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April 26th Episode of MLW Fusion

April 26th Episode of MLW Fusion

April 26th Episode of MLW Fusion

Note: I did not attended the April 26th Episode of MLW Fusion live, but I do average at least one wrestling show per week. Follow the Minutes to Bell Time Instagram to see photos from my experiences. Read about the live experiences here.

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MLW Fusion Results

Richard Holliday defeats Chessman

This is a Caribbean Rules Match for the Caribbean Championship. Holliday didn’t allow the referee to hold the belt up. He wanted to do it himself. While this is a title match, the belt actually still belongs to Savio Vega. Richard Holliday used some purely before locking up with Chessman.

Action immediately spilled to the outside where Holliday hit Chessman with a steel chair. The referees are again favoring AAA as the referee executed a very slow count on Holliday’s first pinfall attempt. Chessman knocked Holliday to the outside, hit a suicide dive into the barricade, and then followed up with a chair shot.

Back in the ring, Chessman hit a moonsault but then missed on a tornillo from the top. This allowed Holliday to hit the Market Crash Gut Wrench Power Bomb for the pinfall victory.

Recap of Mance Warner and Alexander Hammerstone Brawl from Last Week

Interview with Mance Warner

Mance Warner brought Alicia Atout a light beer to apologize for ruining her birthday last week. She said getting rid of MJF was the best gift. He now wants to get some gold so he has his sights set on Alexander Hammerstone.

LA Park returns with En la Cocina Pendejos in two weeks

LA Park Pillow Talk

That was dumb.

Video Package on Pagano

No clown no party was the message.

Hammerstone Pre-Recorded Interview

Hammerstone says that people are content to be alcoholics (Mance Warner). The people don’t relate to Hammerstone because he takes care of himself. If they wrestle, Hammerstone says he’ll wreck him.

Col. Parker Update

Parker apparently promoted some wrestling shows on a barge.

Von Erichs

Ross and Marshall jumped off a cliff into the water.

Recap of the Bad Officiating

Apparently Low Ki Took a Shot at Team Filthy and American Top Team

Low Ki Pre-Recorded Interview

He says the party is not over.

Match Next Week

  • Injustice Challenges for the AAA Trios Championships.

Hart Foundation defeats Los Mercenarios

The match began with Los Mercenarios isolating Brian Pillman. It appears the referee is again favoring AAA. When Smith tagged into the match, he het a delayed vertical suplex for a pinfall attempt. The referee used a very slow count.

Injustice appeared in the front row as Mercenarios again isolated Pillman. They used a bull whip over the knee of Pillman. Once Pillman finally made the tag, of course the referee didn’t see it. Pillman finally got the tag and Smith clotheslined both men over the top rope. Pillman hit them both with a Tope Con Hilo. Back in the ring, they hit a modified version of the Hart Attack with Pillman using the springboard clothesline.

Contra Unit

They prepare for the coming war. Their soldiers remain hidden.

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