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April 27th Episode of Raw

April 27th Episode of Raw

April 27th Episode of Raw

Note: I did not attended the April 27th episode of Raw live, but I do average at least one wrestling show per week. Follow the Minutes to Bell Time Instagram to see photos. Read about the live experiences here.

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April 27th Episode of Raw Results

Commentary Team Runs Through the Evening’s Card

Samoa Joe is back on commentary.

MVP’s VIP Lounge

The lounge includes the three people from the Men’s ladder match. Mysterio comes out first followed by Aleister Black and finally Apollo Crews. MVP picks Apollo Crews. He asks what it means to become Mr. Money in the Bank. He asks the question and interrupts him to explain he already knows. He just wants to hear from Apollo Crews. Zelina Vega comes out with her crew.

She says nobody cares about the three men in the ring, but the WWE can’t stop talking about Andrade, Angel Garza, and Austin Theory. The four of them come to the ring with Zelina Vega saying that if they go to Money in the Bank, its going to cause the briefcase to go to Smackdown. She wants Black, Crews, and Mysterio to give up their spots.

Mysterio says she came out to pick a fight. That caused Black to smile, and they attacked to send Raw to commercial.

Mysterio, Black, and Crews defeats Andrade, Garza, Theory

Garza offered to shake Black’s hand. Black obliged, but immediately pulled Garza into a hold. Crews tagged in allowing Garza to tag in Theory. Crews immediately used a delayed vertical suplex to secure the advantage. Mysterio tagged into the match. When Rey went for a double 619 on Garza and Theory, Andrade cut him down, but Mysterio put him in position for a 619 moments later. Theory and Garza pulled Andrade out of the way, but Black and Crews then hit tandem dives to send Raw to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Vega’s team had Black isolated. He eventually got the tab to Mysterio who swung the match back in their favor momentarily, but Garza sent Mysterio to the outside and ripped off his pants as Raw went back to commercial.

Back from commercial, the trio had Mysterio isolated. After a spike DDT to Andrade, Mysterio struggled but made it to his corner where he tagged in Apollo Crews. Apollo ran wild, but the numbers eventually caught up with him. The match broke down, and Andrade achieved a near fall after hitting his spinning back elbow. When Andrade went for the Hammerlock DDT, Crews countered out, hit a pop-up sit-down powerbomb for the pinfall victory.

Recap Triple H Forming the DX Army in 1998

I was there.

Recap Triple H’s WrestleMania Match Against Sting

Backstage Interview with Andrade and Zelina Vega

Andrade says his partners let him down. He says none of those three can beat him 1 on 1. Apollo Crews jumps in and says that he’ll beat Andrade twice in one night. Andrade hears this and is ticked off. Vega says he can have a title shot tonight.

Recap of Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins Build

Recap of Triple H vs. The Rock in the First Ever Smackdown Main Event

Recap Triple H showing Trish Stratus Some Holds

Stephanie was mad.

Recap of Nia Jax defeating Kairi Sane

Asuka Interview

Poor Kairi and two years ago, I tapped out Nia Jax.

Asuka vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Nia Jax Never Happened

Baszler pulled Asuka out of the ring and tossed Asuka into the ladders. Nia came out and threw Shayna into the barricade. Asuka kicked Nia in the head. Asuka then tossed Shayna into some ladders as Nia bulldozed Asuka. With both Shayna and Asuka in the ring, Nia Jax tossed a ladder in the ring and clotheslined both of them with the ladder. The segment ended with Nia standing tall.

Backstage Segment with Lashley and Lana

Lana is so beautiful that she distracts him. He asks her to stay behind.

Bobby Lashley defeats Denzel Dejournette

Lashley hit an overhead belly to belly suplex. Denzel smacked Lashley. Bobby used a release suplex and a spear for the pinfall victory.

Recap of Liv Morgan defeating Ruby Riot Last Week

Liv Morgan defeats Ruby Riot

Riot took a quick advantage, but Liv Morgan used a drop toe hold to send Ruby face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Ruby Riot hit the Riot kick out of nowhere, but Liv Morgan kicked out. Riot began trash talking and Liv Morgan surprised Ruby with oblivion for the pinfall victory.

Byron Saxton Interviews Liv Morgan in the Ring

Morgan says she’s still trying to figure out who she is, and she’s confident she’ll figure it out. Rough interview.

Recap of Triple H Winning the King of the Ring in 1997

Run Down of the Money in the Bank Card

  • Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins – WWE Championship
  • Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt – Universal Championship
  • Tamina vs. Bayley – Smackdown Championship
  • Aleister Black vs. Apollo Crews vs. Rey Mysterio vs. King Corbin vs. Daniel Bryan – MITB Match
  • Nia Jax vs. Asuka vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Lacey Evans vs. Dana Brooke – MITB Match

Backstage Interview with Nia Jax

Nobody can do anything about her actions.

Pre-Taped Interview with Viking Raiders

The Street Profits have only made it to the top when the Viking Raiders aren’t around. The Raiders want the smoke.

