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AEW Dynamite – Sep 28

AEW Dynamite – Sep 28

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AEW Dynamite Results

*Live from Philadelphia, PA.

*Jericho Appreciation Society to the ring…they tease the crowd with NY-style pizza, then deny them…how cruel…Jericho presents Daniel Garcia with a purple bucket hat to match his snazzy suit…Garcia tosses the hat & punches Luigi the Pizza Guy…Jericho asks Garcia if he is a Sports Entertainer or a Pro Wrestler…Bryan Danielson interrupts, invites Garcia to train with the BCC…Jericho says Garcia “belongs” to him & does what he tells him to…Garcia begs to differ…Garcia suggests a Jericho/Guevara vs. Garcia/Danielson tag match…Matt Menard gets in Danielson’s face & threatens to punch him…Danielson thinks they should fight about it right now.

(1)  Bryan Danielson def. Matt Menard…the fight goes to the floor & Angelo Parker DDTs Danielson on the arena floor…Claudio Castagnoli down to drop Parker & literally carry him away…Danielson hits the Psycho Knee on Menard & follows with the LeBell Lock for the submission win (09:10).

*Wheeler Yuta to the ring…calls out MJF for putting his hands on Tony Schiavone…Yuta says Max’s punishment should be to fight him, but he’s sure Max will avoid him…MJF out, gets some cheap Philly heel heat…Yuta starts up the ramp, but the Gunn Club comes out to get MJF’s back…MJF says he’ll face Yuta in the ring next week in DC.

*Jay Lethal promo…says Darby Allin isn’t going to make a name at his expense…& he doesn’t need Sonjay or Satnam with him to take Darby out…they go one-on-one next week on Dynamite.

(2)  Jon Moxley def. Juice Robinson…in an AEW WORLD TITLE ELIMINATOR…Robinson jumps Mox ringside during his entrance…Juice hits Pulp Friction for 2…Juice gets Mox up for the Rockslide but Mox lands on his feet & delivers a Regal Knee…he transitions into an Armbar & gets Juice to tap almost immediately for the submission win (10:49)…AFTER…

*Hangman Adam Page to the ring & gets face-to-face with Mox…MJF has a mic in his skybox & reminds them that they’re just fighting for the honor of losing to MJF…Wheeler Yuta found his way into MJF’s skybox & attacks…Security pulls Yuta off MJF.

*Bandito video package…the former ROH champ (who never got a rematch) takes on Chris Jericho for that ROH title later tonight.

*Saraya to the ring…she’s here to make a change in the women’s division because she “is the Revolution”…she calls out the rest of the Women’s Division…Toni Störm, Madison Rayne, Willow Nightingale, Skye Blue, & Athena out…Britt Baker (with Rebel, Jamie Hayter, & Penelope Ford) out, says Toni has her hands full with Serena Deeb tonight…Saraya says she’s spoken to Tony Khan & this match is now a Lumberjack Match.

(3)  Toni Störm def. Serena Deeb…in a LUMBERJACK MATCH…Serena kicks out of Störm Zero…Serena climbs the buckles but Toni meets her at the top & pulls her down into an Avalanche Piledriver for the win (10:52).

*The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn backstage with Schiavone…next Wednesday is National Scissoring Night…and this week on Rampage they’ve issued an open challenge…Keith Lee interrupts, Swerve isn’t with him because he’s still furious over Billy’s interference that cost them the titles…Lee wishes them good luck on Friday, but I don’t think he meant it.

*The AFO is backstage with Schiavone but Andrade is trying to keep Private Party from going at it with Butcher & the BladeMatt Hardy shows up after Andrade, Butcher, & Blade take off…he offers to take back Private Party & this time “do it right.”

(4)  Ricky Starks def. Eli Isom…Stark Spears Isom & delivers the Rochambeau for the win (00:52).

*Luchasaurus/Christian & Jungle Boy rivalry video package.

*Ian Riccaboni joins commentary & Bobby Cruise handles the ring announcing for…

(5)  Chris Jericho def. Bandido…retains his ROH World Championship…Jericho makes a mockery of the Code of Honor & flips off Bandido…deep into the match Jericho climbs the buckles but Bandido meets him at the top & hits a Moonsault Fall Away Slam for 2…Bandido with a gut-wrench & lands the X-Knee…Jericho collapses onto the ropes allowing Bandido to hit the 21-Plex for another long 2…Jericho pulls the mask down over Bandido’s eyes & grabs a double-leg but Bandido pulls him in for a Small Package for 2…Jericho with a boot to the face, another double-leg & sits down on a Liontamer for the submission win (18:26)…AFTER…

*Chris Jericho announces that the Ring of Jericho Era has begun & he’s going to desecrate the memory of ROH…he challenges Bryan Danielson to face him on October 12 in Toronto…because he’s going to destroy all former ROH champs, commentators, & announcers…he delivers a gut-shot to Bobby Cruise & knocks him out with the Judas Effect as the show ends.



+ John Silver vs. Rush

+ Acclaimed (c) vs. Private Party vs. Butcher & Blade – 3-Way AEW Tag Team Championship

+ Willow Nightingale vs. Jamie Hayter

+ Hook appears

+ Lee Moriarty vs. Fuego Del Sol



+ National Scissoring Day Celebration

+ Bryan Danielson & Daniel Garcia vs. Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara

+ MJF vs. Wheeler Yuta

+ Luchsaurus in action

+ Jay Lethal vs. Darby Allin


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