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Impact – Jan 19

Impact – Jan 19

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Impact Results

*Emanating from Atlanta, GA

*Mickie James to the ring…the Last Rodeo may be over, but Hardcore Country lives forever & is your new Knockouts Champion…Bully Ray interrupts, tells Mickie to leave…fans chant for Bully to “get out”…Mickie doesn’t back down…Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans out, Tasha wants a front row seat to Bully taking Mickie out…Tasha says Mickie still hasn’t beaten her…Savannah drops Mickie with a cheap shot…Kazarian & Jordynne Grace out to chase the heels away…Santino Marella, Director of Authority, out…he knows he has to do something about this situation…Ernest “The Cat” Miller out, he has GM experience from Nitro & suggests we have a 6-person mixed tag…Bully tries to walk away, but Santino books it & reminds Bully that he has the power to fire him.

(1)  Mickie James, Jordynne Grace, & Kazarian def. Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans, & Bully Ray…around the 14 minute mark, Bully Ray takes a walk…Mickie comes off the top buckle with a Meteora on Tasha for the win (15:14)…AFTER…Masha Slamovich to the ring, she delivers her “death warrant” envelope to Mickie…Mickie shoves it back in Masha’s face…Masha smiles & leaves the ring.

*Santino Marella & Ernest Miller chat backstage…Santino has big plans for Impact, like tonight’s “Golden 6-Shooter” match where 6 former world champs will fight to become the #1 contender to Josh Alexander…Santino approaches Dirty Dango (who “spent some time on the force”) looking for more advice…Steve Maclin interrupts, pissed that Swann is in a #1 contender match when Maclin just beat him…Dango suggest putting Maclin in the ring with him tonight & Santino agrees.

(2)  Deonna Purrazzo def. Ashley D’Amboise…Deonna with a powerbomb, followed by the Queen’s Gambit for the win (04:19).

*PCO is approached in the basement by Gia Miller who wants to know what’s next…PCO only has one thing on his mind…EDDIE!!

*Trey Miguel approaches Ashley D’Amboise backstage…tries to give her some pointers…feels she disrespected him…Ashley points out Trey disrespected the X title with spraypaint…Mike Jackson interrupts, says Trey needs to learn respect & he would like to teach him…in a match for the X-Division title next week.

(3)  Killer Kelly def. Taylor Wilde…after trading rolling near falls, Kelly takes Wilde’s back & locks on the Killer Clutch for the submission win (07:14).

*Deaner tells Callihan to go out & win the World Championship & bring it home to The Design…but Kon warns that if he fails, there will be consequences.

*Santino tells Josh Alexander about his 6-Shooter idea…Josh is cool with it & happy that Santino is here…Gisele Shaw approaches Santino looking for another Knockouts tag title match…Santino says she needs a partner…Alisha Edwards walks by & Santino asks if she would like to tag with Gisele, Alisha gives a definitive, “Ew, no!”…Santino will work on finding someone willing to team with Gisele.

(4)  Steve Maclin def. Dirty Dango…Maclin hits the Crosshairs (tree of woe spear) in the corner…follows with the K.I.A. for the win (05:36).

*Major Players backstage with Gia…Moose interrupts, looking for them do take out Joe Hendry for him…Cardona agrees with Moose…after the Bullet Club, Cardona has Hendry in his sights.

*Tommy Dreamer sits down with Dave LaGreca…the relationship between Dreamer & Bully Ray is hurting their “Busted Open” radio show…Dreamer says they can’t get past their issues without “going to war.”

(5)  Mike Bailey def. Kenny King…in a PIT FIGHT…Speedball lays a steel chair across King’s face & delivers a sidekick stomp to knock him out cold for the KO win (19:45).


iMPACT! PREVIEW – Jan. 26, 2023

+ Trey Miguel (c) vs. Mike Jackson – for the X-Division Championship

+ Death Dollz (c) vs. Gisele Shaw & ?? – for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship

+ Rich Swann vs. Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Chris Sabin vs. Moose vs. Rhino – in a Golden 6-Shooter Match (Winner is the #1 Contender to the World Championship)

+ Major Players vs. Ace Austin & Chris Bey


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