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The Advice You Need from a Wrestler

Newsletter #81 – The Advice You Need from a Wrestler

April 13, 2022

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Don’t you just love it when the world of Pro Wrestling drops some solid advice on you?

That happened to me this week, so I want to share it with you!

I asked KiLynn King (who you know from AEW and last night’s episode of NWA Powerrr) what advice she would give to a child that wants to be just like KiLynn King when they grow up.

Her answer blew me away:

“I was always told that I was too tall, too pale, too loud – that I talked too much.

And every single thing that I was told was wrong with me when I was younger is what makes me great in the wrestling business.

Anybody that is younger that’s looking at me and seeing similarities, I would say anything that makes you different that some people want to make you feel weird about.

I guarantee that’s the most special thing about you. So hold on to that.”
After hearing that, I thought . . . man. . .forget that little kid idolizing KiLynn King . . . I needed to hear that advice.
We’re halfway through the week and maybe you needed to hear KiLynn’s advice too.If you did, I hope it helps. If you didn’t, someone you know probably does. Keep it in mind.

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PS – To hear more from KiLynn including her excellent story that takes her from almost being homeless to wrestling on AEW PPV to becoming the CCW Champion, you can listen and watch using any of the options below.

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