Recap of Triple H Leading NXT into Raw and Smackdown in November 2019

Jinder Mahal defeats Akira Tozawa

Jinder tossed Tozawa to the outside where he tossed him into he barricade and LED board. Back in the ring, Mahal hit a Samoan drop and then his finisher for the pinfall victory.

Zelina Vega and Andrade Backstage with Charly Caruso

Zelina says if Charly ever wants to ask Andrade a question, Charly needs to go through Vega. Angel Garza comes by to give Charly a rose and say maybe sometime we could get more acquainted.

Recap of Triple H and Shawn Michaels Impersonating Vince and Shane McMahon

Andrade defeats Apollo Crews

Andrade and Apollo wrestled some in the early going until Crews finally hit a dropkick to send Andrade to the outside. Crews followed Andrade to the outside, but Andrade nailed Crews coming back into the ring. Apollo Crews evaded Andrade tuning into the corner, but then ate a dropkick. Action spilled back outside where Andrade clotheslined Apollo sending Raw to commercial.

Back from the break, Andrade remained in control of the match. Apollo Crews evaded the double knees in the corner and hit Andrade with an Olympic Slam. After a stinger splash, Apollo hit an overhead belly to belly suplex and then a Gorilla Press Slam. The standing moonsault led to a near fall for Crews, but Andrade kicked out.

Crews went for a Gorilla Press slam, but Andrade slipped out into a DDT for another near fall. Apollo again evaded the Hammerlock DDT and hit a powerslam on Andrade for another near fall.

Crews came off the top rope and tweaked his knee. The referee determined that Apollo could not continue.

Recap of Triple H Starting Evolution in 2003

Recap of Apollo Crews and Andrade Match

Focus is on the knee injury of Apollo Crews.

Backstage with the Street Profits

The Street Profits say they are free next week. Looks like a tag team title match for next week.

Video Package from WWE Networks “Becky Lynch 24”

Cedric Alexander and Ricochet defeat Ever-Rise

Ever-Rise isolated Ricochet, but Ricochet eventually got the tag to Alexander. Cedric went crazy. Alexander and Ricochet picked up the pinfall victory after a stomp assisted flat-liner.

MVP Came on the Screen

He brought on with Shane Thorne and Brandon Vink. He says the rematch could be Ballin.

Recap of the DX Invasion during the Monday Night Wars

Backstage Interview with Apollo Crews

Crews is on crutches and crying. He makes no comment

Another Recap of Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins Build

Recap of the May 2001 Torn Quad and the 2002 Return at MSG

Match Announcement

Street Profits vs. Viking Raiders – Next Week

Jerry Lawler administers the Contract Signing

Seth Rollins comes out first and then Drew McIntyre. Drew tells Jerry, “you know how these things go.” Jerry leaves. Drew signs the contract and passes the contract to Seth Rollins. And then Seth picks up the microphone to say that he doesn’t want to do this. It is about getting the WWE championship where it needs to be, and that Drew will make a good champion someday. Drew isn’t a leader.

After Seth goes on for a bit, Drew says its clear to everyone now. He says Rollins is “full of shit.” McIntyre says he will not Rollins win the championship. He gives Seth some advice. 1. Shut your mouth. Nobody wants to hear you talk. 2. You came at me a couple weeks ago, but didn’t finish the job. At Money in the Bank, finish the job.

Rollins says that the big picture will become clear. McIntyre slammed Rollins face into the table, gave him a headbutt, and then a Claymore. Murphy jumped Drew from behind. When Drew came back, Rollins moved out of the way and McIntyre hit Murphy with a Claymore.

Raw Preview

WWE has announced three Money in the Bank Qualifying Matches. WWE is also teasing a response from Drew McIntyre regarding Seth Rollins’ surprise attack last week.

Drew McIntyre (11-0-0-1) and Seth Rollins (2-4) Contract Signing

Drew McIntyre has 11 wins in 2020 including the Royal Rumble, and victories over Angel Garza, AndradeBrock Lesnar, Big Show, No Way JoseMVPRowanMojo RawleyGallows and Anderson in a handicap match, and AJ Styles and Randy Orton in a triple threat match. He has a weird no contest against Randy Orton.

Seth Rollins has wins over Montez Ford and an NXT Guy. His losses include two to Kevin Owens at WrestleMania (DQ and Pinfall) plus two additional losses to Aleister Black and Ricochet

Nia Jax vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Asuka

Asuka (4-5) has wins over Ruby Riot, Natalya, Kayden Carter, and Liv Morgan. Her losses came in the Elimination Chamber, and to Becky Lynch at the Royal Rumble, again to Becky Lynch on Raw, Alexa Bliss, and Charlotte Flair.

Nia Jax (3-0) has wins over Deonna Purrazzo and Kari Sane on 4/13 and 4/20.

Shayna Baszler (5-1) has wins in the Elimination Chamber, and against Shotzi BlackheartKairi Sane, Sarah Logan, and Indi Hartwell. Her only loss came to Becky Lynch at WrestleMania.


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