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The Wrestling Journeys of Chase Stevens and TSF

Newsletter #83 – The Wrestling Journeys of Chase Stevens and TSF

April 27, 2022

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I titled last week’s newsletter “It’s Funny How Times Can Change.”

Since dropping that letter, I had the fortune of doing two interviews . . . and I reiterate . . . It’s funny how times can change.

In the first interview, I spoke to TSF (Rosario Grillo and Hunter Knott). They talked about electronically submitting their applications to train as part of the inaugural class at the Nightmare Factory. They wrestled a couple of matches on AEW Dark, and they’re working hard on the Independent scene.

In the second interview, I spoke to former Impact/TNA star Chase Stevens who after 25 years in the business remains an active competitor. Chase began wrestling in 1998 and after 4 days of training, he had a match with Tracy Smothers. Following the match, Smothers took Chase out on the road for 8 months straight.

When I reflect on the contrast between how TSF and Chase Stevens broke into the wrestling business, I’m again faced with the phrase:

It’s funny how times can change.

Chase told me that one of the challenges young wrestlers have today is that it’s not as easy for them to wrestle seven nights a week like he did back in 1998.

Nowadays young wrestlers get a Friday and Saturday booking and once in a while they might get a Thursday or a Sunday.

While TSF expressed their gratitude to work and learn from guys like Shawn Spears and to draw influence from Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard, Chase talked about constantly having the opportunity to work with veterans in the early days of TNA.

Chase explained that to make up for the lack of repetitions, young wrestlers must attend seminars from experienced wrestlers to bridge the gap.

When I step back and look at the big picture here, the thing I think has changed the most is just the location of the classroom. Chase found his classroom out on the road with Tracy Smothers while TSF learned from Cody Rhodes and QT Marshall at the Nightmare Factory.

Both TSF and Chase Stevens are booked in title matches on the same show this weekend in Nashville as CCW presents Game On!

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