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Who Deserves My Attention?

Newsletter #90 – Who Deserves My Attention?

June 15, 2022

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A lot of unfortunate things happen surrounding pro wrestling.

It would be easy to focus any one of my weekly letters on those things, but there are countless people with inspiring stories that seek to do great things in the world of wrestling.

I want to focus my attention and these letters on those people.

Here are two of those inspiring people that I have personally spoken to this year who I think deserve your attention.

KiLynn King

KiLynn King’s story is amazing. In the early days, she refused to work jobs that didn’t align with her wrestling goals. She was almost homeless, ran 10 miles to work because she didn’t have a car, and did whatever she could to survive. I find KiLynn’s commitment to achieving her dream inspirational. When I asked her what she would say to a young person that wants to be just like KiLynn when he/she grows up. Here’s her response:
“I had a lot of insecurities. I was always told that I was too tall, too pale, too loud. That I talk too much, all that good stuff. And every single thing that I was told was wrong with me when I was younger is what makes me great in the wrestling business. . .anything that makes you different that some people want to make you feel weird about . . . nah man. . .cause I guarantee that’s the most special thing about you – so hold onto that.”
Anna Diaz

Anna Diaz tells another truly amazing story about growing up with epilepsy. Anna had several brain surgeries at the age of 12 and more as she got older. Following surgery, she tried over 50 medications to help prevent seizures. All of that, and she still started wrestling at the age 15. She partners with Epilepsy Florida to raise money for both research and awareness.

Listen to the Full Interview

These women inspire me, and they remind me of my own passion for wrestling – AND as long as people like KiLynn and Anna exist, I’ll keep handing over money to populate the fan side of the barricade.

In the end, those are the people that get my attention. Who has earned yours?



P.S. – I released part 2 of my interview with CCW Tag Team Champion Jonny Nova on this week’s episode of CCW Insider. Check it out through any of the links below.


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