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Smackdown – May 6

Smackdown – May 6

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Smackdown Results

*Live from the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, NY.

*Charlotte to the ring, attacks AliyahRonda Rousey down for the save…Charlotte & Ronda go at it…multiple refs & agents can barely keep them apart.

(1)  Shayna Baszler defeats Sasha Banks…Shayna Rolls Up Sasha and Natalya holds Shayna’s leg from outside for added leverage & the win (08:16)…AFTER…Shayna & Natty attack Sasha & Naomi…the good gals have the upper hand by the end.

*Usos backstage with Kayla…they’re the anecdote for RK-Bro’s poison.

*RK-Bro backstage with Kayla…the Uso should be worried, because they’re going to be in the ring with the 3 most dangerous letter in all of sports entertainment…RK-Bro.

*Happy Talk…interrupted via the ‘tron by Madcap Moss…Corbin busts Moss for talking from backstage, so Moss makes his way to the ring & makes Corbin the butt of some jokes…Corbin is dejected & walks off.

*Drew Gulak video package…he’s really taken some lumps since diversifying his career…but tonight he’s back in his happy place, the ring…then Ludwig Kaiser introduces the Ring General & suddenly Gulak’s faces is noticeably less happy.

(2)  Gunther defeats Drew Gulak…a ragdoll Powerbomb mercifully ends Gulak’s night for the Gunther win (02:04).

*Shinsuke Nakamura backstage with Megan…he’s still got a bone to pick with Roman & the Bloodline…Sami Zayn is seen creeping nearby.

*Drew McIntyre backstage with Kayla…he thinks the Universe would like a preview of the 6-man tag tonight.

(3)  Sheamus & Ridge Holland defeat New Day…in a TABLES MATCH…around the 12 minute mark, Butch appears from under the ring & helps swing the momentum to his boys…Sheamus & Holland put Woods through a table with a double Chokeslam for the win (12:35).

*Paul Heyman backstage with Kayla…Sami Zayn interrupts, stooges out Nakamura for talking about the Bloodline…Sami offers to handle Nakamura for them.

*Sami Zayn approaches Adam Pearce for a match with Nakamura next week…Pearce says Sami can have that match right now.

*Lacey Evans & her hard times, Chapter 5.

*Raquel Rodriguez vignette…she’s last week’s Highlight of the Night.

(4)  Sami Zayn defeats Shinsuke Nakamura by COUNTOUT…Sami & Shin battle on the floor…Sami lands a Helluva Kick & just beats the 10 count back to the ring…Nakamura cannot beat the count (09:13).

*RK-Bro to the ring…Drew McIntyre follows…RK-Mc-Bro do some acknowledging, punctuating with the fact that they think Roman is the biggest piece of crap walking the planet…this brings out Roman & the Bloodline…within seconds the brawl is on…Bloodline has the upper hand early, but RKOs for the Usos & a Claymore to the Tribal Chief sends the Bloodline back up the aisle as the show ends.



+ Roman Reigns & the Usos vs. Drew McIntyre & RK-Bro – 6 Man Tag Match

+ Charlotte (c) vs. Ronda Rousey – SmackDown Women’s Championship “I Quit” Match

+ Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins

+ Omos vs. Bobby Lashley

+ Edge vs. AJ Styles (Damian Priest barred from ringside)

+ Madcap Moss vs. Happy Corbin


WWE SmackDown PREVIEW – May 13, 2022

+ no matches booked


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