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Smackdown – May 20

Smackdown – May 20

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Smackdown Results

*Live from Grand Rapids, MI.

*Roman Reigns (& the Bloodline) to the ring…the Wise Man says that tonight the Usos become…SPOILER ALERT…the greatest tag team of all time…they come home the Unified Tag Team Champions or they don’t come home to the Island of Relevancy at all.

(1)  Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Sami Zayn…Nakamura nearly gets counted out…Sami nearly gets counted out, but slides back in right into a Kinshasa for the win (10:36).

*Happy Talk…Corbin has the Andre Trophy…he’s proud to have rid the WWE of Madcap Moss…then he destroys the Andre Trophy.

(2)  Gunther defeats Drew Gulak…ragdoll Powerbomb for the win (>01:10…started during commercial)…AFTER…Gunther applies a Boston Crab, bringing out Ricochet…Gunther & Ludwig Kaiser goose-step out of the ring, paying minimal attention to Ricochet.

*Max Dupri (fka LA Knight) visits Adam Pearce’s office…Sonya hired him & his modeling agency…this could get awkward.

*RK-Bro backstage with Kayla…Randy says the Usos will get hit with the three most dangerous letters in all of WWE…R…K…Bro.

*Shotzi has some harsh words backstage for both Aliyah & Raquel Rodriguez…Raquel will have a chance to reply in the ring shortly.

(3)  Raquel Rodriguez defeats Shotzi…Raquel physically dominates & hits the Chingona Bomb for the win (02:58).

*Xavier Woods backstage with Kayla…he’ll be solo tonight, so he invites Butch to face him without Sheamus & Holland there to interfere.

(4)  Xavier Woods defeats Butch…Woods pulls Butch into the BackWoods for the win (03:46)…AFTER…Butch heads into the crowd…Woods celebrates up the aisle…he’s cut off in front of the ’tron by Sheamus & Ridge Holland…Butch reappears out of nowhere to drop Woods from behind.

*Xavier Woods backstage with Megan after the break…he’s tired of the numbers game…Kofi is injured, but Woods has a couple people in mind to join him for a 6-man tag against Sheamus, Ridge, & Butch.

*Cole recounts Sasha Banks & Naomi “letting down millions” when they walked out last week…he announced that they’ve been suspended indefinitely & there will be a tournament to crown new Women’s Tag Champs.

(5)  Usos (SD Champs) defeat RK-Bro (Raw Champs)…in a WINNERS TAKE ALL MATCH to become the UNIFIED WWE Tag Team ChampionsPaul Heyman distracts the ref…Roman Reigns grabs Jey’s leg to help him not get pulled off the top buckle by Riddle…Riddle crashes to the mat & Jey follows with an Uso Splash for the win (11:55)…AFTER…Roman attacks Riddle…Usos attack Orton with the ring steps…Roman lays out Riddle on the announce desk for Jey to put him through with a splash from the top buckle…the Bloodline raises all the gold in the ring as the show ends.


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