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SmackDown – Jan 20

SmackDown – Jan 20

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SmackDown Results

*Live from Detroit, MI.

*The Bloodline arrives in style…everyone is excited, especially Sami Zayn…until Roman Reigns ignores his attempted fist-bump & walks by Sami with a glare.

(1)  Tag Team Tournament: Drew McIntyre & Sheamus def. Viking Raiders…Ivar hits Sheamus with a huge splash for a 2 count…McIntyre takes out Erik with a Claymore…Sheamus with a Brogue kick to Ivar for the win (17:51).

*Sami Zayn asks Roman Reigns why the frosty reception…Roman knows Sami isn’t pleased…Sami admits he wasn’t happy with the interference last week…Roman doesn’t feel the need to explain himself…throws Sami out of the Bloodline dressing room.

*Raquel Rodriguez backstage promo…she’s counting the seconds until her first Royal Rumble.

(2)  LA Knight def. Ren Jones…the ‘tron flashes Bray Wyatt’s symbol, so Knight makes quick work of Jones with Blunt Force Trauma for the win (00:37)…to avoid any issues…AFTER…Bray Wyatt welcomes us back, via the ‘tron, to the Firefly Funhouse…cut to ‘interference’ from Uncle Howdy saying, “Told you so”…back to Bray telling Knight that he’s the one who opened the door & whatever comes through it is his problem.

*Cody Rhodes video package…see you at the Rumble.

(3)  Tag Team Tournament: Hit Row def. Los Lotharios…Lotharios with stereo-suicide dives to take out Hit Row…Humberto rolls Adonis back in…B-Fab grabs Humberto’s leg behind the ref’s back…Adonis with a Schoolboy on Humberto for the Roll Up win (02:45).

*Braun Strowman backstage promo…the Rumble is tailor-made for the Monster…anyone who stands in his way is “gonna get these hands.”

*Charlotte Flair to the ring…calls out Sonya…Sonya Deville out, says she wants a title shot…Charlotte is ready to face her right now…Adam Pearce out to scold Sonya, but Sonya uses the distraction to cheap shot Charlotte.

*Paul Heyman tells Roman Reigns that he never liked Sami Zayn from day one, but maybe it’s better to have him in the fold as they prepare to face Kevin Owens.

*Lacey Evans is a Marine (in case you missed that)…her new mission: Operation Cobra Clutch.

(4)  Tag Team Tournament: Imperium def. Brawling Brutes…Vinci takes out Butch with a brain-buster on the floor…Imperium Bomb on Holland…Vinci covers for the win (09:15).

*Paul Heyman approaches a dejected Sami Zayn backstage…his Tribal Chief would like to speak with him.

*Shayna Baszler warns that the other 29 women in the Rumble to steer clear of her because she plans to tear them limb from limb.

*Karrion Kross says Rey Mysterio can’t decide if he wants to be a family man or the greatest of all time…you can’t be both…Kross will take him out next week…then take out 29 men at the Rumble.

(5)  Tag Team Tournament: Legado del Fantasma def. Maximum Male Models…Legado with the Leg Sweep/Step Up Headkick finisher on MÅN.SÔÖR…Del Toro covers for the win (03:01).

*Sami Zayn returns to the Bloodline dressing room…Roman Reigns says he has a temper & the Wise Man is here to counsel him through it…he kinda apologizes without saying he’s sorry & sends Sami to take care of some menial tasks…but Sami finally gets that fist bump.

*Roman Reigns (& Paul Heyman, Solo Sikoa) to the ring for the Royal Rumble, Undisputed Universal Championship match contract signing…Kevin Owens comes through the crowd & drops Sikoa…Stunner to Roman…the Usos down…KO takes them out at ringside & rolls back in…KO puts Roman through the signing table with a Pop Up Powerbomb…KO takes the contract from Heyman & signs…Sami Zayn finally down to the ring…KO leaves through the crowd as the show ends.


WWE SmackDown PREVIEW – Jan. 27, 2023

+ Rey Mysterio vs. Karrion Kross

+ Drew McIntyre & Sheamus vs. Hit Row – Tag Team Contender Tournament, Rd. 2

+ Imperium vs. Legado del Fantasma – Tag Team Contender Tournament, Rd. 2

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