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AEW Dynamite – June 15

AEW Dynamite – June 15

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Dynamite Results

*Live from St. Louis, MO.

(1)  Chris Jericho defeats Ortiz…in a HAIR VS. HAIR MATCH…chaos among the seconds at ringside allows Eddie Kingston to sneak in & drop Jericho with a spinning backfist…Ortiz covers, but Jericho kicks at 2…continued chaos allows Fuego del Sol to slide in & clobber Ortiz with Jericho’s bat, Floyd…Jericho covers for the win (11:48)…AFTER…Fuego is unmasked to reveal Sammy Guevara…Ortiz, a man of his word, snips off his own hair while screaming for “BLOOD AND GUTS!”

(2)  Wardlow defeats 20 American Arena Security Professionals…in a 20-on-1 CLASS ACTION ELIMINATION MATCH…Wardlow dishes out chokeslams, spinebusters, mayhem, & a dozen Powerbombs as he stacks his victims for several multi-man pins…eliminating the last 5 at once for the win (04:09)…AFTER…Dan Lambert has a mic in his skybox…he sends UFC Legend Matt Hughes & former UFC Champ Tyron Woodley after Wardlow from their front row seats…Wardlow is ready to fight, but appeals to their Mid-Western sensibility…they push Mark Sterling towards Wardlow as a sacrifice…Sterling gets powerbombed…Hughes & Woodley raise Wardlow’s hands.

(3)  Will Ospreay defeats Dax Harwood…Dax kicks out of the post-OsCutter pin at two…Ospreay follows with the Hidden Blade elbow for the win (13:42)…AFTER…United Empire surround Dax…Cash Wheeler down…Roppongi Vice down to help FTR…Orange Cassidy down…Ospreay & Cassidy have a brief face-to-face until FTR & Roppongi Vice return to the ring…Ospreay rolls out to rejoin United Empire.

*Jon Moxley/Hiroshi Tanahashi video package…building for years…it finally happens at Forbidden Door.

*Jon Moxley through the crowd & to the ring…Hiroshi Tanahashi joins him…Mox says he’s been chasing him for 3 years…Mox says when the dust settles, Tanahashi will call him “Ace”…Chris Jericho interrupts, says he should have Mox’s spot in that match…Tanahashi tells Jericho to shut up…Jericho sends the JAS to the ring, while Lance Archer & Desperado attack Mox & Tanahashi from behind…Jericho reveals his 6-man match for Forbidden Door where Eddie will be one of his opponents…Eddie Kingston & Ortiz down…they help Mox & Tanahashi clear the JAS & Suzuki-Gun from the ring.

*Toni Störm backstage with Schiavone…says we’ve all seen what Britt Baker brings to the table…what everyone wants to see now is…Toni Störm, World Champion.

(4)  All Atlantic Qualifier: Miro defeats Ethan PageDan Lambert tries to distract Miro but gets kicked off the apron…Game Over for the submission win (09:32).

*Matt Sydal & Dante Martin backstage promo…Jon Moxley will meet an inhuman opponent on Rampage.

(5)  Toni Störm defeats Britt BakerThunder Rosa down to keep Jamie Hayter & Rebel away from Störm as the fight spills to the floor…Baker plays possum to lure Toni into a roll up, but Toni escapes…Toni hits Störm-Zero for the win (07:32).

*Stokely Hathaway backstage with Schiavone, says Jade is offering an open challenge for her TBS title on Rampage…Willow Nightingale interrupts, she accepts the open challenge.

*Hangman Adam Page to the ring…he wanted Okada & the IWGP title at Forbidden Door, but Okada lost the title…Adam Cole interrupts, re-iterates that Hangman won’t get that IWGP title shot…Forbidden Door is about the Undisputed Elite & the Bullet Club…so it should be new IWGP Champ Jay White vs. Adam Cole…Cole introduces Jay White, who sneaks up behind Hangman & hits the Bladerunner…White says if he’s going to put his title on the line at Forbidden Door, it won’t be against Hangman…but it won’t be Cole either…Switchblade holds the power to make that decision (& apparently he hasn’t made it just yet).

(6)  Young Bucks defeat Jurassic Express…in a LADDER MATCH to become the NEW AEW Tag Team Champions…Luchasaurus is inches from the belts when the Bucks send the ladder toppling over & Luchasaurus through 2×2 stacked tables to the floor…Jungle Boy gets pulled off the ladder & into a BTE Trigger…both Jackson brothers make the climb & grab the belts for the win (14:54)…AFTER…Christian Cage is helping an injured Jungle Boy out of the ring when he spins him around & hits the Killswitch…Christian then grabs two chairs from ringside & delivers a con-CHAIR-to to Jungle Boy as the show ends.


AEW  RAMPAGE *ROAD RAGER* – PREVIEW – June 17, 2022 – St. Louis, MO.

+ Jade Cargill (c) vs. Willow Nightingale – for the TBS Championship

+ Darby Allin vs. Bobby Fish



+ Malakai Black vs. Penta Oscura – All Atlantic Qualifier


AEW  & NJPW present Forbidden Door PPV – Sunday, June 26, 2022 (United Center, Chicago)

+ Jon Moxley vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi – for the Interim AEW World Championship

+ Pac vs. Miro vs. Winner (M. Black/Penta) vs. TBD (NJPW) – Fatal 4-Way All Atlantic Championship Final

+ Thunder Rosa (c) vs.  Toni Störm – for the AEW Women’s World Championship

+ Will Ospreay (c) vs. Orange Cassidy – for the IWGP United States Championship

+ Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, & Minoru Suzuki vs. Eddie Kingston, Wheeler Yuta, & Shota Umino – Trios Match


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