a tope…while Finn is distracted by Rhea, Edge Spears Finn causing the DQ (04:22)…AFTER…AJ Styles immediately gets into the fray & takes down Edge…but the numbers lead to Judgment Day taking out both Balor & Styles.

*Kevin Owens & Alpha Academy backstage…Chad sent Ezekiel’s red solo cup to the DNA lab…they’ll have proof of the scam by next week…and KO’s older brother is in town & has match with Ezekiel/Elias tonight.

*The VIP Lounge with MVP’s special guest, OmosCedric Alexander interrupts, still trying to get back in business with MVP…Bobby Lashley out…destroys VIP Security & Cedric…MVP escapes while Cedric is caught in the Hurt Lock.

*Adam Pearce informs Sonya Deville that her contract as a WWE Executive has been terminated…& her next match as an active Superstar is against the returning Alexa Bliss.

(4)  Alexa Bliss defeats Sonya Deville…Alexa hits Twisted Bliss for the win (00:40).

*Ken Owens (Kevin’s older brother) makes his Raw debut…the hair is more gray, but the resemblance is uncanny…Ezekiel plays along, but Kevin can’t keep up the ruse…he rips off his gray wig & attacks…the Alpha Academy down to gang upon Ezekiel…ending with a Stunner.

*Becky Lynch approaches Adam Pearce & Asuka backstage, complaining that Asuka gets a shot at Bianca when Becky still hasn’t gotten a rematch.

(5)  Veer Mahaan defeats Frank Lohman…Cervical Clutch for the submission win (01:23).

*Cody Rhodes backstage with Kevin Patrick…as far as he’s concerned, he’s done with Seth Rollins…and he thinks that United States Champion, Cody Rhodes sounds really good.

(6)  Cody Rhodes defeats Theory by DQ…allowing Theory to retain the United States Championship…Cody escapes A-Town Down, hits the Disaster Kick & follows with a Cody Cutter…Seth Rollins attacks Cody, causing the DQ (13:25)…AFTER…Rollins continues to punish Cody, finishing with a Stomp on the announce desk.

(7)  Naomi & Sasha Banks defeat Doudrop & Nikki ASH…NON-TITLE…the champs hit Rent’s Due on Nikki, Naomi covers for the win (04:23)…AFTER…Doudrop admonishes Nikki, tells her to get her head in the game.

*The Miz makes his way to the ring in his striped shirt for his special guest referee duties…

(8)  Ciampa defeats Mustafa Ali…after multiple Ref Miz slow counts for Ali pin attempts, Ciampa hits an inverted DDT & Miz quick-counts Ali for the Ciampa win (10:00).

*Lacey Evans…hard times.

*Bobby Lashley backstage promo…he want Omos again next week…this time in a steel cage to keep MVP from interfering.

*R-Truth serves Reggie with divorce papers on behalf of Dana Brooke & tries to serve Tozawa on behalf of Tamina, but Tozawa takes off…the chase is on.

*Becky Lynch joins commentary for…

(9)  Bianca Belair defeats Asuka by DQ…CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENDERS MATCH…Bianca attempts a handspring…Becky Lynch grab’s her arms & pulls Bianca to the floor to run her into the ring steps, causing the DQ (03:02)…AFTER…Becky slides in & delivers a ManHandle Slam to Asuka.


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