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WWE Hell in a Cell – June 5

WWE Hell in a Cell – June 5

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Hell in a Cell Results

*Live from Chicago, IL.

(1)  Bianca Belair defeats Asuka & Becky Lynch…in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH…retains her Raw Women’s Championship…Becky hits the Manhandle Slam on Asuka…Bianca tosses Becky to the floor & covers Asuka for the win (18:56).

(2)  Bobby Lashley defeats MVP & Omos…in a 2-on-1 HANDICAP MATCH…Cedric Alexander tries to intervene but gets tossed immediately by Omos…but the distraction allows Lashley to Spear Omos, getting him to roll out…Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock on MVP for the submission win (08:22)…AFTER…Lashley borrows a WWE title from a fan to send a message, he intends to be champ again.

(3)  Kevin Owens defeats Ezekiel…Ezekiel nearly ends it in 30 seconds with a jumping knee followed by a Savage Elbow, but KO kicks at 2…Ezekiel comes off the top buckle again, but KO gets the knees up…Owens delivers a Stunner for the win (09:21).

(4)  The Judgment Day defeat AJ Styles, Finn Balor, & Liv Morgan…in a 6-PERSON MIXED TAG MATCH…Balor climbs for the Coup de Grace on Edge but Ripley put herself in harm’s way…Liv jumps on Ripley’s back to take her out of the picture…the delay allows Edge to roll out of the drop zone & counter with a Spear to Balor for the win (16:03).

*Bobby Lashley approaches Cedric Alexander backstage to ask why he got involved…Cedric says he didn’t do it for Bobby…he did it for himself, to make sure MVP got what he deserved…Bobby warns Cedric to never interfere in one of his matches again, but he does it with a smile, so they part as friends.

(5)  Madcap Moss defeats Happy Corbin…in a NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH…Corbin sets up the ring steps inside the ring against the corner…Moss turns the tables & hits a fall-away slam onto the steps…Moss hits the Punchline, then puts Corbin’s neck inside a chair & returns the favor by dropping the ring steps on the chair, then covers him for the win (12:05).

(6)  Theory defeats Mustafa Ali…retains his United States Championship…Ali misses a 450 splash…Theory hits A-Town Down for the win (10:24).

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(7)  Cody Rhodes defeats Seth Rollins…inside HELL IN A CELL…Rollins playing mind games, dressed in black & yellow polka dots…Seth retrieves a polka-dotted weight belt from under the ring to whip Cody…Cody finds a bull rope under the ring & gets Seth to join him in strapping it on…Seth powerbombs Cody through a table leaned in the corner, Cody kicks at 2…Seth digs out a sledgehammer, Cody knocks it away…Cody gets caught sliding back in & gets hit with a Stomp, but Cody kicks at 2…Cody hits 2 consecutive CrossRhodes then picks up the sledgehammer & delivers a shot to Seth’s jaw for the win (24:20).


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